Prioritize And Schedule Your Life

Making a to do list (a.k.a. a schedule).

From my early posts about building a lifestyle not being enough for getting girls to the latest revelations about circumstantial daygame not providing enough volume I was always huge proponent of doing a lot of daygame. Not because it’s a numbers game (there is skill involved) but because there are always more failures than successes. And unless you’re a psychopath you need those successes to keep you going.


If you have a habit of daygame and you just cannot go straight home without chatting up few girls you probably won’t even experience slowdowns. But if you don’t prioritize daygame (especially when traveling) then there is a high chance that you will hit a dry run. And that’s when many guys drop out of the game or burn out. You need to put daygame in your daily or weekly schedule. You also need a schedule.


Hold Onto Your Priorities

This was never a self-development blog nor is it ever going to be. Daygame is a set of skills for meeting and attracting the women during the day and that’s what I write about. That plus all the dating, relationships and “red pill” stuff. However, I strongly believe that having a successful and happy life is a prerequisite to gaming girls. And if not just gaming then definitely keeping them around.

My approach to daygame is a little bit different than most of the guys out there. I’m not only interested in getting the notch but I also like to continue those relationships in some form.

To keep people around you need to be happy. To achieve that you need to get closer and closer to your goals/visions. You know, those things you decided you want to achieve or the person you want to become. If you’re getting nearer on a day by day basis then it’s easy to stay positive. Additionally, in time you might actually achieve them. Sounds awesome?

It is so easy that I sometimes wonder why many people fail in that. The biggest problems are – not knowing what to do (no idea for themselves), setting unrealistic visions (aim as high as you can but not higher), having too many goals (you can’t focus on everything), not prioritizing them (you should always know which one is more important) and failing to plan (daily to-do lists are king). Just think of all the guys who want to bang a lot of girls and then fail to set aside time to actually meet them.

Making a to do list (a.k.a. a schedule).

Make a to-do list every single day. Yes, it is that important.


Different Hierarchies, Different Plan

On my recent trip to Kiev I was sharing an apartment with sharkk. We’re both dedicated, highly conscientious guys and we both figured out systems that work for us. And of course those are different because we have different visions for ourselves.

Number one my list is my fitness. I want to be healthy, good looking, muscular with low body fat. My morning workouts also give me a lot of energy for the upcoming day. And while I was at the gym sharkk was usually working. That way he could get off his head things that were bothering him the most. He likes his work and knocking it out gave him a boost.

The results were predictable – I didn’t skip any of my workouts and he did all the work he was supposed to do. At the same time he has never seen the inside of a gym while I managed to create a considerable backlog of work (even though I did the bare minimum).


Vibe Trumps Volume

Should I skip a few workouts or sharkk fuck up some of his work we would be troubled by that. And that would make us more negative and uptight. Everything would fall apart.

We were planning each and every day in advance. First we set aside some time for the most important activities (work, gym, eating, sleeping). Then we planned everything else in the best possible time left.

“A schedule! That’s a good thing, man! Your brain will thank you for it. That will stabilize your nervous system.” – Jordan B. Peterson

When you realize what the most important thing in your life is and you set aside some time every day to do that then you’ll automatically become happier. That in turn will give you more energy to pursue other goals and since you already decided that these are lesser – failing to complete 100% of tasks won’t bother you that much.

Some might ask – where is the time for fun in that approach? To which I ask back – why would you put on that list something you don’t want? Getting closer to your life goals should be fun. If it ain’t – get your priorities straight!


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Javier - 2017-07-21

This is a topic that is MASSIVELY underemphasized in the community. Thank you for bringing it up!!

    tddaygame - 2017-07-21

    Thanks! Everyone in the community has a unique point of view, that’s why it’s worth to explore and pick what resonates with you.

Al - 2017-08-14



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