Whiny Bullshit

One day - two flakes!

Many funny things happened on my last day in Kiev. One of those things was nearly simultaneous flaking by two unrelated girls who, judging by their behavior, might as well be sisters. My friend called their excuses “whiny bullshit”. Let’s see if he was right…


The Flakes

Flake is the name of the game. Since it was my last day in Kiev you might assume these weren’t the strongest leads. One was 3 days old but willing to meet me, the other one – quite fresh, from day before. I thought I’ve hit a golden set with her but the texting was so awful that she quickly was degraded into “I have a free evening, let’s see what happens”.

One day - two flakes!

This is what happened.

Oh, the joys of daygame – frame battles over text¬†and annoying girls who were so sweet and interested during initial conversation. I might post those two approaches sometime in the future. If you’re interested – subscribe to my e-mail newsletter where I send a lot of infields with detailed analysis.

It’s not like I care about the flakes as I learned the hard way how not to be bothered by them too much. I’m not happy about them but I also don’t despair. It’s the form of those two and what it represented that bugged me.


The Insufferable Whiny Bitches

I already posted a rant on insufferable bitches but this is something else. Those texts were harbingers of what would happen on the dates. Of course, girls are shit testing guys and making them work and sometimes they even can be deliberately irritating. But there’s a line between being just a girl and being annoying little bitch. Those were the latter.

I particularly love the “tired, hungry, dog and work” combo – it screams high maintenance and low fun. At least the other girl could joke in her previous texts, that one was just boring and off-putting. They were both hot so maybe they’re used to guys jumping hoops for them. But I don’t care.

I know guys who take pride in gaming such girls, spending a lot of time and effort to overcome endless strings of shit-tests. Some would say that’s why you learn game. I say that you learn game so that won’t happen – either because they don’t behave like that around you or because you can easily find more compliant and equally hot girls.

As I always said that I want to have cool, sexy girls in my life who are fun to be around with. I don’t want to solve an enigma every time I want to sleep with one and I’m certainly not interested in one night stands. Those were perfect materials for pump and dump if only someone would want to cope with such behavior.


Silver Lining

I didn’t reply¬†to the girl trying to change the venue and she did texted and called me 20 minutes after her last message telling that she’s on her way. Should I be happy? I won that frame battle but that only meant that there will be more and the date is going to be far from fun. Then again – it was the last evening.

I never contacted the “tired, hungry, dog and work” combo girl again. Why would I bother?

The girl showed up and she looked nice. First, we went for drinks. Unfortunately she was so negative and far from fun, that I wasn’t just feeling it. I knew that sharkk wouldn’t let me hear the end of it if I didn’t try to go all-in so I bounced her back to the bar next to my apartment.

The only amusing thing that happened at the second venue was that I stumbled upon a very old, on-and-off lead. I tried to set up a date with her in my first week in Kiev but she started to act bitchy so I ghosted her. And there she was, sitting at the very same bar next to me and my date pretending not to see me. Of course I said hello and of course she left soon after that.

Inside I was laughing – that was a perfect closure to a yearlong story of the so-called Music Girl. And stories like that, with such a finale will be remembered more than some of the lays.


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