Abundance Mindset No More

Hot girl in knee socks sitting on a kitchen counter.

Due to my recent lifestyle changes, my game should change as well or I’ll end up with only regulars. And those casual relationships don’t last forever.* If I want to keep doing what I’m doing I need to adapt to new circumstances.


First World Problems

It’s almost half of this year and I’ve slept with 12 girls so far, 8 of which are new conquers. Even though in just 5 months I’ve managed to bed more girls than most of guys in their entire life it isn’t noteworthy result in the PUA world.

I enjoy doing what I’m doing, I have great girls around me, I’m not complaining. As always, I’m looking for ways to optimize my life.

There are two main reasons behind that and while there not exactly the same, they’re connected. First, I did about two thirds of my usual number of sets, which obviously means that I have less leads to choose from, and a smaller chance to hit a “yes girl”.

Also, I travel too goddamn much. And I’m not talking eurojaunts even that my fascination with Ukraine is taking a significant amount of time (I did much worse there compared to last year). Too often I’m not available for dating and even daygaming here in Warsaw. All my leads suddenly become long leads.


Solutions, Not Problems

So it seems that I have encountered new and unexpected circumstances. I’m no longer a stationary daygamer but I’m also not a nomad. I’m just a guy who lives in one city but is very often away. I believe I can use that to my advantage. I can speed things up, especially when I do that with a right type of girl.

Hot girl in knee socks sitting on a kitchen counter.

Distractions. Distractions everywhere.

I was surprised by successes that Roy Walker had in Warsaw, especially by the number of same day lays. Of course that comes with massive LMR problems (that he had) and it requires you to focus on girls where SDL is possible, better yet – probable (which he did). I still want to have a rotation of girls around and some of his conquers, while hot, wouldn’t make a good casual relationship.

He did two things differently: he was pushing really hard and really fast (because he doesn’t live here the girls know it’s “now or never”) and he did a lot of sets trying to find out same day lay prospects. The latter really got me thinking.


Abundance Mindset

My mindset so far comes from the abundance of leads and my abilities to get virtually any number of new leads whenever I want to. Sounds great?

It was a perfect approach to shape my womanizing new self but I think it outlived its usefulness. It’s my new comfort zone. I’m confident that whenever I want I can find viable leads and fill out all my dating slots for a given week. And that’s the problem.

I’m not focusing on getting laid fast, I’m focusing on dating quality girls. It is true that you get what you aim for – I have a number of casual relationships and I’m dating new girls but everything is managed from the point of “filling up the dating slots”. I’m less keen to daygame when my schedule is full.

To be honest, I don’t go out at all when I know I won’t have the time to pursue new leads. That’s not good.


Picky Mindset

I need to stop daygaming to fill up the dating slots. I need to get as many leads as I possibly can and filter those who have the highest probability of a bang. Game to cherry pick the leads and then work on them in a much more decisive way.

So this “I don’t have enough time” crap has to end. I do have some time but I need to make a better use of it. Get more leads and cherry-pick those that will be in line with my new circumstances (spending less and less time in Warsaw) and then do not half-ass the dates. If we haven’t ended in bed then at least she has to know it’s going to happen next time.

And that’s how this summer is going to look like for me. How about you?


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