Brad Pitt Fallacy

Is it you or Brad Pitt?

I’ve used the “Brad Pitt” example a lot but I’ve never acutally made my case. Mind you, I’ve never used it in a positive way as I think it’s idiotic at best and even can be harmful.


“Imagine If Brad Pitt Was In Your Place”

This mental exercise goes as follows: whenever you’re analyzing a girl’s behavior ask yourself “how would she act if Brad Pitt was in your place”? On surface it seems like it advocates proper mindset but in reality it’s doing more harm than good. At least for most guys.

Whenever you’re about to buy something expensive ask yourself “what would a millionaire do”? Oh, you can’t afford that, as you’re not a millionaire?

Comparing yourself to a famous celebrity only makes sense if you’re, let’s say, a minor celebrity. If you’re not even near that status then adopting behavior and expectations will help you if you’re potential and abilities are high enough but it will damage you when harsh reality inevitably kicks back.

Many guys are already damaged by their unrealistic expectations fueled by fraudsters in the community.

A Real G

There are guys out there that are called “naturals”. Those are simply the guys who learned how to behave around women in a very young age. A lot of them did that by unconsciously experimenting, so they really don’t know why it works that way but they internalized desirable behavior.

Loudmouthed, extroverted players are those guys who dominate every single venue they go into. They feel great in night clubs, they thrive in crowded, loud environment. They really enjoy doing that, hanging out with people and are having genuine fun.

Brad Pitts of this world live every day being reminded of their high value and attractiveness. They keep acting as they do because they’re in an endless positive feedback loop. You can’t just hop in and change your way of thinking.

“Don’t compare yourself to guys whose SMV is through the roof due to fame, wealth or looks. If you really have to – compare yourself to your friends that are good with girls.” – Me

You have to start somewhere. Raise your value, notice that girls start to look at you “that way”, get some positive experience, become more comfortable with yourself and the others and admit that while you’re not yet a real G, a party guy or a ridiculously confident guy – you can get there. As always – have the target mental image and mind and go for it. But not at once.

Is it you or Brad Pitt?

So you’re saying this is normal for you?

Aim High, Be Realistic

On one hand, I understand the advice – expect full compliance and nothing less. Act like if you’re already there. Fake it till you make it. Sounds great but you have to start somewhere. I strongly believe in an individual learning curve.

It’s not unrealistic to aim at running a sub-3 hour marathon. It is stupid to expect you’ll be able to do that within first months of training.

There are guys who need only a nudge in the right way. There are some that need to work on their fundamentals, their mindset and they need to gather reference experience to even be able to change their way of thinking. Then there is you.

If acting like a major celebrity is within your capabilities then I bet you’re already doing that. It’s not like you need anyone to tell you “you’re irrationally confident, you should try acting that way too”.

If you need advice then it has to be rational, actionable and realistic. You can make a great first impression but you’re still a random guy that just met her. You’re not going to be extremely valuable to her just because you’ve talked for five to ten minutes. She might fancy you, you can rock her world but she won’t become your groupie.

Brad Pitt Worship

There is one premise in this whole mental exercise that I agree with but it’s really a minor thing and, as I already wrote, I think this whole approach does more harm than good for majority of the guys who need advice.

The part I do agree with is that you should be kind-of a celebrity for your girl. She should be excited that she hangs out with you. However, there are many ways to become high value to her and you don’t have to be a celebrity to get there. So stop with that idiotic presumption.

And if I hear anyone using that example here on this blog then I’ll do my best to actually replace him with a real Brad Pitt.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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