LMR – The Royal Flush Gambit

Girl in her underwear on a bed. At this point it's too late for a Royal Flush.

We’re continuing the journey into the land of LMR. In the previous post we learned how to overcome a faint resistance with a quite eager girl and also talked about LMR in general. Let’s explore this topic little bit further.


She Should Be Resisting

I always say that when the girl agrees to go to your apartment without any issues whatsoever then it means she already decided you’ll either have sex or that she won’t let you do anything at all. Those girls who are usually worried that they’re might sleep with you too fast are unsure about coming to your place and they have their reservations.

When a girl comes to yours without even saying a thing then it might mean that in her mind she’s dead set: nothing is going to happen today. Whatever you do, however the events unfold she knows she’s going back to her place without as much as taking off her bra.

She should be a bit nervous – that’s when you know the thought of having sex with you crossed her mind. If she’s too relaxed then sex might be off table… or she might be the one gaming you.

Can you overcome such resolve? From my experience – usually not. But you can always go all in and hope that’s going to work this time… or the next time you’ll see her.


“The Royal Flush”

Seduction isn’t usually overt. There are lots of unspoken things. Even if on the surface it seems like you’re just chatting each other up there can be a lot of subcommunication and “I know that you know” messages going on. You hardly ever need to state the obvious. But sometimes you do when doing what Tom Torero calls The Royal Flush on one of his podcasts.

Sometimes you’ll get “I’m not a girl like this” or “nothing is going to happen between us” or she’s playing silly and pretends that she doesn’t know what you want even before you get to your apartment. That can also be a good moment for calling it out.

If she’s leading you and then stopping in the key moments and this goes for hours you can go all in. Tell her overtly that you’re a man and you find her attractive and of course you want to sleep with her. If she doesn’t want that and she doesn’t fancy you then she can leave because you’re not going to be her best gay friend nor play her games.

You can imply that this is not going to be a one night stand and add something about sex being better the more you’re doing it with the same person. If you think she might feel judged then say it’s completely normal when two people fancy each other for them to have sex. It’s natural.

The key feature of the royal flush is that you are in fact stating the obvious when she’s pretending that it’s not about sex. “Yes, I want to have sex with you. This relationship always was about sex and without it there is no point in seeing each other. By the way I also know you want me so stop playing games and let’s be honest with each other.” Just use different words.

Girl in her underwear on a bed. At this point it's too late for a Royal Flush.

If it got to this point then you don’t need to say “but it’s about sex”. She knows.

Don’t be angry and don’t try to make her defensive. You’re breaking the fourth wall to provoke a reaction out of her. She has to make a decision. If she starts to rationalize her actions, help her do that. If she’s confused – persist. Never back off after doing the royal flush. If, however, there is a firm “no” or “not today” then it might be one of thousand little things and it’s better to back off and let her go.

When you do the royal flush then you’re hoping that the girl will be scared of losing you and that she wants you strong enough to forget about holding frame when the possibility of a sex with a high value guy (you) is suddenly fleeting. But she might also rethink the sex later…


Possible Aftermath

On my current trip I was on a date with a very hot, posh girl (the one that likes to travel to Dubai, nudge, nudge, wink, wink). We were in my apartment after great first date, already on my bed, everything was going ok. I showed her how hard my dick was by putting her hand on it, she said that it’s not going to happen today “if it were yesterday or tomorrow – maybe”.

I didn’t exactly do the Royal Flush as I wasn’t acting harsh enough (first mistake) but I simply stated if she wants to play games then she might order a taxi. Which she did. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a huge spike of emotion at that point as it felt more like a transaction (“not today, maybe tomorrow”).

How the story ended? Next day she contacted me angrily asking me why I forgot about her invitation. Unfortunately I was after another date and few beers with my friend and instead of asking her for the address I started to joke (second and final mistake). And as it happens when you’re joking in a different language she didn’t get what I was saying…

If only I just shut up and asked for the address I would probably be writing a lay report instead of this text about LMR. So learn from my mistakes – when royal flushing, do it hard. When the window of opportunity opens again. Don’t play games. Go for it.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Rivelino - 2017-05-02

“she already decided you’ll either have sex or that she won’t let you do anything at all.”

i really like this theory.

i used to make the mistake of not being sexual enough on the date, and inviting her up in a non-threatening way, with the idea of doing the bulk of the seduction IN THE APT.

that never worked.

Game0ver - 2017-05-05

I damn love the call out (or “Royal Flush” as you call it).
I think it’s in some kind of way even empowering, as it clearly gives you either the upper hand on the situation, or a clear signal that you’ve been loosing your time.
However I agree that’s hard as hell to play it smoothly.


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