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The Ultimate Guide To Phone And Text Game

Stop Losing Girls Over Text!

Did you ever lose an eager girl because you were texting too much?

Did you ever burned a number to a shy girl because you pushed too often and too fast?

Did you miss on a long-game girl who was suddenly back in your city?

Do you have any problems with your texting at all?

How I Improved My Texting And Why You Can Do It Too

When it comes to texting, I started pretty much as anyone, clueless.

I had tens of new numbers every month, thanks to the London Daygame Model. But more often than not I was confused. Sometimes it was very easy to set up a date, sometimes it was impossible. Some girls replied very fast, but it took ages for others.

The first useful piece of advice I've stumbled upon was the SQI model. Statement-Question-Invite. Apparently, your messages should follow the pattern of Statements mixed with Questions leading to an Invite. When you try to balance all three types of texts, you should be fine.

That helped. At least I had a model that I was trying to emulate. Statement, Question, Statement, Question, ... and Invite. Rinse and repeat. Easy, right?

But it wasn't always working. I searched for help. And, lucky me, the first book I ever bought was also the last one. I never had to read anything else on texting as I got a complete guide explaining everything in simple terms and with useful examples.

The Only Texting Book That You'll Ever Need

The mysterious texting manual is The Ultimate Guide To Phone And Text Game. If I wanted to tell you in details how good it is, you wouldn't believe me. So let's stick to the facts before you buy it.

What exactly is in the book? How it can possibly help you with your texting and getting girls on dates?

The book doesn't only say what to do but it explains why. You get a complete model for all your texting interactions and you will know how to behave in each and every situation. Because while all girls are different, they're also the same.

What I really like about The Ultimate Guide To Phone And Text Game is that the author understands that a solid number is a result of a solid interaction and that the number itself is not a promise. Thanks to London Daygame Model, you should have solid interactions. Now you want to convert those numbers to dates and lays.

What's on the whooping 290 pages?

  • The advantages of texting over calling.
  • How to create first text.
  • Ways to solidify the number.
  • How to spot the difference between eager and only somewhat interested girls.
  • Structure of good texts.
  • The importance of investment.
  • How to time your texts.
  • Pings and baits.
  • Techniques of building value and generating attraction.
  • Sexualization (and why you should avoid it).
  • Texting strategies.
  • Common texting mistakes.
  • And much more...

Sounds good enough?

Dynamite Texting

The biggest takeaway from The Ultimate Guide To Phone And Text Game is the mental model, called "The Dynamite Theory".

It teaches you strategies for "short fuses" (girls that are ready to date or even have sex with you), "medium fuses" (that need to be burned to a short fuse or taken over on a "safe" date) and "long fuses" (that's your long-game, pinging, staying on radar, being patiently persistent).

If you ever misjudged a girl's investment or interest - that's the book for you.

 If you ever felt lost while texting - it will help you as well.

And if you ever started a texting conversation with the intent of asking her out but 20 messages later you were discussing her pot plants, then stop reading this e-mail and just buy it.

Why The Ultimate Guide To Phone And Text Game?

I have to admit that I don't know any other works of Love Systems. I'm not associated with them.

This is not an endorsement but a recommendation for a single book.

That book, The Ultimate Guide To Phone And Text Game, was the reason I never had any issues with texting.

This is the book that I would wrote but I don't have to because it has already been written.

Solving all your texting issues was never so simple. It's the only book you'll ever need.

The Love Systems  (publisher of this book) redesigned their site and sadly, some of the links might not work. You can try to click here to buy it. 

The Ultimate Guide To Phone And Text Game

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