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Once, I had a blog. I wrote about 200 posts documenting my journey. Somewhere along that way, I started to coach others and from that I got a ton of reference experience that was also a base to some of my posts.

Now I get that experience mostly from you - from my Twitter feed, your e-mails and replies to my newsletter.

Below you can find long-form articles on few selected topics that caught attention of the readers of my list. Check them out and don't forget to subscribe.

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- Game -

How To Start Picking Up Girls On The Streets

This is my A to Z guide for anyone who has no clue about how to start his daygame journey or get out of his shell.

There are many shy guys and those without necessary social skills to go over to any girl and start a chat. It shouldn't be like that. It's not a special thing, it's not a great feat. Anyone can do it.

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How To ​Deal With Approach Anxiety

Another "How To" text. If you can talk to random girls while sober but you still experience anxiety before you do so - this is the one for you.

Approach Anxiety is a very common problem. Almost everyone has it and almost everyone eventually got over it and started to approach girls they like. You can do it too.

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​What Is London Daygame Model?

You can get everything you need about the (in)famous London Daygame Model from that text and a free e-book that accompanies it. This is the only complete description of the LDM available for free.

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​Daygame Stats And Blatant Lies

I really do care about guys who aren't good with girls. Sadly, many of them find PUA scammers or forums full of liars. They create unrealistic expectations for themselves and when they can't meet them, they get discouraged.

It shouldn't be like that. Someone should tell you what's possible and how to spot overexaggerated claims.

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​5 Tips To Fix Your Texting Game

I never wrote a lot about texting. If you want to learn everything there is on that topic, check out The Ultimate Guide To Phone And Text Game.

But then, this text I wrote is almost 4000 words. It's a lot. You can treat it as "texting 101" and then later check out the book I mentioned above. Your call.

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Dating And How To Plan Your Date?

Here is everything you need to know regarding dating and your date plan.

Well, maybe not everything but this is yet another mammoth text. 4300 words. Yup, that's "everything about dating that you're going to need to start". Are you ready?

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​Flake Compendium

3500 words. On flakes? Yes, the topic is very important to some of you so here you have everything that can (and should) be said about flakes, avoiding flakes and dealing with them.

If you're bothered with girls standing you up or cancelling your dates - work on your game. If you're not bothered but it happens from time to time, read on!

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- Relationships -

​Shit Tests And Shit Test Strategies

You don't know what a shit test it? Life must be either very easy for you or very hard.

Shit test is an action that is making you react emotionally or defensive. It's a trap. It's an compliance test. And girls use them a lot.

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​Casual Relationships Bible

Casual Relationships are not only possible but even very likely! Learn everything there is to them, find out what are the possibilities and how to push the idea of "staying casual". Or rather, how to act so she'll get the idea with you ever saying anything.

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​Everything You Want To Know About Dread Game

Some people say dread game is necessary for a healthy relationship. Others say that it destroys them. Dread game it's just a tool or rather - set of techniques. It encompasses soft dread, hard dread and even the nuclear option.

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- Mental Masturbation -

​The Romantic Red Pill

Interested in the Red Pill? Ever heard about the Purple Pill? What about Romantic Red Pill?

Everyone should take what Red Pill offers and use it to create your own set of rules and beliefs based on your experiences. Otherwise, it's just replacing one programming with another.

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