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Mailing List Archive

Here you can read all the archived e-mails. So far, over 50 e-mails (more than 50000 words) are available.

What's In The Mailing List Archive?

If you're already a subscriber of my mailing list, you might know that only some of the e-mails end up in the Daygame Knowledge Base. Up until now, all the other e-mails were lost forever. If you didn't subscribe in time there was no way to get the content you missed.

I have sent over 50 e-mails, totalling over 50 thousands words and now I'm making them all available to you. For a mere $8 (16 cents per e-mail) I offer you my entire archive. But that's not all.

For that $8 you get access to all the e-mails from the 2018 and quarterly updates. It's a lifetime pass for every single e-mail (past and future) I'll send to my mailing list. It's a steal.

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