Too Busy To Meet Girls

A guy living live to the full.

Get buys, they say. Have an exciting life, they say. Approach girls everywhere… What they don’t say that you might don’t have enough time to actually meet all the girls you’re daygaming.

However busy is your life at the moment you can always spare 5-10 minutes to talk to a girl. So don’t forget to actually approach when you see a hot girl you like. Because a) you never know b) you might meet again here or there c) you can always long-game her.

Now, onto the mental masturbation.


Get Busy

I’m writing these words in my family home in a small town. I’m on a motorbike trip / running errands / visiting family (take your pick). That’s one evening out of this week.

Early morning on Saturday I fly to an undisclosed location to continue my sailing adventures. That’s a whole week out. Then I go back for a week when I’ll be working quite a lot and then… sail again. And then there are eurojaunts. And regular travels.

Am I busy? Hell yes. Does it get in the way of sleeping with girls? Hell yes. But it’s a nice problem to have.


The Most Interesting Man In The World

Doing a lot of exciting and/or interesting things means that you’ll never run out of things to say or ways to display your higher value. It will not only make it way too easy to reply to the standard hook point question “so what do you do?” It will actually make your life more enjoyable.

Traveling, passions, exciting and dangerous hobbies – those are real and proven chick cracks. These are the topics that make their pupils dilated and their legs spread little bit wider. Your lifestyle is one of the things that make you attractive.

It’s not enough to have an attractive lifestyle. You also have to be able to present it as such. If you’re very charming then you can even pretend that your dull life is exciting. Beware, sooner or later she’ll find out the truth.

Being more interesting than the girl is not a bad thing. We all want to date/see/sleep with people who are better than ourselves. Just try not to make her think that you’re out of her league because then she can become suspicious. “Why would such guy hang out with me?”

That’s the same case as when you are in great shape – some girls will be intimidated by that and they’ll be anxious to undress. But then, if you got to the point where you’re dropping the clothes it’s not a big deal.

A guy living live to the full.

“You have 147 unread notifications.”


Rotation Or Notches?

Another “issue” that is nice to have but it definitely gets in the way of sleeping with new girls is having regulars (a.k.a. fuck friends).

My daygame goal was to have three girls on rotation. That means I wanted to enjoy non-monogamous relationships with three different girls at the same time. I achieved that milestone back in May of 2015 and it never got worse ever since.

You can say it’s a comfort zone of some sorts, always being able to sleep with a girl, not being sexually frustrated or horny all the time. I’d say it has its advantages as well. I live in abundance. I actually can sleep with those hot girls. That’s what I wanted!

If you want to collect notches then you’d rather be hungry than satiated. I’m not chasing notches* but I’m after enjoyable experiences with quality women.

All that comes with a cost – having regulars means that some of your days will be spent maintaining those relationships. Mine are casual so that’s not as hard as it sounds – it usually is a fun evening that ends in sex. I’m all in for both fun and sex. But what are you in for?


What Do You Want?

You have to think and be honest with yourself. Why are you doing all this? What’s the purpose of this endless skirt chasing? We always have an agenda even if we don’t realize it yet. So spend some time and think about yours.

I repeat that over and over again: prioritize your goals / visions (things you want to achieve / become). Don’t have more than three or four. Make them big.

Because only when you know what you’re after you can optimize the process. I’m good with where I am but I also want to be better, I want to be more efficient and there are always “better” girls out there.

So I need to figure out the new circumstances (not having enough time to game the old way) and also upgrade my skills. There, you can insert a random “mPUA” joke here.


* Bullshit, of course I am.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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