The Package

Topic for today is the package. Long discussions with sharkk and some of guys on Twitter (I don’t know if you want to be named) prompted me to think about what makes a girl stay in a relationship with our proverbial PUA.

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Future Projections

Beta guy in a sweater advancing on a girl who hates him.

How much of the association between a girl and a guy is due to the future projections? Guy is telling her adventure stories and is promising her all kinds of experiences and the girl of course responds in kind with her promises of having sex with him and taking part in such shenanigans.

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Don’t Try To Be Good At Cold Reading

One of the students cold reading a girl.

The second most problematic step in everyone’s daygame journey is stacking. It’s understandable – first you don’t know how to stop and open a girl, then you’re left with this urge to ask her thousand questions but some bald guy on the Internet told you not to. He mentioned something about “stacks”. Others call it cold reading.

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Prioritize And Schedule Your Life (And Daygame)

Making a to do list (a.k.a. a schedule).

From my early posts about building a lifestyle not being enough for getting girls to the latest revelations about circumstantial daygame not providing enough volume I was always huge proponent of doing a lot of daygame. Not because it’s a numbers game (there is skill involved) but because there are always more failures than successes. And unless you’re a psychopath you need those successes to keep you going.

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