Not All 20-Year-Olds Are Crazy – Rebuttal

20-year-old girls partying

I could agree with the statement in the title and that would be it: not all 20 yo girls are crazy but there are none of them that would make a good long-term girlfriend. Did I just say “none”? Oh yes. Yes I did.


Fickle 20-Year-Olds

This discussion was started by a topic of one particular 20 yo girl on one of the infamous Polish pickup forums but things escalated quickly. Soon we were debating how hard it is to find a decent young girl in her early 20s for a relationship. My stance is: it’s impossible because no relationship with such a young girl will stand the test of time.

I think that there are no compelling reasons to engage in a serious, monogamous relationship. However, some of you want to have kids or even a wife. Fingers crossed, you can easily lose on this lottery.

After you graduate and start to work there is very often a mindset shit and change of you life’s goals. It can happen to you or her. And when it does there is a fat chance that both of you will be heading in the same direction.

I’m not saying her personality will change and she’ll start to act crazy going to clubs and hunting for threesomes even though she was never into partying. I’m saying about mundane things like work, career, place she wants to live in, passions, etc. If you have no reasons to spend the time together then why on earth would you want to be together?

Let’s get serious – how many couples do you know who met in high school or during first years of college and are still together? Take away those who already have a kid because that’s a different story. All in all I know one such couple and I’m not close enough to know for sure that they’re happy.

When you see someone once a year you have no idea how their life looks like, even though they can tell you about it a lot.


Crazy 20-Year-Olds

It’s not like every 20 yo girl experiment like crazy and does things that you have to visit very obscure parts of Internet to find a porn of. There is always a spectrum of some kind, presumably normal distribution. My advice is based on probability (how many pairs are together after few years) and observations (#idontknowwhatiwant).

Some of the girls will be shy, some will be crazy and there are many in between. And it applies to 20-, 30- and 40-year-olds. The only issue is how many of the respective categories really don’t know what they want and don’t have any goals. I’d say that the younger the girl the more clueless she is. It’s normal. Do you remember yourself when you were 20?

20-year-old girls partying

Sensible and responsible 20-year-olds planning their future.

So is all that is left is wild sex with a young body disregarding what’s in her head? I think there’s a big mess in her head anyway. And if such a young girl wants to try something wild with older guy then there’s no point in denying her that. If you do, she’ll find someone else.

Don’t commit. Every single relationship with a 20-years-old has a best before date. You can make her your fuck friend, you can have a short relationship but you have to remember that it will end. I’m not saying that “there is zero chance for this to last”. I’m saying that those chances are “negligibly small”. Assume that and treat it as your starting point.

You can expect that you’re going to sleep with each other a few times or that you’re going to see each other for few months or that you’re going to be with each other forever. The closer you are to the latter the more it will eventually hurt.


Men Before 30

Before you turn 30 you should forget about any and all long term monogamous relationships. You don’t know what you really want, you haven’t developed as a man, you haven’t experienced enough to decide consciously.

I know how it sounds – coming from a guy who’s 30 and who had one really long relationship in the past. Still, old the older guys that I look up to say the exact same thing.

We don’t have a biological clock, we are not in a rush. Young guys should build themselves, grow, create businesses, learn and become what they can be. Then they will be able to decide knowingly and safely.

Because a 22-years-old guy planning to marry “that one girl” who is “not like that” knows fuck all.


Small-Town Girl

I assume that most of the readers of this blog are from big cities because only places like that are suitable for daygame on a large scale. You can’t do it in a village or small town. There aren’t enough girls, there’s no anonymity and their view of life is quite different.

When a small-town girl comes to a big city she adapts pretty quickly. Soon she’ll be “like all the girls”.

Every time I visit my home town I can’t help but to notice how many young, 20-something girls are pushing their strollers. I assume some of those children are planned and therefore some people decide to have kids at such young age.

I don’t know and I can’t know one thing – are those 20-year-olds and their partners really happy or maybe they have no other options? Well, I can’t say I really care…


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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