Average Frustrated Chump

AFC - Average Frustrated Chump

Welcome back the term we haven’t seen for a while. AFC. Average Frustrated Chump. He’s Average. He’s Frustrated. And most important of all – he’s a chump.


AFC – Average Frustrated Chump

Let’s quickly deal with the definition as provided by pualingo.com: AFC is “someone who’s usually had some success with ‘getting lucky’ with women, and may even have had a few girlfriends throughout his life. But as a whole, he is pretty clueless when it comes to attracting women.”

It’s not that Average Frustrated Chump is a hopeless virgin. It’s that he doesn’t get it and very often despite his best efforts he gets nothing which causes frustration. Add to that being average – not having looks, game, money or fame worth mentioning and you’ll have someone who can even be happy sometimes but also is rather miserable.

I’m not saying that most guys are AFCs. There are plenty of successful people out there in all areas of life. Some guys are locking above-average girls in serious relationships and are perfectly fine with not gaming. But there are also clueless guys who don’t even know that they don’t know. And they’re going to hurt themselves just by trying to get a girl.


Average Guy’s Guide To Game

Most of the so-called AFCs are not “into game” but some of them want to improve their dating life in a “normal” way. I get it. PUAs looks scammy, Manosphere has been recently dubbed Soyosphere and it all doesn’t “feel normal” to an average Joe. He doesn’t have to be any more “plugged in” or “beta” more than “clueless” and “lost”.

Every guy should get him some game. It doesn’t matter if you’re calling it game, experience or “knowing your way around girls”.

That guide might deserve a post of its own but then I don’t think anyone who is not into game (and daygame) read this blog. But some of your friends might be like that so here are three PUA-free tips for average guys to improve their relationships with women.

First, work on basics – get in shape, dress well, have some way of earning money and few cool hobbies. Be as attractive and interesting as you can be. That sounds easy but most guys are dead-set on wearing awful clothes, claiming that they don’t have time to hit the gym and pretending that watching TV is a hobby. Bullshit.

AFC - Average Frustrated Chump

“I still remember the last time I got laid. It was harsh winter, 1999…”


Two More Steps To Sex

Now that you’ve sorted yourself out, you are working on being the best you can be, you should no longer be average. Just by putting any effort whatsoever you’re now in the top 20% or sometimes even 10% of males. We shall no longer call you Average Frustrated Chump. But you’re still frustrated and, well, you might be a chump.

This is where the second step comes from – you have to meet girls. And no, Tinder won’t do. You can meet girls on your way to the gym or you can pick them up in the bars. You can go clubbing or approach some girls at the local mall. You need to actively meet girls and get leads. Don’t mind learning game or PUA stuff – just talk to them.

Once you’ve talked to a number of girls you realize that you got some phone numbers, Facebooks, etc. Once again – don’t mind learning “text game“, just start getting them on dates and escalating. Sorry, that’s PUA-lingo. Start leading towards sex. Be openly sexual and aim at getting her into your bed fast.

1. Sort out yourself and your life. 2. Actively approach girls. 3. Lead towards sex. That’s it. Most guys are sloppy, lazy, overweight, don’t meet any new girls and do not have sex as a goal when they miraculously get a date.

And there you have it – Average Frustrated Chump turned into a guy who is okay with girls. Not a player, not a PUA but not a chump either.


Bonus Round For Average Frustrated Chump

Frustration in AFCs very often comes from self-sabotage. It’s just fear of success. “I haven’t done things like that my whole life and if I start succeeding right now I’ll prove to myself that I wasted all those years.” It’s an ego-protection mechanism. They simply don’t want to be proven wrong.

Your average player gets more girls largely because he takes more shots but also, and in case of “naturals” – mostly, because he grasp every single opportunity life throws their way. It’s not like their whole life is about getting girls but if they stumble upon a lonely soul they really get along with they will ditch their plans and get the girl.

AFCs on the other hand always have reasons not to pull the trigger. “I have to wake up early tomorrow”, “my shirt isn’t ironed”, “I’m not wearing my favorite underwear”, “she’s probably not like that”, “I’ve never done such thing”, “I just better take the number and try to set up something later”. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Try, for fucks sake. You’ll always live in the land of what-if and regret if you don’t try. And even if you’re no longer average, you’ll always stay frustrated because of that.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Philander - 2017-12-20

Hey TD,
good post, although doesn’t refer to (dayga.) me nor to my friends. But there’s truth in it.
And that one:

…just fear of success. “I haven’t done things like that my whole life and if I start succeeding right now I’ll prove to myself that I wasted all those years.” It’s an ego-protection mechanism.

really provides me with a new angle to self-sabotage – of which I became guilty of many times in my pre-game years and even in some ocasions recently.

It’s like in bitcoin trading when you missed the opportunity to buy first at 1,000 and then again at 10,000 and are angry about yourself for the not realized profits and stay away for good.

Anyway, have a Merry Christmas and happy new year.
Maybe one day in 2018 we’ll meet on the streets of Warsaw.


Tomas Teixeira - 2017-12-21


And even then, at 5% peak quality of guys, you will still get rejection from 5/6 girls and even more 8/9 who will jump happily to hot guys and guys with status/money (with no resistance).

that’s nature of beast. dont cry.

you conversion will be like 2~5% with any girl [ doesnt matter what do you use, dayga, tinder, nightga , etc,etc ].

so if you want a hotchick approach 100 of them.

it’s all about numbers and mental toughness.

ps: yes, you will lose to high status guys and hot guys ANYTIME if she compares. hope you get compare.

    tddaygame - 2017-12-21

    That’s pretty dark world you live in.

    a) If a daygame newbie approaches 100 hot girls he probably won’t get laid. Skilled player will get few notches.

    b) “you will lose to high status guys and hot guys ANYTIME if she compares” – how can you live like that?!


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