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How To Start Picking Up Girls On The Streets

Do you want to start picking up girls on the streets? Great! Let's talk about what and how you can do it.

Aim As High As You Can But Not Higher

There are guys out there who are terrified of talking to a hot girl.  Some of them are even scared of asking strangers for directions or looking a pretty woman in the eyes.

That's bad but it doesn't mean no daygame for you. Everything can be fixed but I'm not going to lie to you - it's damned hard work.

I found out about pickup and daygame when I realized I'm feeling debilitating anxiety when I have to talk to strangers in an unfamiliar place. I was anxious even to ask for directions. So I started to look for things that I'm scared of and picking up girls on the streets was at the top of the list.

There is no point in aiming too high when you start.

You'll get bad results, it will be stressful and you'll get discouraged pretty quickly. On the other hand starting with something below your capabilities simply means you'll be wasting time.

Think about what you can do socially and compare it to the framework below.

Start with what's possible right now.

Picking Up Girls On The Streets A0

You don't need game to become more social.

If you're not already doing that then start to look people in the eyes as you pass them. Then move on to smiling or even throwing a wink every now and then.

At the same time whenever you feel like using Google Maps to search for a place - just ask a stranger instead. Become accustomed to talking to people you don't know.

If you already can do that - great! Move on to talking to hot girls.

Don't try to pick them up just yet but simply ask for direction to some strange and/or nonexistent place. Why nonexistent? Because you'll get a short chat instead of just a set of directions. You can have an actual conversation about it.

If you're comfortable with that - throw in a statement of intent in the middle of your conversation. You can say "Okay, I admit it, I wasn't really looking for that place. I just thought you look nice and I wanted to chat you up. My name is Tom."

The process described above should take you about a month or two going out 3 to 5 times per week to do few sets.

Then you can transition to direct daygame. I always recommend the London Daygame Model as it's very easy to explain and yields good results. But that's for later.

Your first direct daygame approach can be a hit and run. Instead of picking up the girl, just stop her, tell her the compliment and eject by saying "I'd love to stay and chat but I'm already late. Have a nice day!"


You did your first rejection-proof direct daygame set.

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Prepare Your Opener

Number one issue that apparently stops men from approaching girls on the streets is "I don't know what to say". With thousands of sites out there, hours of infields you still don't know how to open a girl? That's just a lousy excuse!

You don't need fancy pick up lines as there are no best daygame openers. All you need to do is to say something that a) works, i.e. starts a conversation b) you're very familiar with.

You cannot look like a scared and anxious guy, even if you're one. Show her that picking up girls on the streets isn't anything unusual for you. And you don't do that by thinking about the line on the spot.

Prepare an opener.

Use it tens or hundreds of times and perfect it.

Make yourself so familiar with it that when you stop a girl it comes out of your mouth automatically. You'll appear confident and she'll think that you know what you're doing.

Take Care Of Other Excuses

In the past I talked a lot about spotlight effect. Spoiler alert: it's not real.

Other people don't care about you as you're not that important. Watch some infield videos and witness hundreds of people passing by every single approach and not giving a damn.

When it comes to "not knowing what to say next" there is simply no excuse not to learn how to craft interesting statements especially if you know the hooks theory as described on my mailing list.

You also might've heard names like Stacking and Vibing. These are just fancy names for flirting!

Be creative, make it fun and enjoyable for the girl. She'll love it. You don't have to talk about anything in particular, you're just finding out whether you're compatible.

Once you're past the opener and stacking and actually in the conversation then it's all about not being too friendly and keeping the sexual intent out there. "Don't hide your dick" as they say.

You cannot prepare for all those random chats as they're... random. But by actually having them you might get yourself accustomed to the usual topics.

So stop whining, deal with all your excuses instead and start approaching girls.

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