Simple Workout Plan

Here’s an simple workout plan for beginners. Basic rules: you will be making 3 sets of every exercise; pick up such weight so you can barely – but still – do 10 reps in each set (if you can do more than 12 – pick heavier weight; less than 8 – lighter ones). Before each exercise you can warm up using half of your normal weight (or just the barbell – no additional weights).

You switch plan with each visit at the gym, e.g. Monday – plan A, Wednesday – plan B, Friday – plan A, etc.

Plan A

Legs – barbell squat
Back – cable wide grip overhand pulldown
Chest – bench press
Shoulders – seated dumbbell shoulder press
Triceps – standing French press
Biceps – barbell curl
Abs – crunches (no weights, 3 sets of 25-50 reps)

Plan B

Legs – leg curl (on the machine)
Back – dumbbell bent-over
Chest – dumbbell incline (30 degrees) bench press
Shoulders – barbell military press
Triceps – EZ-Bar skullcrusher
Bicep – seated inclined hammer curl
Abs – hanging leg raise (knees bent or straight; no weight, 3 sets of 10-20 reps)


tddaygame posing for simple workout plan