Kiev Girls – Summary

Kiev girls are usually that hot.

“Why are you going to Kiev all the time?” It’s easy. Not only Ukrainian women are hotter than Polish but also Kiev girls particularly tend to like me. Let’s be honest, it’s a subset of girls from that city but they are amongst my favorites.

Kiev trilogy consist of a girl I slept with while I was in Kiev, another one that visited me in Warsaw and one that I had to go back for to close. That’s not bad for 12 days spent in a city. Below you can find full breakdown of the trip me and sharkk had this June.


Daygame Hard

I’ve realized that there is no such thing as a good tourist-daygamer a long time ago. From my very first attempts at doing eurojaunts I knew that it has to be either about traveling or picking up girls. Hence the typical modus operandi is to daygame like a crazy person for the first few days, then focus on dating and maybe even sightseeing.

High volume daygame is unsustainable. And by that I mean that going hardcore even for a week is more than most guys can endure. Don’t let anyone tell you he can do hundreds of approaches per month, every month.

Because I like slim body type there was no problem for me as Kiev girls are exactly that, usually often paired with great legs and cute faces. In first four days I did 69 approaches and got 20 numbers. Grand total for 12 days is 113 approaches and 29 numbers.


Get Blown Out Hard

You can clearly see that most of my numbers came from the first four days and after that my ability to close girls went down. That was due to three reasons: I had enough leads (not caring about getting more), I was tired of daygame (I’ve pushed myself during those first days) and both me and sharkk were feeling so good that we did a lot of blowout sets “just for fun”.

As for the latter, I’ve got 36 blowouts (meaning conversation shorter than 30 seconds, usually about 0) and 35 girls spoke zero or really bad English. Of course those categories overlap and I’d have to go through all of the recordings to find out the exact numbers and there are better things to do. I estimate that 80 of those 113 sets were actual daygame conversations with Kiev girls.

Do I regret doing “guaranteed blowout set” with those posh, operated Kiev girls? Hell no. After going through all that I was so desensitized to blowouts that I hope that this attitude will stick with me. Would I do it again? It was a perfect mechanism to stay in a great mood as me and sharkk made a lot of fun out of it. I wouldn’t do it if I could feel that it’s hurting my vibe (e.g. when traveling alone).

Kiev girls are usually that hot.

I just arrived 5 seconds ago…


Date Smart

We failed in our goal to find out if taking things slower yields better results with Kiev girls. We knew from our previous trips that taking things fast is a bad strategy as you’re more likely to scare off girls than to have fast sex. You have to be lucky to score on a first date.

I was an idiot on the first three dates when I bouncedback three girls in three days and even talked one into sleeping over (and subsequently pushed too hard and burned the lead). That’s way too fast for most of them. Kiev girls are usually not so excited about the idea of fast sex with a foreign guy. You have to date smart.

If a girl meets you for a date and gets dolled up (like they usually do) you might be sure that she already considers you attractive. The rest of the game is played in comfort and in presenting the package. She also has to know that you’re not going to disappear (both longer and repeated stays help immensely) and that you have something to offer her in terms of your lifestyle. I went over the package in the previous post.

Out of those 29 numbers I dated 8 girls and was on total of 12 dates. Due to logistic I couldn’t fit any more girls. If my notes are correct, only 2 evenings were spent without a date.


What Is Next?

113 approaches (or about 80 if you want to discard the “no English” sets) to 29 numbers, 8 girls on dates and 3 lays. However you want to count it, it is below the 40 approaches per lay mark which I consider the threshold of advanced daygame. During my pursue of Kiev girls I also crossed the 3000 approaches mark. Big year.

I feel like I’ve proven myself enough. Relentless notch count hyena is sleeping right now but I’m sure the beast will raise its head again. It is funny that it happened for me with about the same amount of lays as it did for Krauser. But don’t worry – his post is from 2012 and he’s still going.

And traveling with older (40+) guys I’m pretty sure I’m not going to quit the game yet (or probably ever).


Daygamer, traveler, adrenaline junkie. Obssessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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ajith - 2017-08-20

Why do you need to game so many girls? Dont you have a regular rotation built up by now?

ajith - 2017-08-20

Why do you need to game so many girls? Dont you have a regular rotation built up by now?

*posted again for reply notification*

tddaygame - 2017-08-22

Why not? Who wouldn’t want something new from time to time?


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