What You Get Is What You’re Good With

Hot girl on the streets of Kiev.

“All the girls in Kiev are like…” Stop right there! About three milion people live in that city and I’m sure you’ve managed to approach few hundred girls at best. And you really know something only about those who showed up for dates. Then again – what does that tell you?


One City, Many Stories

There are countless different styles of doing daygame. You can place them at different points at the r/K spectrum, there are various types of relationships you might want to get out of it. We also go for different girls. We vary in the way we dress, behave, speak and act.

During my two weeks in Kiev I’ve met a lot of other daygamers and I also did few coaching sessions. Some of those men were similar, some were completely different. But what strikes me the most is how diverse were girls they got out of doing basically the same thing – picking up girls in the streets of the same city.

The stories vary significantly. One was getting a lot of flakes whereas the other couldn’t fit all the girls into his schedule. Some were plagued by golddiggers while others never met one in their life. This guy was dating 20 yo outcasts and that guy was after fun and positive gals.


You Reap What You Sow

The first impression is important and I wrote about that a lot. If the girls see you as a vagabond womanizer you’ll automatically get a very different set of dates than if you appear to be a travelling business owner. They way you dress and how you present yourself when she asks you “what you are doing here?” and “what do you do?” is more important than you think.

All the girls I went on dates in Kiev were speaking moderate or good English, have been abroad, had jobs, weren’t looking for a husband, were slim and/or athletic, positive, cute and more on the plain side than plastic-fantastic. They also liked Polish guys or disliked Ukrainians and wanted to live somewhere else.

Whenever sharkk has seen me on a date or a picture of the girl I approached/dated he always used the word “cute”. That got me thinking – do I really like cute girls? Apart from the fact that I like thin and/or small girls – is cuteness important for me?

Because of the way I dress, speak, joke and do daygame I dated very similar girls out of the various numbers I’ve got. That’s also the reason why I didn’t get the number in some cases. Of course some of the girls were guaranteed blowouts and some were in happy relationships but there is a big group of women who seen what I’m selling and they said “nope, not interested in that”.

Hot girl on the streets of Kiev.

“Nope, not interested in that.” Kiev, June 2017


The Importance Of Being Consistent

We all know that consistency is the king. You start your daygame adventure by creating one opener that you use over and over again. That way you can fine tune it to your persona and create something that works for you as well as the girls you tend to like.

In the same manner you should be approaching girls that are roughly the same because with less variance it should be easier to find out your strengths and weaknesses. If you continue to approach everything that moves your results will be random and you won’t be able to discover what works.

You can approach every girl everywhere. But should you? If your wing can’t tell your type of girls then you’re just playing the numbers game.

If you don’t have any particular type of girls that you really like then daygame “gods” will take care of the filtering for you. It’s exactly what happened to me in Kiev – all the girls I ended up dating were very similar to each other but I wasn’t cherry picking them on the streets. That means that I had tons of blowouts and failed approaches with various types of girls.

I don’t know whether or not it’s the case for advanced daygamers that they only go for the girls that they know they have higher chance to get. It definitely saves a lot of time and is efficient but on the other hand you don’t grow as you’re basically avoiding blowouts and uncharted territories. Moreover, it’s impossible to know certain things (her English, whether she travels and has a job) before you go and speak to her.


Get The Girls You Really Want

I guess I’ll have to expand my notes about every number I take. Right now I note everything I can remember from the approach and put her on interested/available matrix, rank her hotness and try to estimate whether the number is a flake, 50/50 or solid. That’s not enough.

I should care more about the compatibility with me and my lifestyle which is different for different places. For example in Kiev I should focus on girls who speak English, traveled to other countries, have jobs, are not looking for anything serious (duh), aren’t plastic-fantastic but are rather cute and either dislike Ukrainian guys or like foreigners. That was the pattern for me in Kiev but it won’t be the same in Warsaw.

For you it could be something else. The next step – and this is big – is figuring out if the girls you’re getting are really those that you want. If not – you have to make a complete overhaul of your style, your game, your character and definitely highlight different things in your daygame, texting and dating.

I’m more than happy. The girls I get suit me. However, now that I’m aware of all that it should be easier to exploit and showcase things that those girls find attractive in me. Because you don’t get girls by minimizing your weaknesses. You do that by capitalizing on your strengths.


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