Field Report – Against The PUA Trends


I’ve been hinting on this story recently and now that I know the final chapter – I can share. This field report will go against many PUA trends mainly because I’m finally finding my own way of doing game. I call it the adventure lifestyle (working name).

If you’re interested in more stories from Kiev definitely check out what Roy Walker Daygame has to say about this city. Spoiler alert: his impressions are very similar to mine but we go after different girls. Also check out crazy stories from Nick Krauser whose Kiev is a very different place to what I see with my eyes. There are also two other field reports from my last trip.


The Approach

It was fourth day of my Kiev trip and the last day when I did heavy daygame. I approached a girl in a flowery dress, early 20s, blonde hair and the typical Ukrainian body type – ridiculously slim with legs to kill. She was surprised, she laughed a lot and I’d say she’s curious. Not hooked immediately, definitely not attracted right away but curious – she asked where I’m from and wanted to know few things about me.

She was also one of the most positive girls I encountered, always laughing and smiling. She just finished her studies, was after her final exams and in a perfect mood to celebrate. In the past she did study in France and she did travel, her English was good – definitely in line of who I dated in Kiev. She was also cute but that goes without saying.

I might release that audio infield as part of the ongoing series on my daygame infields mailing list. Just sayin’.

Number close was easy and she definitely did like my lifestyle but I wasn’t sure she necessarily fancied me at this point.


Yes, it’s that kind of a story.


First Date – Bridge Date

Our first date was good not great. We were supposed to meet for a drink but since I was starving I asked if she wanted to eat something. Of course she ordered a salad (they all do) and because she was driving her car she had non-alcoholic drink. Fine by me, I wasn’t planning on taking her home that day.

We ate, had many laughs, learned a lot about each other and definitely had a good time. The problem was that it wasn’t sexual but we discussed some male-female topics and I learned that in her past she dated foreign guys. It seemed that she had experiences with guys trying to fuck her fast so it was good I didn’t try to push it.


Second Date – PUA style

For the second date I invited her for drinks and took her to my usual first venue in Kiev where we had a cider. Then I bounced her to the secret bar located 10 meters from my apartment. Now this meeting definitely felt more like a date, there was some touching and I saw that she not only liked me but also considered me attractive.

With that knowledge and a glass of wine I decided to try to get her to my apartment (before a kiss – idiot) but she declined. My standard PUA scheme failed. Instead, she wanted to have some drinks in one of the places she likes. Oh well, I might as well actually establish the romantic relationship by kissing her and seeing a cool bar would be a bonus.

It is never a bad thing to try. What is wrong is to explain yourself, apologize or make a fuss about it. I made an offer, she said no – no problem whatsoever.

We did make it to the bar and it was in fact a cool one. This time both of us ordered a drink and we were sitting next to each other making fun of other people who were way too uptight and serious. We were laughing and having a blast. At one point I decided I want to kiss her and suddenly she was all over me. A great sign.

After the drink we started to walk towards my apartment even though she said she’s going to order a cab. When we were really near she asked if we’re going to my place and I replied that it seems that way. “But my mum can call me anytime!” Okay, how much time do you have? “It could be one hour or five minutes.” Great, let’s go to my place for one hour or five minutes. She agreed.

You all know what happened next. When I was opening the staircase door her phone rang. It was her mother. We had one hell of a makeout before she got to her cab and that was almost it for the day. With some PUA texting magic from sharkk I made sure she went to sleep thinking about me.


Breaking PUA Rules On The Third Date

Now it gets interesting. I knew that the girl was leaving for Turkey for her family vacation. That meant I had only two or three evenings before she went away and I had other girls to date so I was really running out of options (and time – I was leaving soon).

Then out of the blue she suggested going to the music festival that was held in Kiev. It would be very hard to pull her from a concert given she has an overprotective mother but not going there would mean that we only shared few kisses and one makeout. Tough call.

After looking at the lineup of the day she suggested I wasn’t happy. But on the previous day The Prodigy was headlining. Now even if I didn’t sleep with her seeing The Prodigy live in Kiev is a hell of a thing to do. We agreed to meet somewhere on the way.

No PUA-s in sight on a John Newman concert.

John Newman for her, The Prodigy for me. Zero other PUA-s in sight.

The festival was really good and very well organized. We entered the adventure mode right away as we were eating, drinking, kissing, hugging and having a lot of fun. She was happy because she did see John Newman live and for me the reason was The Prodigy.

She’s one of the girls that you don’t want to be around with when she’s hungry. Thankfully, Ukrainian girls don’t eat much.

Cab took us from the festival… right to her home which was on our way to my apartment. It was impossible to take her to my place that night, even though I suggested it. She knew what I meant and after that night I’m sure she was ready but logistic (namely – her family) was an issue here.


Comfort Making – Breakfast Date

I didn’t want to leave her with the impression that I only want to have sex with her. She was a cool girl and after the festival I could definitely see us traveling to some other country. It turned out she was leaving for Turkey on Sunday which was my last full day in Kiev as well.

Again going against the unwritten PUA rules I decided to invite her for a breakfast to my favorite cafe. I had nothing else to do on Sunday, I wasn’t collecting new leads, I was done with the trip. So why not make some comfort by showing her that I’m not “like all the other guys”?

Once again we had fun time and I’m definitely sure it helped with the long game as she decided to make a new passport to be able to come to Warsaw to visit me. Long game it is.


Long Game Leap Of Faith

Texting was great, she was actively starting conversations, send me pictures and stories from Turkey and Kiev. She also told me about the horror it was getting her new passport (which is true and confirmed by other girls me and sharkk met).

When it turned out she won’t get her passport before my big travel to Croatia (stay tuned for that one) the only options were: wait another month and a half (not a chance) or meet somewhere in Ukraine. I suggested Lviv as it is halfway and at first she agreed. I would make it a cool motorbike trip which I’d enjoy no matter what – that’s how I started to do things this summer.

But then her mother was a problem, again. She said that her mother told her that if she’s about to meet me somewhere in the world first we should meet in Kiev one more time. I somewhat believed her – she was a very insecure girl and heavily controlled so that part of her excuse was probably true. The other part was just a test.

What happened next will be make some wannabe PUA-s outraged because they’ve learned that they should never ever do anything for the girl. That’s all good if you’re aiming at sex at first or second date and you’re not planning to see the girl ever again.

This girl on the other hand, she could be crazy enough to travel with me and go on all sorts of adventures. I don’t mean that “she’s the one” or “she’s better than other girls”. She was just cool enough to make that happen and that’s a rare quality. Go through many girls that are good only for sex (and some even aren’t good for that) and you’ll learn how to appreciate that.


Fifth Date… In Kiev

I found a cheap flight, checked my calendar and decided I can afford two days in Kiev. She would be working during the day and during that time I could deal with my backlog. In the afternoons we would “date”.

I already wrote about future projections. I presented myself as a crazy guy doing random exciting things and I was suggesting all those places where we could meet. Flying to Kiev for two days would confirm everything I was saying and would be congruent with my persona. Even though seven PUA-s had a stroke reading about that.

Storm at Warsaw aiport.

As a bonus I escaped a hell of a storm.

It all worked great – I arrived in the morning, went to the gym before my apartment was ready, checked in, eat something and dealt with work before I met the girl. She was just like I remembered – flowery summer dress, high heels, great legs, slim body and always with a smile on her face. We had a glass of wine and then I told her I’ve got a present for her back in my apartment. She knew what I was about but she decided to play along.

We bought a bottle of wine on our way to my place, we drank only half a glass each, she got her presents (chocolates from Poland, nothing fancy) and then we started to make out and it was obvious that we wanted each other. She had to use the shower but there was no point in pretending – she invited me to take it with her. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.


To Be Continued…

That’s not your typical PUA story of “I approached her, she liked me, we banged”. That’s more of a real life example what you have to do, to not only score, but enter some kind of a relationship with a quality girl.

And that’s why today she’s going to visit me to “take a shower” and then we’ll ride to Mezhyhirya Residence to see the estate of former president of Ukraine. I don’t know how about you but I’m excited for both of those things.


Daygamer, traveler, adrenaline junkie. Obssessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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