Royal Flush In Practice

Text conversation showcasing Royal Flush.

My post about Royal Flush LMR tactic was surprisingly controversial, especially in the English manosphere. The main claim was that nothing makes a girl more dry than being logical about sex. I concur… unless she tries to be logical first.

Sometimes the girl tries to explain to herself that she’s not like that, that this is too fast (even though she wants it) or that she’s not interested in sex (but she is). It can happen even after sex or even when you’re only dating.

You only need a few old posts of mine to overcome such objections but I’ll give you a real life example as well.


“It’s too fast…”

It pays off to consider the cause of such behavior. First thing that comes to mind is well known and infamous buyer’s remorse. When everything happens too fast the girl can rightfully panic, especially when she’s not used to adventures like that.

What’s worse, it can happen even after you two end up in bed. She might think that by going back to the way things were she will feel less guilty of sleeping with you. But no man will ever agree to pretend that “we’re back to dating now, there will be time for sex”. It already happened!

A good strategy in such situation will be telling her exactly what I just told you. That you already had sex and it’s great – you no longer need to pretend that you don’t want to fuck each other brains out. You’re better than all those who are lying and waiting forever!

It has nothing to do with your experience, more with hers. The more innocent she thinks she is the higher the chance for panic attack.


“You’re only about sex!”

The same concern is sometimes expressed as fear that you’re only about sex. First take a while and think what you really want.

Key to having a healthy sexual relationships is honesty… to a degree. If you just want to fuck a girl and never call her again then you of course can’t tell her that but you can make sure she knows it’s just about that. I would never recommend lying.

In most cases you do want to see that girl again (and again). The more future projections you did the better. That is – every now and then suggest something you two can do in the unspecified future. It’s easier to prevent that fear than to fight it. The moment she overtly expresses such concern it’s usually too late.

Of course things look differently when you’re traveling and having casual sex. What helps here is the adventure vibe, the excitement and highlighting the uniqueness of your experience. She doesn’t want you to think that she’s always like that, only with you (even if it isn’t true). Show her that you get that and you’ll be okay.


Never Explain Yourself

You cannot change her mind but you can change her feelings and the mind will follow. You don’t want to convince her, you want to calm her. Even if you do the Royal Flush your goal isn’t saying “everything will be okay” but “this is what’s going to happen and it’s normal”.

In the example below (that was translated from Polish, check out the original) you can clearly see that you shouldn’t explain yourself, react emotionally, pout or get angry. You only need to tell her how things are and why. It is you who sets the tone for this relationship and she can only accept that or not. If not – her loss…

Never forget to “listen to her actions, not her words“. You two ended up in bed? Great, it means she wants you. Remind her of that, make her feel that, make her excited again.

Text conversation showcasing Royal Flush.

You can probably tell it’s written over Polish texts… Oh, well..

Such concerns aren’t always shit tests. Sometimes it’s the voice of reason, sometimes she panics because she doesn’t know what’s going on. If you want it to be a great adventure for both of you then you need to feel the same thing.

Because only then it is worth the hustle.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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RazoRSnaKE - 2017-06-17

> Never Explain Yourself

I frequently explain myself/do a play-by-play post-game analysis as it allows me to discover her side of the story in greater detail


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