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As you might know I run a daygame infields and tips mailing list where no often than once per week (on Sunday) you get an e-mail straight to your inbox containing nothing else but a fresh video or audio infield. Because you might want how such an e-mail looks like – here is somewhat redacted sample.


Audio Infield – Fortunate Event

Let’s start with the end of this story. Yes, it is a lay from Kiev that happened on the second date with this girl. What you’re about to hear is a success story and a successful approach. If you want to know how the dating went and why all this was rather fortunate then you can read the full report. Here you’ll get the analysis of the approach.

I approached that girl while waiting for a date that turned out to be a flake. That’s why I was looking around and that’s why I thought I had limited time. You can hear that throughout the audio infield. That gave this whole interaction a feeling of urgency but I don’t think it really mattered that much.

We talked for about 15 minutes. I could (and maybe I should) instant date her right away but I was caught up in my lies as I still was afraid that my date might show up. But of course the original date flaked towards the end of the conversation.

Would instant dating her made it a same day lay? I don’t think so. Girl was very much into me but she would still have the same objections. You know how to story ended, let’s listen to the audio.


Listen To The Audio Infield

[00:01] Standard opener when I’m abroad
[00:05] And a standard stack about a smile – this time however it just stopped raining so it was situational
[00:18] So this is a positive girl, good
[00:31] “I speak English not good but I can explain everything what I think” – she’s interested and willing to invest to make it happen; great sign
[00:47] She looked like she’s about to as a question – hence the pause
[01:00] That was my indirect question “what do you do/where do you work”
[01:18] Lame attempt at joking, thankfully ignored
[01:22] “I think it would be difficult – connection” – right away she’s thinking about “connecting”; I had to disarm this bomb now or deal with it later
[01:34] Standard question #1 – “What are you doing here?” – always, always have a good answer for that
[01:58] The never-ending quest for beaches in Kiev; It was my fifth trip there and I still haven’t been on one
[02:07] Big lie – I was waiting for a date… Well, you can say she’s kind of a “friend” but I need to set up logistic
[02:18] I was calling out her English to make her realize it’s not a problem
[02:37] Seeding the date – it was fast but the girl started fast with “connection”
[02:40] The always react good hearing that I’m from Poland
[03:00] It was in fact starting to rain again
[03:04] International bunch, DHV
[03:18] I really was trying to close this way too fast but I didn’t want my flake, sorry, my date to see me talking with another girl just next to the venue
[03:30] Thanks, rain
[03:50] Checking my phone to see if the date flaked already
[04:00] DLV for my friend (sorry sharkk!)
[04:19] Calling out obvious, she’s positive
[04:48] Fishing for a conversation topic as at this point I needed rapport
[04:55] She’s 27
[05:15] A little bit of local knowledge makes you more authentic
[05:30] “Have you been to [my country]?” is always a good routine
[06:12] She’s calling out that I’m looking around (for my damn flake)
[06:24] Okay, I really was interested in the beaches…
[06:40] Before you laugh – I really do think of moving to Kiev
[07:07] It’s always better to speak in the language you know better than her and she’s telling me why
[07:25] That was a big question
[07:50] I’m unemployed, how about that? It’s not a DHV when you think of it…
[08:15] …and still she thinks only about part of what I said – that I will be traveling and working
[08:50] Not-so-subtle DHV
[09:00] And we’re discussing massages, much better topic and what’s even more important – we’re back to her
[09:50] Back to her – what do you do? (finally! too much about me!)
[10:50] Rapid listing of the things we like (I’m searching for another topic)
[11:03] “You have to try it” implies [with me] – great line for dates as well
[11:30] Little bit of Polish/Ukrainian understanding
[11:42] She definitely likes me
[11:58] She’s seeding a future meeting right now
[12:30] Ambitious girl!
[13:18] “Wow” – my lifestyle is really impressive for that girl, good
[13:22] “I like that” is the best compliment because it means “it is important to me”; think about “you have a great smile” vs. “I like your smile”
[13:29] Wrapping it up
[13:45] “Some other time” – because I don’t have any idea how my dates are going to be
[14:10] She’s putting the numbers in my phone
[14:27] I’ve saved her under “Sasha Thai Massage”
[14:30] Calling the girl
[14:39] “Do you remember my name?” is an easy way to find out if she’s interested or not – she was embarrassed that she forgot – a good sign
[15:08] Bridging the date – finding out when she’s free and showing that I’m serious
[15:31] She’s serious as well
[15:54] And that’s it!


The Rest Of The Story

While the conversation wasn’t super sexual verbally I could easily see that there is something going on and that she fancied me. Or at least that’s what I thought back then. By the way – I was right.

Texting was very short as we agreed to meet in the same place not even two hours after what you’ve just heard. The rest is available in the field report. That way you have the whole story from the approach (audio infield) through the story up and even an Instagram pic.


And that’s it! Short and sweet. If you want more breakdowns like this one be sure to subscribe to the mailing list.


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