The Sex That Women Want

Girl pretending to kiss a man's chest.

Sex week! I had enough experiences to share some examples of “crazy” things that women do and want to do in bed. Because there are many guys out there having vanilla sex and while some of them are fine with that, others might want to spice things up a little.

Any seasoned player can probably add a few more interesting stories, just see what Troy Francis has been up to! But things below should be more than enough to make you wonder if you’re satisfying your girls.


Rough Sex

You mostly hear about hard sex. Girls like it rough. Especially the girls that are used to be in control (lawyers, high-profile consultants, business owners). They really love to give up safety and just let you have what you want.

But in reality all girls like it hard. Some of them are turned on by sensual and – for the lack of better word – “romantic” start but even they will love it when you transition to fucking their brains out.

Couple having rough sex... in their underwear. Right.

Why isn’t there a hand mark on her butt? I have no idea…

Heavy pounding, pulling her hair, choking (that is – placing your hands on their neck, don’t actually choke!), slapping her ass, moving her around, pushing her to wall, etc. – do that and even more. If she’s uncomfortable with something she will tell you but never ask “can I slap you”. Do it lightly and playfully first. If she doesn’t object – try harder.

If a girl you’re seeing doesn’t like to be slapped in the ass in public then it’s not good. If she doesn’t like it in private – start the countdown towards the end.

Some guys claim that they don’t like it rough or they don’t want to slap the girl in the ass. Tough luck, because she loves it. I get that heavy pounding usually leads to quick finish but there are other ways for you to show your primal nature.


Oral Sex And Facials

I’m not a big fan of blowjobs because most girls aren’t good at them. I’ve met only a handful of girls who could make me cum in seconds. Most of them lack the technique and understanding of male anatomy. In long relationships you might try to teach them that but you won’t stop mid-sex to explain what she’s doing wrong. That will definitely ruin the mood.

You can combine her blowing you with rough sex by trying to go as deep as possible. Many girls like and welcome that challenge and once they realize it turns you on – they will attempt to do that themselves.

If a girl you’re seeing doesn’t want you to cum anywhere on her – you know what to do. It’s not going to be fun sex anyway.

As for finishing in their mouths – there are many girls that just don’t like that and even more that don’t swallow. It might be because I’m a little bit biased but I’d rather spray her face and body than do something she visibly doesn’t enjoy. And those who don’t swallow still be happy to play with your cum once you’ve finished. And the view of girl doing that while being covered in your spunk is great.


Sex Without A Condom!

Now we’re onto the dangerous stuff. I can’t even count the number of girls who weren’t concerned about me wearing a condom. It’s both surprising and telling. You might want to attempt going in raw just to see her reaction (which might get you thinking) and then put on a condom anyway. It’s too damn risky!

If a girl doesn’t care that you wear a condom it’s less than ideal. If she tells you that you don’t need it then you definitely need it. Extra safe.

MILFs and girls around the wall particularly don’t care about you wearing condom and sometimes will insist that they “want to feel you inside”. Don’t cave in, even though it’s tempting.

Who am I talking to? I know you’ll try it sooner or later. Make sure it’s later and that you are in full control of when you finish. No jokes.


Sex Toys

That deserves a post of its own. Few years back I was gifted a sex toy (it was a joke). I realized I still have it when a regular girl brought her own toy to use on her. That’s when a new era in sex started because girls love when you use toys.

If a girl reacts bad even to a fancy lube then don’t bring out the Anal Destroyer. Not yet.

From vibrating devices, dildos that you can use when licking her and even anal plugs – I have yet to meet a girl who would object to the external “help”. If she’s into you and she’s enjoying what you’re doing then how can she say no to even more pleasure?

If it’s not boring, negotiated sex then you can bring them up when it’s steamy even in the middle of your first sex. The sooner the better as it shows you’re comfortable with all kinds of sex and it will make her more willing to do everything you can imagine (and even more).


Anal Sex

That’s a big topic for me as it’s one of my favorite things in bed. From all the girls I’ve slept with roughly 40% did anal. And not even one regretted doing it or didn’t ask for more. Some of the girls were one night stands where I didn’t try it so I think you can safely estimate that half of the girls are into that. And they love it.

If a girl tells you to put it in her ass then you might be sure she absolutely loves anal.

There will be a whole post on anal sex describing how to do it and how to introduce a girl to that type of sex. Bear in mind that half of the girls aren’t even willing to try. If she doesn’t want to, her loss, you can’t do anything about it. As for the others – you know she likes it when she asks you to put it in her butt or when she comes while you’re there.


Sex In Public Places

Many fantasize about it but not every girl is ready to fuck you outside safe environment of confined space. There is a difference between having sex in a room with paper-thin walls and in a public place. The former is still a room, it’s confined, someone has to enter it to find you two. In the latter a stranger could be just passing by.

Girl pretending to kiss a man's chest.

I haven’t even started with the things she might enjoy doing for you!

The more adventurous the encounter the easier to do it. If both of you are traveling, you’ve just met, you’re tremendously into each other then you can do it everywhere. You don’t even need an excuse as “I want you now” is good enough. It might be harder to convince a girl you’ve already been on a date or two, especially if you haven’t slept yet and you have your own (safe) apartment. Why would you want more stress?

If a girl fancies you so much that she wants to fuck you in public places then she’s a keeper. Unless [endless list of red flags].

Also don’t underrate having sex in your home but far away from your bed. Kitchen, shower, floor in the living room, even the balcony – mix things up! What is predictable is boring.


Fast Sex

Girls like their orgasms. When you’re having sex with a girl you hope to see more than once you should make sure she climaxes (by any means). It’s just easier after that. At the same time she will be equally (?!) satisfied by a rough, fast, primal sex no matter where (see above) because that way she can experience the lust she’s making you feel. Women!

It’s okay to have a quickie every once in a while but if a girl is making you explode after 5 seconds then at least make sure you have stamina for another one later or that you make her come in a different way.


And more…

Women can enjoy countless things when it comes to sex. Test, try, experiment and share your stories in the comments. There is definitely more than what’s listed here!

I hope that if you were having only plain vanilla sex then after reading that you want to try something new. And when you’ll see that the girl loves it – you will expand more and more. If you have no idea where to start then on Sunday I’ll share my thoughts on anal sex and publish a short guide on how to introduce is as fast as during your first sexual encounter.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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rahul - 2017-06-15

focus on your own pleasure vs make sure she has orgasms.

If i focus on myself doesn’t it come across as i am a high value man and puts her in the position of chasing? Isnt it needy to get her a orgasm by going down on her the first time i meet her? Wont she see me as beta for it?

    tddaygame - 2017-06-15

    If you’re leading and the whole experience is your idea it won’t come off as beta. What’s even better – she will want to give you more than you gave her.

    When she’s screaming “I can’t take it anymore” and you’re still licking her while holding her firmly by her legs or stomach I think the last thing on her mind would be “is he beta?”…

    If it’s a one night stand then it doesn’t matter but I usually like the girls I’m sleeping with and prefer to “have fun in the bedroom” than “focus on my own pleasure”. Any my idea of fun is of course with pleasure to myself but not disregarding her.

1111 - 2017-06-22

The sex that women want is the one they are not having


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