Daygame Mantras (part 2)

Brunette with green eyes for a change.

Few days ago I published the first part of my daygame mantras. Without further ado, let’s jump into the second part.


If She’s Not Interested She’ll Tell You

I’m not a big fan of “if she’s standing there it means she’s interested”. I had my share of interactions with way too polite or too shy girls who didn’t know how to leave. In time, you’ll learn how to spot the signs and then you’ll be able to employ crash and burn tactic to avoid wasting your precious time on her. Until then I’d err on the side of assuming she’s interested.

There are many types of girls who would feel bad about rejecting you after you so bravely approached her. Shy girls next door, very feminine women or just someone well behaved is going to stay to reward you for your actions (and the compliment).

However, I believe that if a girl doesn’t want to talk to you, is uncomfortable around you or is not interested in what you have to offer then she will tell you. It won’t always be done verbally but you have to be retarded to think that a girl who answers using one word sentences and looks away for the last five minutes will end up in your bed.

Look for cues, don’t torture the poor girl if she really wants to go but she thinks she’s somehow trapped. That is especially important for seated/standing girls and those in shops or public transport.


Brunette with green eyes for a change.

No reason at all.


You Can’t Judge The Set After First Minute

In other words: plow, plow, plow. This looks funny right after the previous mantra but it is something of utmost importance – you can’t judge the set after first minute. The girl can be surprised or blown away, she might have a little anxiety when charming guys want to talk to her or maybe she needs to adjust to your vibe. Plow.

If she tells you to fuck off or walks away in the first minute then maybe, just maybe, you should judge the set by that.

Some girls are in the right vibe right away and others need a minute or two (Russian minute, anyone?) but ultimately after few minutes you know whether she’s interested. It takes a little more time to guess if she’s also available but that’s about as long as you’ll ever need to plow.

Combining those ideas: you should plow as long as she’s not overtly telling you she’s not interested or until you’re absolutely sure that you’re wasting your time on her. Once again, I recommend one of the best posts by Krauser – Simple In-Set Predictions.


Maybe Goes A Long Way

We all slept with girls who were initially reluctant to our advances. As long as you haven’t got a hard no then she’s still in the game and she theoretically can be seduced. We don’t necessarily like those sets but when you do sleep with a girl who changed her mind about you it’s the sweetest of victories. It feels much better than fucking a girl who was into you from the very beginning.

Have you ever been stalked by a girl you rejected? A need girl, just like a needy guy, is a terrible sight. It is so unattractive I can’t even imagine fucking someone who is desperate to seek contact with me despite my verbal rejection.

There’s also a big trap for the naive – attention whores and bored girls will give you just enough interest to keep you around but they won’t date you and they definitely won’t sleep with you. If you can’t get a girl out after 2-3 invites then stop texting her.


You Can Create Attraction

If you can change “maybe” to “yes” then it also means that you can become more attractive in time. That’s especially true for dating as the more time you spend with someone the more attractive that person appears. Unless, of course, someone is a boring fuck. But given the dynamic of a street stop we don’t have that much time and instant dates aren’t helping at all.

Judging from my results and the experiences of other daygamers – instant dates are not making the numbers more solid. If you’re already talking to her for about 10 minutes then she’s as solid as you can get, another hour spent over coffee wouldn’t change a thing.

What can create attraction during the street stop besides your looks, charisma, vibe and seduction skills is your package. And I’m not talking about your dick but your lifestyle and the things you have to offer. If she’s into travels and she learns that you’re almost never home – you’ll gain a point or two. If she’s into partying and you’re a DJ she’ll probably be more excited to meet you than if you were an ice fishing champion.

That’s why it pays off to have a lot of different sides to your personality and lifestyle. That way she can’t put her finger on you (which is attractive) and you can decide which side to present to her. Not to impress her but to market in a right way.


Hot blonde chick.

Lots of “no reasons”.


She Has Time

Just like every man has a time for “one more drink” every girl has time to stay with you and chat for 5-10 minutes. Yes, it’s a busy world and everyone is rushing somewhere but if you’re genuinely interesting, attractive or intriguing she won’t mind delaying whatever she has to do for a few minutes. You’re not bothering her, you’re making her day (and maybe even life) better.

There are of course legitimate reasons why she can’t afford to talk to you for a few minutes but these are rare. Girls are almost always late but there is a big difference between being late to a party and being late for a flight. Remember that you’re still just a random dude who approached her on the street. She’s not going to do anything to jeopardize herself just because you’re cute or charming.

I almost never approach at the bus stops or on that one particular strip that leads to an underground train station in Warsaw. If she’s 2 minutes away from a train station then you can be sure that she has a train in the next 2-5 minutes. That is not enough to make the number solid.

And don’t even get me started on that stupid “Brad Pitt theory”. You’re not Brad Pitt and you are not important to her even if she fancies you. Get your head out of your ass.


She Doesn’t Owe You Anything

That’s a big one. Just because she had a 10 minute chat with you it does not mean she has to give you her number. And just because she did, it doesn’t mean she has to reply to your texts or agree to go out on a date with you. You’re not creating any debt whatsoever because you’re picking her up.

Girls are fickle and driven by emotions. What she was feeling when she talked to you might be gone the very next day and she’ll flake.

Remember that the same thing holds true for later stages of seduction. Just because she’s in your place it doesn’t mean she owes you sex. And just because she agreed to go with you on a date it doesn’t mean you’ll end up in yours or that mere thought of sex crossed her mind.

There are situations that merely imply her interest but she never owes you any single thing. You have to make everything happen – from the beginning till the very end.


There you have it. I’ve had a blast writing those two posts and now I’d definitely like to hear more of your daygame mantras. Leave the comments below or e-mail me.


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Raffles - 2017-10-04

All good points. Very useful for beginners. Once guys get to intermediate level, having done a few hundred or a thousand approaches, these issues tend to resolve themselves. Reading this post can help resolve those issues faster.

Biggest thing I see over and over with intermediate guys though is they cannot do approaches without good vibe. I see a lot of guys plateau at this stage and end up doing far less daygame or just giving up. They don’t get the same high from approaching and daygame just becomes more and more of a grind. Krauser and Bodi have both written about this issue. I’m wondering do you have any advice or mantras on zero vibe daygame?


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