Why Daygame Bootcamps Suck

Student on a daygame coaching session.

After previous mental masturbation, we’re back to much lighter topic – daygame infield training sessions. I have an important announcement I need to make so I might as well use that opportunity to shamelessly self-promote. And I wouldn’t be myself if I wouldn’t start with a bit of bashing.


Daygame Bootcamps Suck

I have to admit that I’ve never attended any daygame bootcamps and the only coaching I had was a Skype session with Tom Torero in the January of 2015 regarding my dating (he helped me). Since always I learned through action and hanging out with guys who are better than me. But ever since I started teaching daygame in 2016 I knew that all this bootcamp stuff is ridiculous.

Sundays suck for daygame in every single city I’ve been to (maybe except London). This is universal pattern and one of the reasons why “weekend bootcamp” is a stupid idea.

You cannot transform someone during one session (or one weekend) but you can show him path, make a list of his strengths and weaknesses and create a training plan to follow. Ultimately, this game is played solo. You cannot rely on your wing or coach.

Student on a daygame coaching session.

Coaching session in Warsaw. July 2017.

Once again – no transformation will happen over the weekend. At very best, if you were a total beginner, you’ll realize that you can in fact approach hot girls during the day. That’s it.

But that’s not the main issue I have with bootcamps. I cannot imagine doing approaches of decent quality for 6 or 7 hours. After doing heavy daygame for 2-3 hours your brain will fart then turn itself off. You’ll become mentally exhausted and all subsequent approaches will be shit. It takes more than a nap to recover (and process all the info).


2-hours Sessions

I do the daygame coaching in my own style. It’s a 2-2.5 hours session focused on doing as many solid approaches as possible (most guys do between 7 and 15, one crazy Irishman did 25). At first I do few demos that you can see and hear (thanks to the wireless microphones). If you wish I can even go as long as it takes to get a number. But then it’s your turn.

Never get daygame coaching from anyone who is unwilling to do a demo and/or is not using some kind of a device that allows you to hear him (and him to hear you). If you’re unsure ask if you can see him in action before you decide to spend your money. Infields are not everything.

Before you go I’ll reiterate the various phases of London Daygame Model and for your first three approaches I won’t say much, just note what I hear (those wireless microphones again). I don’t want to turn everyone into a clone of me or other LDM guys. I get men who are doing things differently but if it seems to work for them – why would I want to change that?

After the first three approaches it’s pretty straightforward – we decide what is the main thing we’re going to focus on for the rest of the session. If you’re just starting that could be Yad stop or the open. If you’re able to do some daygame by yourself, we’re probably going to focus on sexualization and proper way of DHV-ing. After 2+ hours the quality of approaches deteriorates and/or you’ll just be too exhausted to continue.


The E-Mail

During the session you’re getting instant feedback after every single approach. I’ll tell you only the biggest things that could be applied right away. The whole time I’m writing down everything that comes to mind that you might need later. After the session you’ll get a huge e-mail.

Real daygame coaching e-mail..

That was an awesome session with a great guy, like it usually is.

And I mean huge. This post contains about 1000 words. Those e-mails lately grew to 1700-2200 words. That’s a lot of info: I’ll write a few words about you looks, style, voice and behavior and also grade your daygame progress on a scale from 1 to 10 in categories like approach anxiety, teasing, identifying topics and so on. You’ll get a list of your strengths and weaknesses but the main part of the e-mail is something different.

I compile all my observations into few main areas where you can improve fastest and easiest. I’ll write my recommendation and a plan for you – what to do next, what to focus on. That way you won’t need another session, you can work on those by yourself.

Then I include all the notes that I made during the session. You get everything, even the most minor observations. Whenever you feel like you’re done with the main areas, you can go through the list and find some other things to work on.

I finish the e-mail with a summary. With all that you get a thorough examination of your current daygame, potential improvements and some exercises to make that happen. Then it’s all on you (but of course my e-mail is always open to discuss all those things further).


Daygame Inflation

As you might have noticed on my Twitter feed – I’m busy. Check out the Sail and Party cruises which is only one thing in the array of ideas I’m pursuing recently.

I really enjoy coaching daygame and helping guys. I’m excited for all the success stories I get over e-mail. I feel joy when I see the smile after a guy did his first approach in his life or got his first number. Unfortunately, I can no longer justify doing that much coaching over the other work I have as it became unprofitable. You know where it takes us – I have to increase the prices. But I’m not going to do it just yet.

Last week of August I’m in Zagreb, Croatia. Then I’ll be back in Warsaw in the middle of September. My next travel starts on 6th of October and until that date nothing changes. On 7th of October the prices will go up and they’ll stay up. That means you still have time to think about it and schedule a cheaper session.

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s worth it – check out the testimonials. I won’t say that everyone needs such a session but if you’re considering it and have doubts – contact me.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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