What To Do Next After 3000 Daygame Approaches?

Sights like that made me do 3000 daygame approaches.

So it has come to this. 3000 daygame approaches and counting. Definitely I’ve hit a turning point my life as in the last two months I did only 22 approaches just for myself, not counting the coaching demos. I still got 3 new lays (two of which were from long game). So what’s next?


Player’s Journey

I’ve started daygame at the late age of 26 after two relationships. Like many guys I wanted to be able to find myself a girlfriend whenever I fancied. Then I realized it would be much better to have multiple relationships with hot girls and I managed to achieve that as well.

You can clearly see that lately I’m more about lifestyle changes and having adventures. Of course a lot of them include those cool girls and I’m pretty sure none of them would be possible if it weren’t for my becoming a daygamer.

While tddaygame is a daygamer through and through it’s only a part of persona called Tom.


Daygame Shouldn’t Define You

I’ve seen this a lot – guys who are players in addition to their lifestyle are killing it with varying intensity for years. Those whose whole life is about girls are very prone to meltdowns and burnouts when something goes south.

Sights like that made me do 3000 daygame approaches.

Zagreb, September 2017.

It’s not just about the girls. If you have only one thing in life that drives you and makes you happy you’ll get into a lot of trouble and emotional problems when you hit a bad streak or some unrelated issues (health, work, family, etc.) will force you to pause.

Because then you’re done – there is nothing in your life that you can focus on and what would bring you happpiness. This balance and well-roundedness of your life requires a post of its own but I don’t want to make this a self-development blog. This stays focused on daygame.


Let’s Talk About Stats

This year I’ve done 416 approaches and got 124 numbers. Out of those I dated 27 girls and slept with 10. It has been a rollercoaster of near misses with a high share of bouncebacks and very little dates to nowhere. Girls know what I’m about. I’m confident that I can get them home and I do so.

These are just the daygame stats. I’ve also slept with two girls off Tinder but let’s not talk about this.

I also got really nice relationships going on – some of them shorter, some of them longer. I did went on number of awesome adventures and I’ll continue to do so as it turned out to be much more satisfying than getting more notches. Not that collecting Croatian flag wasn’t fun.

With two thirds of a year behind us this is the slowest daygame year for me when it comes to number of approaches per month and fastest when it comes to the speed of my dating. When it’s on – it’s really on.


Daygame Endgame

2017 is the year of the biggest changes as well. I’m doing a lot of other crazy things in my life and I don’t need daygame as my main source of endoprhins. I also, for the very first time, feel accomplished daygame-wise.

I was a beginner when I started this blog, an intermediate when I started coaching. Now I feel like I advanced even more. Of course I still make stupid mistakes from time to time and there are other guys out there who are better than me.

But the goal was never to be the best. The goal was to gain the ability to seduce girls and – later – to live a life of adventures. There is still much to be done, many feats to achieve and a lot of experiences to have (and flags to collect!). But, at least for now, I’ve tamed the obsession and I can do all that at a slower, less destructive pace.

Will I approach a girl when I feel the so-called DNA-tug? As the last few days show – I simply cannot help myself. Will I still daygame en masse? Definitely when I end up in a place like Kiev. I’m not so sure about Warsaw.


Hot Croatian Sun

There is also one possibility. All those thoughts could be the result of lazy satisfaction combined with sitting under the Croatian sun for far too long.

Time will tell where my next steps will lead me. And judging from me not being able to focus on writing and ogling girls instead – that journey will be documented on this blog.


Daygamer, traveler, adrenaline junkie. Obssessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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