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Fit girl in a sport outfit.

Today we have not only a lot of mental masturbation but also an imaginary situation. My friend recently asked my about how would you game one particular girl. And while I don’t think it’s worth to ponder too much over any one chick, let’s have some fun.


Meet Julie

To set up the stage: imagine a big gym, popular with men and women, high percentage of meatheads, many people who actually compete, maybe some lesser personalities every now and then.

At the reception desk is sitting a hot, thin girl. You can see that she’s working out as she’s crazy slim. She also wears aggressive make up, good labels and shows a textbook example of a resting bitch face. I’d say she’s on the extreme end of being externally validated and I can bet that there is a high chance you can meet her every weekend in the local clubs.

You can see trainers chatting her up and almost every other guy trying to flirt. You also notice she’s rolling her eyes most of the time and goes back to being bored as soon as they’re gone.

It would be easy to chat with her while getting or returning the key and I’m pretty sure you could even get a good reaction of some sort if you’d throw in a few jokes she could understand. That wouldn’t get you anywhere and since both my friend and me aren’t frequent visitors to that gym the question remains: what you can do?

Fit girl in a sport outfit.

Julie (artist’s impression).

Julie’s Options

You have to factor in a lot of things we don’t even consider in daygame, namely – the stage itself. If you start to act there, you’ll be compared to all the other guys that have been hitting on her at that very spot. Given that’s she’s externally validated I’m sure she already blew off a lot of high SMV guys.

One could argue it’s the same situation as hitting on a girl in a bar or a club. But even in those places girls aren’t hit on as often as at that spot nor they have a constant review of best looking male bodies. Add to that the fact that she’s at her job with her colleagues present somewhere there and you’ll realize it’s just not the perfect set up.

It would be possible to enter her social circle if you work out there regularly but you’d always been the guy who met her at the gym. And hit yourself in a head with a rubber hammer if you ever think of going as far as changing your gym just to meet a girl.

Ultimately, it all comes down to whether or not you can be better than everyone else at that particular stage. If you can do it at the gym – go for it. But maybe there is a better way.


Daygame Julie?

I’m pretty sure daygame works so well largely because you’re catching the girls off guard and far from their standard circle of admirers. That still doesn’t mean that when you would try to daygame Julie (that’s a fake name by the way) she wouldn’t remember about all the other guys she’s seen and also those who are constantly liking her Instagram photos.

I’m not saying you should wait outside until her shift ends, you creepy stalker! It’s just a mental exercise!

As I recently realized some girls are validated so often and for so long that it is impossible for them not to think they’re better than everyone else. And it will show regardless of the way you’re approaching them. You have to either be even better or be able to show yourself as such in some way.

Daygame is not a magical way to get girls that would never be interested in you. But statistically (on a large sample) it gives you a better chance as you’re showing balls and distancing yourself from others at the same time. However, for a specific case it might be worth to say “Hello, Julie” even at the gym.


You Can’t Pick Up Every Girl

Is it possible to pick up such a Julie? Of course it is. After all – she will eventually choose someone. But as her number of option grows your chances are shrinking. We all want the hottest girls who usually have many possibilities. That’s why we’re looking for ways that would improve our odds.

The worst way would be to do what everyone else is doing. Do not enter the competition when there are thousands of others. Set up your own stage and compete with a handful. You still might end up being compared to a ridiculously great guys but the chances of you prevailing are always higher when there a just a few of them.

Probability of success will always be greater when you do something, anything than when you do nothing. Even if the chances are slim, there is no point in being afraid. After all, you can’t pick up every girl, so that’s why we focus on what works statistically.

That still doesn’t mean you should shoot yourself in both feet and say “oh well, at least I tried”.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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