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Introduction To London Daygame Model

Daygame is, to put it simply, "the art of meeting and attracting women during the day". Some would say it is a method for meeting people, others would say is a way for getting hot girls far away from clubs, loud environments and alcohol.

Some call it just "daygame" the others refer to the specific flavor called LDM or London Daygame Model.

Picking up girls during the day should not be some great feat. Your father did it, as well as your grandfather. They did not have Tinder, Instagram and surely, the club culture was not as it is today. They just had the balls to go over and talk to any beautiful girl they happened to fancy.

How many times a hot girl passed you by and you wished "if I could just go talk to her"? You can, you should, and you are about to learn how. You just need a model to follow so you will never again have the excuse of "I don't know what to say" or "I don't know how to approach".

What Is London Daygame Model?

London Daygame Model is a clearly defined interaction pattern that was designed to help clueless guys like former me understand the dynamics of street interactions. And by that I mean picking up girls away from the loud clubs and dark bars.

The original London Daygame Model was created by guys (that includes Andy Yosha, Yad, Jon Matrix and Tom Torero) and was extensively used and developed by other guys, Nick Krauser being my biggest influence. Now hundreds or maybe even thousands of active daygamers all over the world successfully use it.

I present to you the London Daygame Model as I understood and taught it. Like most effective things it is very easy to explain and very hard to master.

In general, there are five phases:

  • Open/Stop - where you stop the girl and start the chat
  • Stacking - flirting, topic generation, driving the conversation
  • Vibing - lighthearted chat about common topic
  • Investment - connecting, getting to know each other
  • Close - where you get her contact details

Each step is a different story. No one does exactly the same thing in exactly the same manner every time. In general, things that just work more often than not have been packaged into a model and labeled London Daygame Model.

LDM is a blueprint. The basic concepts are easy to learn, as you will see for yourself...

How To Learn London Daygame Model?

There are two ways you can learn the London Daygame Model. 

First one is obvious, it's to browse this site and read everything there is in the Daygame Knowledge Base and subscribe to my mailing list using the form below. 

That way is absolutely free and you will eventually learn the London Daygame Model and much more. My mailing list is not only about the LDM!

The alternative is to buy the book "DAYGAME: Pick Up Girls Everywhere" which contains more than 40 000 words describing not only the London Daygame Model but an entire approach to daygame.

The book is based on my daygame experience and all the London Daygame Model coaching session that I did.

I would say that this book contains everything you need to start picking up girls on the streets. The rest is up to you and to the mailing list where you will get a lot of useful advice.

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Daygame: Pick Up Girls Everywhere - a daygame book by tddaygame

What A London Daygame Model Approach Looks Like?

You approach a girl and stop her using daygame stopping tips. Almost all girls should stop and listen to your opener.

After the opener, you immediately launch into Stacking. You tell her a couple assumptions and make a few guesses about her, fishing for an interesting topic. When you find one, you are clever enough to stick to it.

You keep flirting about that very topic and you stay in the conversation for as long as you can. Sometimes your chitchat naturally flows from one topic to another. There are times when you have to throw in another stack.

At some point, she becomes hooked. She asks personal questions about you and starts to invest. At that point, you dial down the flirting and become more serious for a while. But not too serious! Pick-up is light-hearted and fun.

When the conversation is still flowing nicely, the girl is giggling and you are confident that she already knows few things about you, you end the conversation by getting her number. Add some future projection as to where you are going to meet and you're done.

Rinse and repeat.

What Can You Expect Using London Daygame Model?

You are building a long-term skill that will benefit you through your lifetime. If you are able to talk to random girls while sober then many other social interactions will become easier as well.

Whatever you do, always reflect on what is happening on and why. Far too many guys become daygame robots, reciting the same lines over and over again even if they do not work. Do not do that! Test the model and then improve upon it.

I can promise you that if you keep approaching, reflect on the interactions and compare them to the model described here, you will get better.

Eventually, you will get "there". You will be capable of starting a conversation with any girl, anywhere. If you follow the advice, you will be able to get numbers, set up dates and start either casual or serious relationships without a lot of effort.

So how hard is it? Check out the Daygame Stats text that I've put in the Daygame Knowledge Base.

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