How To Overcome Boyfriend Objections

Married girl or one with soon-to-be-ex boyfriend.

So many things are happening right now that my backlog of posts grows like a post-wall spinster with ten cats. Few days ago a guy recognized me from my Polish YouTube channel and in that conversation he said “there is a gorgeous girl sitting over there but she has a boyfriend; if you can overcome such objections then go for her”. To be honest – I was puzzled.

Oh, and if you’re interested in “many things happening” in Warsaw and see them from a traveler’s perspective then check out latest posts from Alpha Rivelino and Roy Walker. Great guys.


Are Girls With Boyfriends Different?

The guy who pointed me to that girl made two mistakes. First and foremost he was visibly impressed by her and in a bad way. “She’s hot, I’d like to fuck her” is good. “She’s an incredible an exquisite human being and I’m shaking when I even think of talking to her” is bad.

The second mistake was assuming that there is some special skillset required to sleep with a girl in a relationship or one who’s married. That’s a total bullshit as girls are girls. They all experience the same emotions and desires and they all set up borders as to what is acceptable.

I hope no one still believes that you can pick up every girl. There will be those who are not interested (in you) and those in wonderful relationships that don’t need anything more from life. Especially the latter won’t risk destroying what they have for a wild night with a random guy.

There is nothing special in girls with boyfriends and they do not differ from those single who just want a fuck friend (or even a sport fuck). It’s not like they’re different social group! That being said you have to be careful about few things.


Dos And Don’ts

Dating and sleeping with a married women or girl who is in some sort of relationship isn’t more complicated than your usual conquers. Do not treat her differently as this is usually the beginning of your demise but at the same time avoid common pitfalls.

Don’t mention her boyfriend, at all. All you need to do when she mentions having one is say “ok” or “I understand”. That’s it. Do not make a big deal out of it and do not start that subject yourself. When she talks about him in any other way that acknowledging he exists – say one of the above and change the subject.

Don’t remind her that she’s cheating or in any way judge her or make her feel bad. That should be an exciting, pleasant adventure for her. You both know it’s “not right” (according to society) and that’s what makes it exciting but there’s no reason to talk about it. Guilt tripping is a big no-no.

Married girl or one with soon-to-be-ex boyfriend.

“Shit, what have I done? Oh well, I’ll just cheat.”

Don’t, for fucks sake, make a big deal out of anything. If she’s already decided then she’s not going to shit test the hell out of you. She will merely want to know that you can keep a secret and you won’t destroy her marriage/relationship. If anything, she wants to do that by herself.

A married girl once asked me have I ever been with another married women before. She wanted to make sure I know what I’m doing, that I can hold a secret and that I won’t interrupt her daily life (save for our secret meetings). That’s the way to go.


Married Girls Are (Not) Easier

There is a common misconception that married girls and those in relationships are easy targets. I strongly disagree with that statement.

People who say such things don’t count rejections. It might seem that when you get such a girl on a date everything is easy and the sheer excitement of a “forbidden” situation takes care of everything. But to find one isn’t that easy. Most girls in relationships are either relatively happy or not willing to risk what they have and they won’t even give you their number.

Those who want to cheat risk a lot and if they’ve already decided – they just do it without much thinking. That’s why it might seem so easy, classic survivorship bias. You first have to find them and meet them in a right moment, when the decision has been made.

However, I’d say even if she’s merely considering it, entertaining that thought, then she’s already decided. She might don’t know it yet but she did.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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1111 - 2017-06-22

I’m working on one married chick across the continents now

It is great to ask very light questions about her husband to deeper understand what kind of male energy she has and what kind of male energy she lack/desires

I’m not looking for one-off-night engagement and the women aren’t in denial about what’s going on. I like it better that way


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