Where Are All The Daygamers?!

Crowded street full of people.

The topic of picking up girls during the day is very popular. There are many people out there interested in doing just that. So where are all the daygamers?

We know that only a subset of those men actively takes chances chasing skirts. There are even times when some cities or areas become saturated. Apparently, that happened to Oxford Street in London lately but everything is always back to normal after a short while.

It seems that’s very hard to meet someone new. My group of close friends jokingly referred to as Warsaw Daygame Crew consists of only¬†6 guys and even we don’t stumble upon each other all the time. Why’s that?


I Thought I Saw A Daygamer

It’s not even that a typical set lasts between few seconds and 10 minutes and you don’t have a chance to actually spot a daygamer. When you’ve done it for years you can see that a guy is picking up a girl from a mile away. When someone is daygaming at roughly the same time and in the same place – you’ll see him.

It’s always valuable to meet someone and exchange experiences. Most of avid daygamers are really cool guys (to avoid saying they are nice). Just don’t cut into sets.

There has to be another reason. I think most of the apparent lack of people out there is because most guys do not last long in this business.


Men Lack Resolve

You need between 100 and 200 sets to feel comfortable on the street and actually know what you’re doing, where you are in the London Daygame Model and is that girl even interested and/or available. Depending on whether you’ve done any sets at all it might sounds like not much or a lot.

It is a lot. Even doing 50-70 sets per month means 3-4 months of learning how to daygame. And again, for some people that sounds like a big investment but when you realize that your whole adult sex/love life is at stakes it doesn’t seem much. Especially when you consider all those years you’ve spent at your university learning useless skills.

All estimates are dependent on your SMV, social skills, looks, confidence, etc. and the relative SMV of the girls you’re trying to seduce. Some guys need just a little nudge and they’re off to having spectacular successes and others really need to fix the basics first.

That doesn’t mean you won’t get numbers and even dates during those first months. Of course you can even get laid, even repeatedly. I’ve seen that with the guys I’ve been coaching. But to get to the level where there are no crazy ups and downs you need time. You want to be consistent above everything else because otherwise you might get crazy… or discouraged.

The less experienced you are with women in general the harder it is to push through the initial learning period. That’s where many guys get disheartened. If you’re reading this then you all know that long term satisfaction is much more valuable than instant gratification.

Crowded street full of people.

Can you spot a daygamer?

Daygame Is Hard

I’ve been over it many times just because so many people are first lied to by a bunch of people and then hit hard by reality. Daygame is hard. Trying to pick up younger and more attractive women for sex or casual relationships isn’t something easy.

As hard as daygaming for fast sex is I still believe it is the best way for me to get quality girls into my bed (and my life). It might be something else for you.

Don’t get me wrong – it is fun. I’ve got hundreds of hilarious stories to tell, the daily grind is still exciting, I really like meeting new girls and I don’t consider that time wasted even if it doesn’t work out. And of course having a lot of sex with different women is great too.

But you have to be realistic. Especially when you’re coming from a bad place like me – inexperienced with women, rather introverted, clueless about male-female dynamics. You can change all that but it would be stupid to think that it is going to be easy. Don’t get discouraged by your failures, they are part of the learning process.


Daygame Is A Lifestyle

You can daygame for lays (feeding the famous Relentless Notch Count Hyena) as we all do at some point. I was never hurt by anyone so it’s not a revenge for me but a feeling of missing out some craziness in my 20s. I still enjoy every single lay and do a mental self-five when I know it’s going to happen. I’m sure this feeling will go away at some point.

However, there is a large number of guys who are into daygame and pickup just to find a girlfriend or (ugh) a wife. These guys are out as soon as they find someone – for better or for worse. In many cases when it doesn’t work out with the girl they come back looking for another one like a serial monogamist.

Daygame is a tool. You can use it to shape your love life however you want.

There are so many different paths you can take on your daygame journey that many guys just get lost and drop out. Be honest with yourself – you want the player lifestyle it’s going to cost you. If you’re not ready for that then you’ll likely become just another seasoned daygamer.


Daygame Is A Solitary Activity

There is a reason why introverts are drawn to daygame just like extroverts to nightgame. We all try to play to our strengths. That’s also why daygamers tend to keep everything to themselves. But it’s wrong.

Introverts usually have no problem communicating one-on-one. It’s the group, social interactions that are exhausting for them. Avoiding people in general it’s a really bad strategy to become more outgoing.

Even when you’re an introvert you cannot be shy and calm around girls. Or people in general. Use every opportunity to become more open and engaging.

Work out your social muscle, say hello to fellow daygamers. You’ll not only do yourself a favor but also you might get some friends who are going to help you when you’ll become burned out or discouraged or stuck. And that might be the difference between quitting daygame and your dream lifestyle.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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