Field Report – Croatian Same Day Lay

Josip Jelačić statue on Ban Jelačić Square.

It’s my third day here in Zagreb and I’m already sitting in a cafe writing another field report. What a year this has been for me, my daygame and my goals. There will be time to write more on the latter. For now let’s focus on the field report.


Sunday Dayame Sucks

I arrived to Zagreb extremely tired after a week at the sea so all I did on the first evening was gathering intel on restaurants, pubs and shops by talking to groups of girls. That resulted in two beers and an amazing pulled pork sandwich after which I went for a 10 hours sleep. I both needed and deserved that.

My first proper day in Zagreb was a Sunday – a day that’s universally bad for daygame across the world. The capital of Croatia wasn’t an exception – streets were empty and the 38 degrees heat wasn’t helping.

I went to the gym, eat a big dinner and entered “I might as well do some approaches” mode. So I went to the daygame areas to scout  without any pressure. I opened three girls in total and the last one was a manifestation of “you only need one set” mindset.


“You Only Need One Set”

That’s the old saying that sharkk always use when either of us get a streak of blowouts or sets to nowhere (no English, boyfriends/husbands). Because you’re not going to sleep with multiple girls at once nor you’re going to set up ten dates in one evening then one set is enough.

For me that set was the last approach of the day when I was walking through the Ledeni park towards the main train station. I saw a smoking young girl with black hair, athletic body type and full lips. Despite bandages on her knees she was looking happy. I stopped her and to my surprise she hooked immediately.

Of course I recorded that set. It will be sent to the subscribers of my daygame infields mailing list this Sunday.

She had very curious, big eyes and I caught myself wondering if she’s eye-fucking me. I replied in kind and she liked it. We chatted about nothing in particular but I managed to throw in the idea of us going for drinks. I learned about her bike accident (hence the bandages), her work and – most importantly – that she was going to sit in a park all by herself and enjoy the evening.

All this combined with her devil-may-care attitude and very optimistic character was screaming “same day lay”. I took the number and went to buy some groceries… and a bottle of wine. Just in case.


Croatian Cockblock Attempt

She texted me first while I was already at home planning the evening. When I read that she bought herself a beer and she is sitting alone in the park I told her I’ll bring a blanket (i.e. a towel) and more beers and I jumped in the shower.

It took me a while to prepare myself and the apartment (again – just in case) so by the time I arrived she was sitting on a bench with a Croatian dude. I was puzzled and instead of acting instinctively I stopped to think. First, I texted her just to see if she’s going to send this guy away but she didn’t.

Fountain at the Ledeni park.

The very fountain that is not really that important for this story.

I approached them with the intent of befriending the guy and then politely suggesting to him that I only brought two beers – one for me and one for the girl. That strategy worked perfectly. I gained few social points for not freaking out and essentially AMOG-ing the poor guy and he left soon enough.

That left me with the girl. We were sitting in the park, watching the fountain and drinking beers. I learned that she used to be a party girl but she’s not anymore and that she’s 19. She thought I was 23 but she didn’t care when she learned my real age. Everything was going smooth and I was planning my next move (a bar next to my place) when it started to rain.


Luck Favors Prepared

We started to walk towards my apartment looking for a bar to hide in. We were still holding the beers and she didn’t want to ditch them (good). She also wanted to use a bathroom (even better). I told her that she can use the one in my apartment as the rain is getting heavier and we’re literally one block away from my place. There was no resistance whatsoever.

We came to my place, sit down and chatted about music and stuff. At one point I tried to kiss her but she said “no, no, noooo” many times while still being cool about it. It was a clear “try again later” so I did back off and waited for the next opportunity.

I learned that her dad left when she was young (what a shock…) and she didn’t have any luck regarding her previous boyfriends but she still was one of the most optimistic girls I’ve met. We really connected when we started to go through my playlist of classic rock albums. She was way too young to enjoy such music but she did.

If I would want to bang party girls then playing classic rock songs would be counterproductive. But I do not want to change who I am to bang girls I don’t like. I’d rather present the best version of myself and make girls fascinated by who I am.

Josip Jelačić statue on Ban Jelačić Square.

Veni, Vidi, Vici.

We kissed, then made out, than opened a bottle of Prosecco, then made out more all while listening to classic rock music. I don’t even remember how we changed the topic to her body and then to her boobs. At one point I just told her that I want to see them and I started to undress her and kiss her all over her breasts.

After that it was as simple as throwing her on the bed in the bedroom.


Croatian Same Day Lay

So there you have it. I don’t remember that I ever had a daygame same day lay, mostly because I have really packed schedule so I have little room for spontaneity. This time I just went with the flow and got myself a Croatian flag.

This experience only reinforced the thoughts I had after my last Kiev adventure. I don’t have to prove anything to myself. I’m halfway to the 100 notches mark and I’m fairly confident that I can arrive at a foreign city, do some approaches and sleep with a hot, young girl.

I’m not saying that this story had nothing to do with luck. It was equal parts of being lucky and doing every single thing right.

That being said I’m less and less concerned about scoring notches and more and more interested in having cool adventures. This definitely was both but if I had to chose I’d pick adventures. Because banging more girls is not going to change anything in my life and judging from what happened in 2017 – change is good.


Daygamer, traveler, adrenaline junkie. Obssessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Paul - 2017-08-29

It was a Same Day DE-lay not a Same Day Lay bro….there is not a break from open to close with SDL

PJ Pires - 2017-09-15

Quality > Quantity. Ad eternum.


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