Don’t Try To Be Good At Cold Reading

One of the students cold reading a girl.

The second most problematic step in everyone’s daygame journey is stacking. It’s understandable – first you don’t know how to stop and open a girl, then you’re left with this urge to ask her thousand questions but some bald guy on the Internet told you not to. He mentioned something about “stacks”. Others call it cold reading.


I’ve already made my case explaining how to talk to strangers in posts about hook theory and reciprocation. You should “give massive amounts of value” (as some say) by talking about her. Of course, you don’t know her so you can only assume or guess. You can use canned stacks or create your own by looking at the girl. If you can then always go for the tailored ones.


Cold Reading

The art of cold reading is the ability to obtain (and use) information about a person just by analyzing everything you can see – fashion, clothes, body language, behavior, etc. When you daygame for a long time making hundreds or even thousands of approaches this becomes very easy. You’ll quickly discover that there are archetypes and that it’s very easy to guess whether a girl is a student, a lawyer, a businesswomen or a corporate banking drone.

When you daygame for a long time in the same area your cold reading will be even more accurate. You’ll not only be able to guess that she’s a student but also her university or even her subject.

You can get far with cold reading as it makes it easy to stack based on how the girl looks like, how she acts, what she’s doing at the place where you’ve approached her and in general – who she might be. But it’s not enough to guess that she’s “going shopping” or “she’s a student”.


Bland Stacking

When helping other guys get laid via daygame I very often repeat that stacks should be rich. The more topics you push towards her the higher the chance that she’ll like one. That’s why “you look like you’re studying something exciting like mining or… gardening” is far better than plain “you look like a student”.

“I’m pretty much sure you’ve just got your salary and now you’re running to the mall to spend it all on shoes, bags and pink bikini suits” beats the hell out of “I bet you’re going shopping”. And everything is better than “you look French”.

I was never an advocate of using someone else’s lines. Those should serve only as examples and reference points that you should use to create your very own “canned” lines. I always used the same sentences, topics and stories over and over again. I did that because I’ve tested a lot of them and those are the ones that worked the best for me.

That’s not the only thing I keep saying about stacking. It also has to be provocative. The girl should feel a little bit ashamed that you might thought such thing about her. It also could be something so far from the truth that she simply cannot resist the urge to correct you. Do that in a good tone! It’s a joke, not an insult!

One of the students cold reading a girl.

Stack it! Stack it hard!


Being Wrong

The tools to make her more reactive are very simple: ridicule, exaggerate, make fun of her, accuse her of various things or even be dead wrong. That’s right – you don’t have to aim at being an expert of cold reading. Being wrong is a great strategy as not only you can be as creative as you want, you will also make her want to correct you.

Imagine saying to a girl good old “You look like you’re very creative, you’re probably an art student and spend most of your time painting or writing poems”. What could she reply? Would she be emotionally invested in her reaction? How about when you say “you look lost like you’re one of those crazy creative types that are never on time, are always dropping things and can’t even remember why they got out of home; I bet you’re wondering that just now”?

When you’re in an ethnically homogeneous area you can easily provoke girls by saying “you surprised me, I was sure you weren’t [ethnicity], you don’t look like one”. Just watch what happens next.

The difference is not only in trying to provoke her. You also ground your statements in the current situation (the “just now” part). It’s desirable to be intentionally wrong with your cold reading (she will try to correct you thus engaging in the conversation) but you can’t overdo it. Saying to a girl dressed all in black that she’s probably a happy hippie artist is too far-fetched.


Does She Care?

Those few tips should not only make your stacking and cold reading much better but you will get more emotional reactions from the girls. They’ll want to correct you or at least make sure that you don’t have false image of them in your head. And that’s exactly what we’re aiming at.

If she cares what you think about her then you have to be important in some way. Our hope is that she’ll rationalize that as feeling attracted to you. Because why else would she care about what some random guy thinks about her?!


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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