Red Pill and Purple Pill

Red Pill, Purple Pill and lot of other pills.

Someone told me recently that few girls he know stumbled upon my blog and despite the whole PUA stigma they found it mostly true and refreshingly honest. I wasn’t surprised. I believe that what I write about is mostly common sense backed up by experience. Then I started to think – have I became Purple Pill instead of Red Pill?


The Red Pill

Let’s start with describing what Red Pill is. It’s not an easy task as there are a lot of misconceptions. For many guys The Red Pill is the name of subforum on Reddit which tagline is “Discussion of sexual strategy in a culture increasingly lacking a positive identity for men.” That’s of course only a part of the story.

The Red Pill is seen as a bitter truth and awakening. Just as Neo was brutally awakened in The Matrix movie you can suddenly become aware of certain dynamics playing out between males and females. Of course it is more convenient to stay Blue Pill and believe what everyone wants you to believe, even if you see the signs that it is not true. However, the risks coming with that approach are massive.

If you’re unaware that you’re playing a game and you don’t know any of the rules and on top of that other players know them then your chances of losing are immense. This can mean anything from being unhappy in a sexless relationship through your partner cheating on you to losing most of your wealth in a nasty divorce.

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Remember: all I’m offering is the truth. Nothing more.” – The Matrix

The Red Pill is both the understanding and the acceptance of real male-female dynamics. It doesn’t matter how counterintuitive, socially unacceptable or ugly they might be. Once you start to see everything differently then you just cannot blindly accept social conventions and follow the crowd.


PUA vs. Red Pill

While “redpillers” might be the theoreticians and scientists behind sexual strategies and intergender dynamics the PUA-s (Pick Up Artists) are the researchers working in the trenches and gathering valuable intel. Everyone is an empiricist in the sense that they build theories based on what they see, not what they wish was true.

The biggest difference between everyone Red Pill and the rest of the world is that the former do not try to build artificial social conventions based on wishful thinking. It’s an empirical approach – they discover the rules by observing and experiencing.

It would be great if you could be a nice guy and get a faithful, loving and hot girlfriend without any need for self-improvement, raising one’s value, holding frame, passing shit-tests and what else. But this is not the world we’re living in and unfortunately all the evidence is to the contrary. Nice guy finish last (or not at all).

Unfortunately, the observed interactions and the relationship dynamics that unfold every day before our very own eyes support the Red Pill point of view. You might say “confirmation bias” but once you start looking through the Red Pill lenses you can make accurate predictions even about Blue Pill relationships.

Red Pill, Purple Pill and lot of other pills.

Not these kinds of pills. BTW If your girl takes a lot of medication – run!


Purple Pill

Purple Pill is the name for watered-down Red Pill theories that are designed to appeal to the general audience. You extend an olive branch and either pretend that there are significant exceptions or you paint the rules as less definite. In both cases, you’re trying to win over some people who won’t listen to the strict (and true) set of rules.

That’s just lying to others and to yourself. Most of the theories don’t need to be watered down for anyone. “AWALT” is a good example. In theory it means All Women Are Like That meaning all women can exhibit typical behaviour (e.g. cheat) and there are no girls who given certain circumstances would never do that.

That is already a flexible rule! Some might even say that it’s already Purple Pill – you need “certain circumstances” after all! It’s not saying “all women are whores” but rather pointing out to guys who say “my girl is different” or “my wife is not like that” that they are naive. Just because they don’t have evidence it doesn’t mean it didn’t already happen or that it won’t happen in the future when those conditions will be met.

Watering it down to “most but not all girls have strong inclinations to behave in a particular way” is stupid. Of course, there are girls who are never going to cheat but in most cases, it’s not because they would never think about it! Some just won’t ever be in a situation where it’s possible or reasonable or safe or… whatever. But they still are “like that”.


Purple Pill Is Not For Girls

Most of my readers are men so I’d like to finish with a thought that prompted me to write this post: you don’t need to present Purple Pill to the girls. If anything, Purple Pill is for the clueless guys who are afraid that their whole world will shatter once they take the Red Pill and realize they’ve wasted a lot of their lives.

Girls get the Red Pill. They are the Red Pill. Just like the female readers that my friend mentioned. Whatever you want to say about women – they are far better at feeling and understanding male-female dynamics. They are the reason why men need sites like this to learn about what women already know.

Of course, they won’t admit it openly and in public but in private talks or in the moments of honesty – yeah, they know all this. They might oppose to the notion that they all find confident bad-boys and jacked assholes attractive but deep down they know it’s true. The know hypergamy is true. They know that they love men because of something and if that something is gone – they’re gone.

That’s why you don’t listen to girls’ advice on pickup and that’s why you won’t ever need a Purple Pill. Those guys who are afraid of swallowing the Red Pill are just not ready and they might never be. Women? Women are already there.


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Andrew - 2017-10-31

I have noticed you have become more purple pill / anti-pua now that you are in a relationship. Is that correct because of your girlfriend you want to distance from the pickup?

    tddaygame - 2017-10-31

    That’s interesting. Where exactly am I anti-pua?


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