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Everyone wants infields. And I'm more than glad to share! If you're interested in infields, crazy stories even more tricks and daygame videos then you should subscribe below. It's free and I send no more than one e-mail per week. Promise!

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Audio  Infields

I record a lot of my sets and some of them happen to be in English. If there is a valuable lesson or crazy story behind it - I'll describe it to you in an e-mail. And of course I'll include the audio, check out an example on the right.

I post them to my YouTube channel which you can check out and subscribe to as well but I'm not posting a lot there. If you're lucky and speak Polish - check out my Polish YouTube channel which gets content regularly.


Video  Infields

Sometimes I go out to record video infields. Most of them are in Polish and you can see all of them here to get an idea of what they look like. But that's not good enough for the subscribers...

All English video infields are available only to the subscribers of the e-mail list. You get the whole unedited footage and a full analysis, second by second. If that's not enough, you'll also get the texting screenshots just to show you how daygame looks in the real world

Tips, Tricks, Other Videos

Not every e-mail is an infield. Sometimes there is something I want to share with you or an experiment that I don't want yet to become public. And sometimes I share with you videos that I'm making for my students.

Check out the example on the right on London Daygame Model. It's a 30-minutes video describing everything you need to know to start daygaming. Whether you're going out all by yourself or preparing for a coaching session - that'll save you a lot of time!



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