Use Your Excuses

Two girls running.

Quick tip for today as other things are taking shape. But that is going to be as good as when I told you about your daygame superpower.


Daygame Powers

Just to recap: you can eject from any given set at any time. You don’t even have to explain yourself, you can just say “bye” and walk away. Or you can tell her that you’re running late and wish her a good day. Even though “sorry, I’ve mistaken you for someone hot” is funny, there is no point in being an asshole for no reason.

I mentioned many more daygame powers in my two posts on daygame mantras. There are in no particular order so if you haven’t read about them, you might as well start with part two. The bottom line is: you can do a lot more that you think, especially if you’re just starting to pick up girls on the streets.

However, when you start to daygame avoidance weasels probably occupy your mind. Or as some people say – excuses.

Excuse Me…

“She looks worried”, “she’s probably busy”, “I bet she’s late somewhere”, “she’s waiting for her boyfriend”, “she looks angry” and my favorite “she’s too hot”. Rarely an excuse is legit. Especially the last one listed is just stupid so I won’t even comment on that.

All the other weasels might appear true for someone inexperienced. However, you should already know better. Most of the time it’s just that squeaky voice inside your head trying to stop you from proving yourself wrong. And you should do exactly that – find out whether or not your suspicions are true.

You always regret things that you haven’t done, not those where you tried and failed.

Of course there will be cases where you only confirm what you’ve suspected – she’s sad, angry, busy, late or something else. But then you can always use your daygame superpower and just excuse yourself from the interaction. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

Two girls running.

“You look like you’re in a hurry…”

All Those Excuses!

I already wrote about it here and there but this whole idea deserves a post of its own. So let me say once again: every single excuse not to approach her is also a very viable pretext to start a conversation.

As always, remember about your standard opener, tell her a compliment but then instead of using your standard assumption, try to find out if your suspicions (weasels) are true. “You look really nice but I have to say you seem really young up close, I hope you’re old enough to buy a beer” or “You look really nice but I have to say you look like the busiest girl in this entire city”.

Because you’re using “but” as an conjunction your opener will also follow the pattern of push-pull (or rather pull-push). In other words: you’ll create some attraction in the very beginning and hopefully you won’t appear boring.

When using your doubts to fuel your actions remember that your aim is not really to find out whether or not you were right but rather to start a conversation. Nothing boring will do. “You look really nice but also busy” is not a conversation starter nor is “(…) but you look angry”. Spice things up! Ridicule, exaggerate or make a weird reason why you think she looks that way.

And of course – don’t ask any questions.

Yet Another Stacking Exercise

You can use the process I’ve just described to improve your stacking and observation skills. Well-known exercise is to sit in a busy place with a coffee and a notepad and write down as many assumptions as you can about girls who pass you by.

Be creative – think about what they are doing at the moment (what’s the errand?), how they are behaving (what’s conspicuous about them?), how they’re dressed (what story do their clothes tell?) and who are they in their lives (what’s the occupation?). Those four categories should give you plenty of ideas.

If that’s not enough – do the same thing for the excuses. For every hot girl write down why do you think you shouldn’t approach her (what’s the weasel?) and then – how would you frame the opener to find out whether or not you’re right (what’s the initial stack?). You’ll not only further develop your wit but also, hopefully, you’ll talk yourself out of those excuses.

Some say you can do such exercises using Google Images or by actually talking to girls but only one of those ways is fun.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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