Don’t Announce, Do

Sailing yacht somewhere in Sweden.

I’m back from another trip. Sweden was conquered and taken from the sea but it turned out to be impossible to combine that particular type of sailing with any work whatsoever. It was quite tiring but at the same time I’ve got a lot of time to think.

It has been half a year since I decided to change my life in a way I’d never expect. You can say that this trip was the end of the transformation chapter of my life but we all know that you can never stop. Nevertheless, a lot of things are going to be different now.


“Re-create your life!”

Every now and then we need to revamp our image. Not only because we need to keep improving (everyone else is) but also because otherwise we lose our fire. You need things that you are striving for, an image you want to become, a reason to get out of bed every morning.

It is impossible to quit the race. You can stay in one place but that doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t going forward.

This is a daygame blog as daygame was the thing that put me on this path. Yet, there is much more to it and I believe most of my general life mental masturbation can be transposed to picking up girls. Especially when it boils down to living a better and happy life that – surprise, surprise – is attractive.

Sailing yacht somewhere in Sweden.

Any girl who agree to sail with you through the Baltic Sea is crazy enough.


“Conceal your intentions”

Whenever you do or plan to do there is a misconception that you should quickly tell everyone around about it in case you’ll want to change your mind later. But the truth is if you want to quit or do something else instead then you will and no one will stop you. Backing off from loud plans will only make you look weak.

Announcing your plan to everyone in hopes that they’ll hold you responsible is as stupid as hoping other people will make you happy. If it’s your plan it should be important to you. It’s not like someone else will give a shit anyway.

Persistence and dedication comes from within. If you don’t have the balls to follow your own plans then this is the thing you have to work on first. There are no achievements for quitters and they are neither likeable nor attractive. Thankfully, you can train and work on any of your traits.

If you’re an achiever, a winner, a guy who gets things done then it makes you – as one girl put it – “sexy”. If you’re the guy that others look up to (in whatever regard), if you’re the one who controls your life and is actively changing it, then you’re halfway to being attractive. The other part is – as usual – the delivery of said value, i.e. the game.


“Win through your actions, never through argument”

I spend more than a week with a girl in a small, confined space of a sailing yacht. It’s different from casual dating in many ways but the most important thing game-wise is that you have to hold the frame every single second for days. It’s not a convenient “let’s meet when I’m well rested, in good mood and I have time” type of thing.

The girl I was with is a good type of crazy. We had fun enduring rain, cold, big waves and sleep deprivation. We also enjoyed resting and sightseeing. Because she was so much into me, it didn’t matter that I slipped a few times. Usually it’s not the case.

She’s one of those girls who can’t hide emotions and you can easily tell what she thinks. I quickly realized what was less than ideal in few situations. I was too agreeable at times but quickly got my shit back together when she explicitly said she’s letting me decide about something that should be my responsibility anyway. Leading is important.


Don’t Announce, Do

Going back to the original topic of this post and staying in line with little mistakes – if you ever mention something to a girl, consider it a promise and you’d better follow it with actions. It will be remembered and (probably) used against you when shit hits the fan.

Never explain why you didn’t do something. Just ignore it.

However, if you mention something to a girl and don’t do it then it also can be considered a push in the push/pull model. It’s useful when you’re giving too much in comparison to the girl. By letting her miss something, you’re reminding her that you are in a balanced relationship where both parties give.

Thankfully, this girl is a giver. I enjoyed that trip so much, that I might even change the way I arrange my daygame relationships. But that needs more thinking… and more time at sea.


Daygamer, traveler, adrenaline junkie. Obssessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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RazoRSnaKE - 2017-06-17

Too rigid of an advice

If you are attempting a really risky/bold move

announcing a version of it can yield you invaluable information as to how to actually execute it – even if she doesn’t respond verbally

Words ARE actions, words ARE doing, and it’s much easier to recover/make a joke of a verbal mistake than of a physical action

It is, however, important, that you speech comes from a place of power and not weakness


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