Teach Me, Sensei!

tddaygame doing a demo daygame approach during a coaching session

After sex week – back to mental masturbation in it’s finest. Recently I started a new training program that was put together by my friend. The new schedule is putting me through something I’d never expect. I’m tired, aching and also very glad that I’m doing something new.


I always thought that I was reasonably strong given that I work out a lot and since always (or at least since I stopped being fat). My friend proved me wrong, there is always something to learn from guys who are into the same thing that you are. It’s just a matter of applying a different perspective.


You Never Know What You’re Capable Of

I’d never put myself through such exercises nor I would wear myself out so hard. This is what I wanted, this I what I would do if I had the knowledge and the faith that it wouldn’t kill me. And of course – the certainty that it will yield great results. Well, it’s still too early to tell that…

My current program is the consequence of me getting tired of hearing how I could do this or that better. I just told him “show me a better way” and he did. Be careful what you ask for.

A similar thing happened recently when I was daygaming with a wing. Being worn out, tired, lacking sleep and far from good vibe I wanted to go home but he forced me to do few approaches. And I did. And they went surprisingly well.

It’s not a secret that gaming with a wing is easier but I realized I was foolish enough to think I can improve endlessly on my own. I did the same mistake with my lifting.

It’s not that I don’t have the knowledge but I lack objectivity. My excuses are my own. I understand them very well. I might talk people out of some inhibitions when I’m coaching them but it’s very hard to look the same way at myself. I simply assume a limit to my capabilities. Someone standing next to me simply doesn’t give a shit.


Comfort Zone, Comfort Pace

The biggest problem with self-development is that you develop and grow with comfortable speed. Once you escape the comfort zone you’re on the path to the unknown. Instead of rushing into it at full speed you tend to discover it little by little. This is good in only one aspect.

Riding into the unknown at full speed is bad whether it comes to riding a motorbike or pursuing your life goals. You can hit an unexpected obstacle, get hurt and discouraged. That’s why some people drop out really fast when they start to do something new. They were reckless.

On the other hand there is a much larger group of guys who carefully test their ground before they do each individual step. It works, you won’t get hurt but it takes ages to get anywhere.

Once they’re out of the comfort zone they tend to use minimum speed that give them the impression of movement instead of the maximum safe speed. Hell, you should allow yourself to make all the mistakes you want if they’re not deadly.


What You Get Is What You See

You might wonder now why I think I can help others when I’m still learning myself? For one – the learning never stops. There is no end to this process. And my results are not only stable – they are improving steadily. They’re also nothing to be ashamed of.

tddaygame doing a demo daygame approach during a coaching session

Not being ashamed. (Warsaw, May 2017)

I successfully helped a lot of guys and they’ve been surprisingly happy with our sessions and their subsequent results. It’s something that I feel I should be doing. I really enjoy showing men new possibilities and making them realize that they too can pick up hot girls during the day (a.k.a. daygame). Apparently, it’s “my thing”.

I’m not a “natural”. I had to learn and master everything myself. Because of that I know how to pass the knowledge and what issues you face when you try to learn it on your own. In my previous job I was (amongst other things) a trainer so I believe I am fully qualified for this. If you’re not way better than me I could probably fine tune your game in a way or two.

Check out the testimonials available on my daygame coaching page as guys who have been with me definitely are going to explain better what you can expect.


Call Me, Follow Me

For the next two weeks I’m in Kiev, Ukraine. Join me for a coaching session or a beer or follow my adventures on Twitter. It will be fun.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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1111 - 2017-06-22


what does your current lifting regimen looks like?

As for me

I’m getting back to WS4SB3 after a huge break

Back to the land of swole I go


    tddaygame - 2017-06-22

    Heavy lifting, rest-pause style, 6 times per week (each body part twice, abs three times per week).

    Александр - 2017-06-23

    You certainly look much more impressive shirtless than otherwise

    Huge props!

1111 - 2017-06-22

Just saw that you’ll be in Kiev soon

I’ll be there July 24-27

U comin?

    tddaygame - 2017-06-22

    I’m already here.

    Александр - 2017-06-23

    That’s clear as a day from the end of the post/your twitter feed

    I mean are you coming during the July 24-27 window

    tddaygame - 2017-06-24

    Unfortunately, no. I’m in Warsaw then.

agskor - 2017-07-01

Do you know your next summer’s whereabouts?


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