Field Report – A Series Of Fortunate Events

Hot Ukrainian girl laying on my bed.

Missed me and/or field reports? You’re lucky because I’m back with one story I’d like to share. It’s straight from Kiev and it’s about good decisions, fortunate events and everything done exactly right despite the circumstances.


I only post reports that might be of value and my previous lays were all pretty much the same (first date – two venues, second date – bike ride to my place, sex). This is a bit different.

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The Story Starts With Flake

I had a hunch that the girl I supposed to have 7 pm date with would flake. I texted her some time prior to the meeting and on my way to the venue I already decided that if she won’t reply then I’d do some daygame. Little I knew that I would see a hot tall chick right next to the date venue. Quick look at my phone and off I went.

That girl was walking around with a glimpse of a smile after a short summer rain and I called that out. She immediately launched into saying that she loves every day, no matter whether it’s Sunday or Monday. The second thing she said was that her English isn’t good (it was okay, sometimes even good) but that she can speak whatever is on her mind (not her exact words). Oh, and her name was Sasha.

I can’t be bothered with no or really bad English. This was different as she tried and made the effort. She even said “I think it will be difficult to connect” which I disarmed quickly with “we can try”. I really had to convince her that her language is good enough.

That was a 15 minutes long set during which we learned a lot about each other and waited out another short rain. I was constantly looking away for “my friend who was late to the dinner” and she called me on that but I think it was for the better. The most important takeaways were that she was single, into me (she started to touch me first), very much my type of a girl (great legs, positive attitude, traveled here and there, likes to joke) and that she was “just walking” that evening.

I took her number and while I was at it, I’ve got a message from my 7 pm date. A flake.


Make That Two Flakes

I had another date at 9 pm. It was with a girl who was super eager but it was just an IOI. I acted automatically which meant she was okay but not that hot. This one was much hotter and I liked her more. And I’m not just saying about the body but also the vibe we were having.

I texted Sasha after having a bite with my imaginary friend. She was still walking around so we agreed to meet at the same place. In the meantime, I flaked on my 9 pm.

Many guys feel bad when girls flake on them and at the same time they feel bad flaking on girls. That makes no sense. It’s just part of the dating game. The sooner you accept and start using that the better.

It was a big gamble – trading eager chick for a girl that I just met. First date with Sasha confirmed with that it was a very good choice. We had something to drink, she sat very close to me and this date was really an eye opener on how sensual can be your touch even on the venue number one. She liked me and she wanted to touch me a lot. I’m pretty sure being jacked helped as well.

With everything going much better than I expected I decided to go to the second venue – a secret bar located just next to the building where I lived.

Hot Ukrainian girl laying on my bed.

A victory photo was necessary.


Not A Same Day Lay

On our way there I kissed her without experiencing any resistance whatsoever. She didn’t want to stop and I could feel that if something might look like a same day lay then that would be it. But then again it was Ukraine, where fast is not the norm. Even with an eager girl.

At the second bar we had some more fun and she repeatedly stated that I look masculine and that she likes my muscles (again, not her exact words). It was clear that she likes and even fancies me but I wasn’t sure that this is enough for her to have sex with me on the very first day we’ve met. We were kissing, hugging and touching and I decided that I have to try and we went to my apartment to watch some videos from my travels (“and just that” – her words).

Of course in the apartment she became a little bit nervous, she didn’t want to drink anymore although she surely was fine with cuddling up next to me to watch videos. After short make out between the clips she said that she has to go. I tried once more to talk her into staying for the night and I gave up. I didn’t want to burn that.

That was the first time I was living directly above a venue. Bouncing a girl back is ridiculously easy. You don’t have to go anywhere you just point your finger and say “upstairs”. But it’s even easier to burn a lead by over escalating on the first date. That happened to me two days earlier and I didn’t want to repeat that scenario.

I walked her to the metro station when we had our last make out of the evening and a very long hug. This was clearly a “next time” thing.


In Kiev The Game Is Played In Comfort

Next day we had a short chat about nothing. She wasn’t responding well but I thought it could be because she’s insecure with her English. I tested that theory by inviting her for a dinner on the next day. She was happy about that idea and agreed right away.

The venue I wanted to visit was surprisingly closed so we relocated to a different pasta place. By that time I felt in Kiev like at home which was definitely impressive for the girl. I wasn’t one of the ugly sex tourists and not only I had my reasons to be in that city, I actually knew my way around it.

We had dinner and of course she didn’t finish her meal (girls here tend to either eat a salad or leave half of the food untouched). Once again she couldn’t keep her hands off me and she mentioned something about giving me a massage but I still had to get rid of my wing who was in the apartment. We went for a walk in a park during which I confirmed with him that I have a green light.

Pretext is important for taking a girl home. On the first date it was to watch videos from my travels. Now it was the massage. She recently became a certified masseuse but we both knew that it was just a pretext.

Because I wasn’t pushing too hard the first time and we didn’t go directly to my place after the dinner I think she was way too horny at this point. We had a glass of wine at my place and she told me to undress “for the massage”. I told her that if I’m stripping to my underwear – so is she. After short and playful banter she did so and went on with the massage.

After longer than necessary while (I was enjoying the massage) I flipped her over and – well – started to massage her but in different places. The rest was quite predictable.


Bold Choices

This whole story isn’t surprising. I knew that after first date – if she would still reply to my texts – the second date would probably end in sex. However, all the events leading to that – including both flakes and me backing off few times probably were crucial.

Or maybe she was just a “yes girl”. We can’t be sure. What I’m certain of is that it paid off to flake on a different girl to date her and to stop with the escalation after the first bounceback. And those calls are never easy to make.


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