Croatian Girls – First Look

One of the Croatian girls with big asses.

I can offer only first look on Croatian girls. I haven’t been daygaming in Zagreb as much as I theoretically should. But if I could – I would. Sometimes knocking out work (and dealing with a power malfunction in your laptop) is more important for your future life than new lays.


The real reason of course is that my early success made me lazy. I approached without thinking when I saw a Croatian girl I really fancied but that week in Zagreb was mostly a weird mix of taking too many responsibilities, various technical difficulties, going to the gym and being hungry.


Meet Croatian Girls

I cannot say that there is one type of women (and people) in Zagreb. As I learned there are four parts of Croatia and it seems that they’re four types of Croatian girls (though not necessarily related to the geographical areas).

Croats are tall. Not all of them but there is significant number of very tall people. According to some sources (read: quick Google search) they are taller on average by few centimeters than Poles but that difference shows. Unfortunately, those hot tall chicks are not the Ukrainian gazelles but thick-boned women. They’re not fat but… solid.

That gets us to the second most common body type – Croatian girls with big asses. Even if they’re not fat a lot of those girls have butts that are way too big for me. Far too often I looked back after a cute girl only to discover she had too wide hips and/or too large arse. I’m sure there are lot of guys who enjoy that but I don’t.

One of the Croatian girls with big asses.

Apparently she’s not fat, she’s just Croatian.

Third type was finally for me – little, cute girls. Way shorter than me, thin and/or slim and/or athletic. They wouldn’t stand a change next to Kiev girls but they were tickling my fancy. Those are the girls that ended up on the Instagram and while they were hot, they weren’t as common as I would like.

Fourth category would be “everything else” as there is a big variety in this city. From pale to tanned, from plain chicks to goths and alternative girls. The last category was overrepresented here – tattoos, piercings and colored hair was a common view. They were still feminine (or rather – girly) but it was something else.

Overall quality for this city is definitely below Kiev and I think it’s below Warsaw as well. I’ll comment more on that when I get back to Poland.


Ass Problems

School started right in the middle of my stay in Zagreb and I witnessed many schoolgirls in their late teens wandering around the main square even on the late evening. I was looking for older girls but they got me thinking.

What happens during their school days? Where do they get those big asses from? Almost all of the girls younger than – let’s say – 21 or 22 were deprived of those big trunks that were so common among older chicks. It’s like its Spain all over again…

Thankfully, there were enough non-fat chicks with reasonable sized asses no to wonder about that for too long.


Zagreb Timetable

My usual daygame route was from the train station to the main square (along many nice parks) and then around the Lower Town with its many shopping streets and hundreds of restaurants. It’s always busy. And even though it’s a tourist area it is filled with locals.

The route wasn’t a problem – time was. I already said I had problems with keeping my own schedule but I just couldn’t put my finger on the daygame golden hour. Afternoon rush seemed to start at 4 pm but I usually was out around 6 pm and while it was good, it wasn’t great.

Unfortunately (and counterintuitively) the longer I stayed on the main square the more high school kids appeared and the girls I was after were definitely hiding somewhere else.


Daygame In Zagreb

One thing was truly impressive – everyone speaks English. From clerks, through people at the gym, to Croatian girls on the streets. The only chick that didn’t speak any English was French (of course she was).

Initial reactions are very good and girls appear very friendly and almost universally happy. Blowouts are almost nonexistent and even if they don’t want to go with you on a date they will still be delighted that you’ve approached them.

It also seems that they don’t mind leaving their contact details even if they are in a relationship. I’ve got a feeling that casual sex isn’t uncommon in here but that’s just my unverified gut feeling as I couldn’t get those girls out on a date.

Overall I cannot say much about dating with Croatian girls as after my initial success I only ended up dating one American chick.


Farewell, Zagreb

As for my hunger mentioned in the beginning – the fast lay satisfied the sexual part while various awesome Croatian restaurants were perfect for providing daily proteins. My schedule was so hectic that for few days I ended up eating two meals in one sitting. But like I said – the food was superb so I can’t really complain.

And when I think of the week spent in Zagreb – I cannot complain at all.


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