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Of course it’s possible to learn daygame all by yourself. I’ve done it and many others did. You only need massive amount of time, ruthless determination, strong will and ability to analyze yourself. Read, learn and use all that info in practice and you’ll be all fine!

…or you can take a shortcut and quickly get successful by getting a daygame coaching session. In most cases there are two-three things that when changed yield massive improvement. You need an experienced person being able to analyze your interactions and show how to use your strengths and avoid common traps. That person should work on your specific case and not just apply general knowledge. I am that person. I have more than enough experience and practice to show you the way to proper, hardcore daygame. And as far as I know I’m the only daygamer in Warsaw (i.e. I’m not coming from a nightgame environment and I do daygame exclusively).

Professional Coaching Doesn't Have To Cost $1000s

daygame coaching with tddaygame

Make Daygame Fun Again!

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tddaygame approaching girl in Kiev
tddaygame doing a demo daygame approach during a coaching session

Daygame Coaching And Training For Everyone, Everywhere

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Working with many guys I’ve noticed that two hours infield is about as much as most can endure. After that you either need a long break or at least a coffee to be able to refocus. You’re not learning much beyond that point, you’ll make mistakes and it’s certainly not the best use of your time. That’s why most of the coaching I do is organized in 2 hours sessions. 

We start by going over the London Daygame Model and it’s phases, then we discuss your issues and things you want to work on. After that I do as many demoes as you want. You hear every single word because we’re using wireless microphones. When you’re ready we switch places and then it’s all on you. I watch & listen to your approaches and provide feedback after each and every one. If we need to practice some elements (like stopping a stranger without saying a word) – we do dry runs. You can expect to do anywhere between 7 and 15 approaches on girls you like during one session. All that won't cost you even $500 and there's more...

Within 24 hours you get an e-mail with all my notes, grades in few categories, general comments and areas to improve along with a plan designed for you to fix all the things that need work. The e-mail is very often as long as two of my blog posts! That's like two posts written especially for you about your game! That’s not all, we can go back and forth via e-mail as long as you have additional questions.


2 hours infield picking up hot girls.

We spend at least two hours doing actual pickup, on the streets with wireless microphones. You can expect to do between 7 and 15 approaches to hot girls.

  • 2 hours infield doing actual pickup
  • Expert local guidance for hot spots
  • Extensive summary by e-mail
  • Training plan designed just for you
  • One month of free e-mail advice



Two 2 hours sessions and guidance for all your leads and dates

During seven days you pick up days for two 2 hours infield sessions with wireless microphones. In the meantime you get my phone number for discussing the leads, texting and dates.

  • 4 hours infield picking up hot girls
  • Local knowledge - venues, areas and girls
  • Full week of help with your leads and texts
  • Two giant e-mails filled with advice
  • Training plan focusing on fast results
  • Free Skype follow-up
  • One month of free WhatsApp guidance
  • Unlimited e-mails discussing the session


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Read What  Men Say About My Daygame Coaching...

tddaygame really knows his stuff. In a couple of hours of coaching, he picked out exactly where I could improve, and gave me solid, practical suggestions for doing so.He pushed me to improve, but I never felt pressured into anything, and the feedback he gave was excellent and very comprehensive. I’d highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their daygame skills.

Infield training

Tom was able to accurately and immediately assess my day game troubles. He covered the whole deal: texting, style, openers, leads, including some personal tools I can use to determine my engagement with women while in the moment. I walked away with answers and felt comfortable with myself as a new day gamer. He is very polite yet to the point and speaks great english. I will definitely be back when I have more questions.

Infield training

Tom was able to accurately and immediately assess my day game troubles. He covered the whole deal: texting, style, openers, leads, including some personal tools I can use to determine my engagement with women while in the moment. I walked away with answers and felt comfortable with myself as a new day gamer. He is very polite yet to the point and speaks great english. I will definitely be back when I have more questions.

Skype session

I am frankly very satisfied with the approach not only you will get hands on practice but the high quality feedback and follow up you will receive is very thorough. Recommended if you wish to get started into the game or progress quickly.

Infield training

If you want to learn how to play the Piano, you could try and learn from Youtube videos or you could get a highly skilled teacher who is able to diagnose accurately what you are doing wrong and how to fix it, in short; you could get professional help.Just like learning to play piano, daygame is a skill and If you want professional help – Tomas is that guy.

Infield training

Tom really knows how to coach his students. He was able to pinpoint the problems with my daygame using the text conversations with girls that I've sent him. I really like how he not only gives you the solutions to your sticking points but also explains his thought process behind them and why they work. I've implemented his advice on texting and 'not playing it safe' and I can see the results already. If you're thinking of a coaching session with Tom then you're making a great decision.

Skype session

tdaygame coaching sessions are like his blog - full of quality advice and value. The session was professional and very fun at the same time. We wasted no time and started approaching girls (ttdaygame did a very effective # close live demonstration first with a girl of my choosing). tdaygame pushed me when I needed it. Thanks to the high-quality mics I got live feedback throughout the session and very detailed written feedback afterwards. We quickly fixed some sticking points and the session gave me very tangible plan to work on by myself in the coming weeks. If you are serious about daygame and you are in this part of the world, whether you are local or foreign, a session with tdaygame is a must and easily worth every penny.

Mr. V
Infield training

I had a daygame coaching with Tom in Kiev and would like to share my thoughts about it. First about me I am 42 and a daygame beginner. I already had a coaching few years ago which was crap because there was no structure behind it. It was more or less: " approach this girl over there, say this and that" and afterwards "how was it?" there was not really a feedback or analysis.

What I liked about the coaching with Tom is he follows the structure of the London daygame model (it really helps to read about the theory a bit in advance so you know what he is doing) but at the same time doesn't put pressure on you to follow it like a slave. That helps because you can relax and concentrate more on the girl and what she is communicating to you. At first it was just concentrating on the opener and to try to start a conversation.

He also made some demo approaches so I saw firsthand that he is skilled and can get numbers. We were using audio recorders so I could listen to the conversation. Afterwards it was my turn and I approached some girls like Tom showed me. It went better than expected. I got blowouts but also numbers. Tom always gave feedback afterwards and was making notes. I even went on an Idate which not went well but I saw what is possible. As a newbie it is sometimes hard to believe that you can make things happen also by yourself. We continued the session some days later and I already saw an improvement. I didn't get more numbers but felt more relaxed. In between the sets Tom was giving feedback and answering my questions. After the coaching we had a longer conversation not only about daygame but also other topics which gave me some insights of the player lifestyle and the subculture.

Two days later he sent me an email with a lot of feedback including the notes from my approaches as well as recommendations how to proceed. He pointed out the major sticking points and how I could overcome them. At the same time he mentioned not to put to much pressure on myself and to do too much because that would be counterproductive.

All in all I am very happy with the coaching. I know now daygame works even if its hard and you need persistence. The most difficult part for me now is to go out and daygame by myself without someone pushing me. If you are interested in daygame I can recommend Tom as a coach. He is experienced and knows what he is doing and will provide you value for your money.

Infield training

I had already done a fair bit of daygame but wasn't content with the results I was getting. During our coaching session I could notice immediate improvement as tddaygame was quickly able to pinpoint what I should do better when approaching girls and he also gave detailed feedback for future. Tom is a true professional and I would wholeheartedly recommend his services for anyone who wants to improve his daygame skills.

Infield training