Field Report – Long Game Improvements

WhatsApp conversation with the girl.

You ask me a lot of questions about the Kiev stats. Main reason why I can’t post them like Roy Walker Daygame posted his is because my stats aren’t final yet. I do long game and I think I’m getting better at this. Case in point – this story.


I’m pretty sure that what you get is what you’re good with. You won’t read here crazy stories like Nick Krauser is posting recently nor the sketchy adventures that Roy Walker Daygame gets himself into. We all do daygame but we all do it differently. That’s why I get cute girls who work, speak good English, been outside of the Ukraine and can afford to travel. And that last bit is important.


The Approach And The Date

I don’t need to start at the very beginning as I have written about this girl before. That’s the girl I approached twice on two different occasions walking back home from the gym. First time she was stressed and didn’t respond well, the second time it was as good as it gets. I’ve got the number and easily set up a date with her.

The date itself was far from exciting. It took us long time to get the drinks and food at the first venue then she didn’t like the second one so we walked to the third. I had to start the question game just to make it more sexual and I succeeded. However, there was no escalation and I didn’t even kissed her back then.

On many occasions during the late afternoon/early evening dates in Kiev I ordered food simply because I was hungry. It was natural to ask the girls if they want something as well. Some didn’t order anything, the others had salads. She’s not a golddigger if she orders a salad. Take it easy.

We saw each other two times when I was on my way back from the gym but those were just short five minute conversations, not dates. Unfortunately, she left Kiev for the long weekend and when she came back, I was no longer there. But it was still on.


Staying In Touch

While I was in Kiev I texted her every other day and she texted me on her own. That established the interest which was confirmed when I started to joke about her missing me. She even admitted it herself.

WhatsApp conversation with the girl.

Should I be excited… or scared?

Missing me after one dull date? She has to be crazy!



I started to push the idea of her visiting me very early. I was still in Kiev, trying to figure out if she’s going to come back before I leave. If that would be the case I’d met her for a bridge date just to show her that I’m not only trying to bring her back to my place to fuck.

We couldn’t do that, though so I suggested she might visit me. She liked that idea but girls like dreaming about things. It doesn’t mean that they’re going to do it. But this trip I was dead set on trying the long game for real.

WhatsApp conversation with the girl.

Working on logistic.


The Long Game

The purpose of the long game is to keep the lead hot but also to create in her head a vision of our future time spent together. I did that by jokingly adding things she liked about my lifestyle to the list of the things we’re going to do “when she’ll finally get to Warsaw”.

That worked well in reinforcing the idea that she will in fact meet me and showed her that I’m both serious and exciting.

At the same time, our conversations were full of jokes and banter. You could say we both were playful and that the mutual attraction was well grounded. We also inevitably learned things about each other achieving deep rapport. The only thing that I still should take care of was comfort.

WhatsApp conversation with the girl.

Inception. Again.


Power Of WhatsApp

Texting is old school. With WhatsApp, Viber and Messenger you can do things for rapport, comfort and attraction that are real game changers. Of course, you always could send funny images and pictures of the things you do. But now you can do more.

WhatsApp conversation with the girl.

Can you guess what we were talking about?

Sending her voice messages or short videos brings you together in a totally different way. It’s almost like you’re together and you can create magic moments just for you two. What’s even better – she can later replay those moments when she misses you reinforcing the idea that you make her feel good.

At the same time using WhatsApp doesn’t feel like investing as much as sending a regular text. It’s okay to talk to her for a while every other day (or even every day). If you’re long gaming with the goal of making sex implied and the most natural thing to do when you see each other the next time then texting her once every week simply won’t do.


Shit Just Got Real

All this brings us to the turning point of the story where the girl had an opportunity to come to Warsaw. Because everything was done right, she was attracted and feeling comfortable I was almost certain she’ll do it.

WhatsApp conversation with the girl.

We’re almost there. One more nudge…

As I later learned, she decided to travel overnight to her hometown to get to car with her brother and ride 13 hours to get to Warsaw (most of that time was spent at the border control). Crazy girl indeed.



It was Sunday evening, day before she was about to arrive and I was planning my week when I’ve got few surprising messages. Apparently the girl didn’t even considered staying in any other place than mine. And that means she knew that we’re going to sleep in one bed and that we’re going to have sex. And she was right about all that.

WhatsApp conversation with the girl.

That escalated quickly…

This kind of story won’t happen to you when you’re running an aggressive variant of daygame while targeting only the prospective fast lays. On the other hand doing what I’m doing I’ll hardly ever get a first date lay in places like Kiev (although it did happened last year). Those are all different flavors of daygame. Pick the one you want and master it.

Because not knowing what you want won’t bring you anything you like.


Daygamer, traveler, adrenaline junkie. Obssessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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