Humor – A Perfect Excuse

Smiling/laughing girl.

Since always, comedians (and jesters) used humor to get away with saying what everyone thinks but no one wants to say out loud. In the same manner humor can help you get away with saying what you’re really after in a way that is not going to scare her off.


Laughing and smiling will help you appear more positive and you’ll be perceived as more attractive by most of the girls. Of course, the goal isn’t (and never was) for her to like you but it can’t hurt if she knows you can make her laugh. Avoid being a clown but radiate positive energy. Also – that way you can tell her anything without lying.


“Why Did You Approach Me?”

During the approach she might ask a few innocent and sometimes even genuine questions about why you’re talking to her or even what’s going on. If she’s never been hit on like that then you have to let her know what you’re up to. But of course you can’t say “I want to have sex with you.”

You can always joke, for example by saying “Don’t tell anyone, but I saw a really nice girl and I wanted to chat her up and see if she’s cool.” You can even be more direct “Of course I want to talk to you, get your number, go on a date, sleep with you, then marry and have kids. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. My name is Tom.”

If a girl genuinely asks “What do you want from me?” or “Why did you approached me?” then it means you aren’t as direct as you should be. She has to know that you’re picking her up. If that happens regularly then something is definitely wrong with your game.

Most girls will accept your answers if they made them laugh or smile. It’s still nothing serious, you two just met, she’s not going to go as far as to demand an honest answer for her random question. And if she does – that’s a turn-off for me as I don’t like girls without sense of humor.


“You Probably Approach Girls All The Time…”

“How many girls are you seeing?” and “Why don’t you have a girlfriend?” are the most common shit tests that you can disarm by humor. I’m wearing a lot of rings so I usually say that I have one for each wife but I still have many fingers left. The same goes for the second one – “I don’t have a girlfriend, I have many girlfriends, one for each day of the week”. Usually you can get away with it.

Smiling/laughing girl.

The goal is never to make her smile/laugh. The goal is sex.

However, later in the relationship and sometimes even as early as on the first date she will want answers. Maybe she’s considering you a real option and maybe she’s just insecure. But you can feel that avoiding answers using humor won’t do. She’ll insist.

When there is a shit test incoming, you should prepare your humor and have it at hand. You’re not always going to use it as sometimes the best reaction is not reacting at all (ignore). Still, ridiculing is close second. Exaggerate or lessen the issue and move on.

You can use humor as an excuse to be blatantly honest. “Why did you approach me?” “If I have to be honest it was your legs. Then I saw the rest and thought you might be cool.” There, you’ve introduced some sexual tension, was honest and got away with it.

Very good but ancient canned line “Sorry, I wasn’t listening. I was staring at your boobs/legs/ass.” works exactly in the same manner. She’ll laugh but some part of her will take it seriously – that you treat her like a sexual being. And that’s what you want. Seed is planted.


Not For Sad People

I’m rather introverted but I have nothing against making other people laugh. I’m a positive person. I joke a lot, maybe more than I should in some serious situations but I always think that good laugh trumps any worry. As such if you’re a sad fuck, then this piece of advice is not for you.

My chief weapon is humor. Humor and confidence… My two weapons are humor, confidence, and laser eyes… My three weapons are humor, confidence, and laser eyes, and almost fanatical devotion to improving my daygame… My four… No, amongst my weapons… Amongst my weaponry… are such elements as humor, confidence… I’ll come in again.

There is this notion about “masculine men” being confident, stoic and always serious. I don’t know where it comes from as even our beloved (and imaginary) James Bond joked, even if it was mainly for self-amusement. No one is going to think of you as a less of a man if you can make other people laugh. Just avoid self-deprecating humor and being a clown. And that’s easy.



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