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Daygame Stats And Blatant Lies

From time to time, some people become famous with ridiculous claims of their successes with women.

"I was a virgin but now I'm sleeping with 5 new girls every week." "I discovered a way to get every girl." Some are even as shameless as to publish fake daygame stats where they claim they sleep with one girl with every 5 approaches.

That is, was and always will be utter bullshit.

However, I'm not on a mission to clean the world of liars. There will always be scammers and frauds. What I'm worried about is that the beginners are given a distorted view of reality. Suddenly they expect miracles because they believed some guy on the Internet.

So here's another guy on the Internet telling you how to spot outrageous claims and what you truly can expect when you daygame. And yes, this text will include some daygame stats.

But most importantly I'll try to tell you what you have to take into account when thinking about one's daygame stats.

Remember That Humans Are Unpredictable

"Always", "never", "every girl", "all women" and other similar expressions shouldn't be taken seriously. People using those quantifiers either are exaggerating or are inexperienced. There is no limit to what can happen.

There is endless variety of human behavior in any given situation. Of course we also tend to be lazy and very often we use our default set of reactions. But just because there are clear and visible patterns, it doesn't mean every single human behaves the same way all the time.

We're talking about a "numbers game". What is statistically true means absolutely nothing in any given set.

When you're in an interaction with another human being you're with a unique specimen. Of course, you can expect her to behave similarly to what you've been experiencing so far but there will be variation.

If you open with "do you want to go to bed with me?" you can expect that 99999 out of 100000 girls will say "no". How about that for real daygame stats? It can only go up from there!

What we're really doing with daygame is we learn which things usually work and which don't. We do more of the former and avoid the latter. But you can't say something "always works". There isn't a thing that will be a good thing to do on every date.

If someone claims that always or never happens, you should investigate.

I once had a younger and better looking friend that was hanging around with me for a while. He claimed that he never experienced last minute resistance. He just couldn't imagine how you can have a girl back at your place and not sleep with her. He simply couldn't believe that. It was beyond his experiences.

Was he that good? Or was he that inexperienced? Truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

Yes, none of the girls he gamed gave him any LMR or any sort of hard resistance once they were at his place. But there were a lot of girls that he couldn't even bounce back. But that's not even the whole story.

At that time he successfully managed to seduce a total of seven girls. Don't get me wrong - it's a feat nonetheless but it isn't enough to draw any conclusions. Definitely not enough to get The reality hit him hard - next few girls that he bounced back gave him nuclear LMR and he never slept with them.

And thus his streak has ended.

Factor In That You Can't Get Every Girl

That's a particularly dangerous variant of the above. Let me repeat that: you can't get every girl. You can't even get most girls. The other name of the game is rejection. True daygame stats show this.

There are girls in relationships. Even though some of those are willing to cheat many are quite happy. You can't do anything with a girl in a happy relationship. Those looking for an upgrade or a fling exist and there are more of them than you think. But remember that many girls are faithful, to a degree.

Then, there are girls that are not interested in meeting anyone at that moment. Maybe she had a nasty breakup. Maybe she can't even think about dating as she's occupied with problems with health, work, family, etc. Maybe she's moving soon and isn't interested in just casual sex. There are many reasons why some girls are currently outside the dating pool.

You also can't forget that some girls are not interested in you. And this is probably the biggest category. Some of the girls described above would still love to fuck the brains out of a man of their dreams. Sadly, you're not even close. It's just your phenotype, your looks, your style, the way you move and talk. You're not "that guy".

It's not only who you are but how you're perceived by this particular girl. If you're selling casual sex and she sees you as a boyfriend material then you'll miss your mark. If you're presenting yourself as an adrenaline junkie and she looks for a boring bookworm you'll go nowhere.

There are countless reasons why you two won't hit off. Only by learning how to calibrate to a particular type of girl (those patterns again!) you can convince some that you're the guy that makes them wet. But again - not all of them.

If there's been a spark and the girl isn't rejecting you hard then given enough time together you can grow on her. But that requires a lot of work and time which you almost never have in the daygame context.

It's different in your social circle. With repeated and calibrated advances, you can slowly seduce her. But again - not every single woman will be susceptible to that.

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Casual Sex Always Requires A Lot Of Work

So you thought you'll go out, get a number to the girl of your dreams, set up a date for the same evening and bang her on that very day? The reality will hit you hard.

I'd say it's far easier to get a girlfriend out of your social circle than to seduce a random stranger.

Many studies show that amount of time spent together raises the probability of developing feelings for each other. The problem is, you can choose who you hang out with only to a degree.

Daygame gives you an opportunity to choose a girl that you really like. You're not limited to "the best girl from those that happen to be around me".

You can't expect hot girls to just randomly appear in your life if it's not designed for that. But you can always go out and approach a girl you fancy. 

Some see daygame as an assembly line or a factory, others describe it as funnel. Regardless of the actual name here is how it usually goes: you go out, approach a lot of girls, get few numbers, some of the numbers end up dead, you get couple of girls for a first date, you never hear again from some, you set up next dates, you finally sleep with one. Or two. Or three.

The point is you lose girls at every stage. As for the actual ratios - you should never compare yourself with anyone. Everything depends on the SMV of the girls in relation to yours (lower/higher/roughly the same), how fast you want to get them in bed, how patient you are, what are your logistics and much more.

There are always people out there that are more successful. You're competing directly only with your past self. Know what is possible but don't compare yourself with guys who spent years doing what you've just started. 

But of course you're waiting for the real daygame stats, aren't you?

For the sake of argument - you should get a number from 20% to 35% of girls you approach. Out of those you will date another 20-35%. How many you will close? That depends on how long you can wait. Roughly one fourth to one third of the lays happen on the first date. 50% will sleep with you no later than on third date. Hence date-to-lay ratio can be all over the place from mere 15% to solid 40%.

To put the daygame stats in real numbers: you need from around 170 approaches per lay (worst case scenario, total beginner) to a stunning and unsustainable 25 approaches per lay. I've never heard of anyone having that sort of results in the long term. You can get there on a 2-week long trip or in the Spring months. That will never be the average of a whole year.

Most guys that are experienced in the London Daygame Model are between 40 and 60 approaches per lay. Get below 40 and you can think of yourself as a "mPUA".

And then you'll hear about some guy claiming 30 lays in 60 days... Sheer logistics of that feat is impossible to imagine.

Best case scenario (which never happens) means around 75 dates and I'd assume something in the line of 700 approaches if he's amongst the best. Approach 11-12 girls and go on at least two dates every single day? Even if you don't have any life besides dating the sheer amount of work would quickly take its toll. Try doing more than 10 approaches every day for two weeks straight and you'll see what I'm talking about.

There are exaggerations and there are blatant lies. If an overweight guy drinking beer every day claims he can run a marathon under 2 hours 30 minutes would you believe him? Hell, even if he'd be fit - that's a result for a professional. It should be easy to prove.

His times from other runs should be everywhere. He could just show up for a though training and demonstrate his skill and pace. He would have back up from trainers, friends and fellow runners. So don't believe some random guys on the Internet just claiming what should be proved.

One more thing before we hop on to the last factor. And it's a big one.

No one in the world have double-digit success ratio. When it comes to daygame stats, no one will be able to sleep with more than 10 girls out of 100 approaches unless he's very lucky and even then he won't be able to repeat that feat.

So why some guys claim 10, 20 or even 30% success ratio? The short answer is: they lie.

The long answer is that they are very liberal with the term "getting a girl" and very conservative with "rejection". On one hand, some count having a girl on their bed as a lay, even if they got the whiskey dick and were unable to have sex with her. On the other, they don't count those awful rejections when the girl didn't even look at them.

Let's be honest - if you walked over to her with the intent of picking her up and she turned her back as soon as you were nearby that counts as an approach and that counts as a rejection.

Nothing Is Like On TV (Or YouTube)

Every great infield you see and every interaction posted somewhere on the Internet is carefully picked from tens or hundreds of shitty ones. You can learn from those how a perfect approach should look like and see that you can do better.

Don't expect that your every interaction will end up winning Seduction of the Year award. When you deliver your opener all the plans and models are thrown out of the window. There's only you and the girl. Sometimes it's messy, sometimes it's awkward. Most of the time it will be fun.

Sadly, many fake infields out there spawn unrealistic expectations. Those guilty range from guys just doing it for fun and Internet fame (e.g. VitalyzdTv) to those just scamming others to buy their "products". The latter usually provide "proof" with their fake daygame stats.

Guys being drawn to pickup community are sometimes too desperate. They want a silver bullet and are willing to pay a lot of money to get it. But it doesn't exist. I can relate to a guy not being able to get a girl. But the solution, sadly, is hard work.

The best way to verify any theory is to test it on yourself. Go out and try it for a while then compare with your past results.

Learning by yourself is doable, there are plenty of free materials. I learned how to daygame that way. It's very exhausting, takes a lot of time and also requires ruthless dedication.

It's understandable that you want to pay someone to make it faster. But pick your coaches wisely. Never trust someone who won't demo for you, let you listen to him and won't listen to what you're saying to the girls.

Keen daygamers are seen doing a lot of approaches, regardless of their level. If you're living in the same city and never saw him daygaming - it's a red flag. If you can't find anyone who used his services - it's a red flag. If there isn't anyone who gamed with him and can confirm his skills - it's suspicious at least. If they don't keep daygame stats and they don't know their ratios - that's usually a bad sign.

If someone is doing a lot of daygame and is recording it, there shouldn't be a problem with posting an entire interaction back to back. Beeping personal details isn't a lot of work.

Heavy editing, muting crucial lines, too-good-to-be-true reactions, rehearsed lines, video alteration isn't the way to go. And even if the infield seems solid then you're not guaranteed you're seeing the real thing. It still could be staged. Only way to verify is to see the guy in action. Put on a wireless microphone and throw him on a few girls.

Even rejections will tell you a lot. Especially his daygame stats - the ratio of rejections to talks and to number closes.

So if you're a new to all this daygame you should approach with caution every single guy on the Internet. Demand proof. Demand live demos. Talk to people who know him. Talk to him to see what kind of guy he is. Don't believe outrageous claims. But most important of all - go out, approach and see what’s possible.

You won't start as good but if you're smart you'll quickly realize what's probable and what's just a lie.

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