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Mailing List Archive

Here you can read all the archived e-mails. So far, over 110 e-mails (more than 135 000 words) are available.

What's In The Mailing List Archive?

If you're already a subscriber of my mailing list, you might know that only some of the e-mails end up in the Daygame Knowledge Base. If you didn't subscribe in time there was no way to get the content you missed. Now it is. Here you can find every single e-mail that I've sent to my subscribers.

As of now, you can read over 110 e-mails, totalling over 135 thousands words! For a mere $10 (less than 10 cents per e-mail) I offer you my entire, complete archive. And there's more!

For $10 you get access to all the e-mails from the 2018 and 2019 (until October 2019) and also unlimited quarterly updates. It's a lifetime pass for every single e-mail, past and future.

It's a steal. 

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