Shit Test Is Not A Big Deal

Girl with steam coming out of her ears - common result of a failed shit test.

Until yesterday, I haven’t really realized that one of my mottos, namely “if you think it’s a big deal, she’ll think it’s a big deal as well” is a great introduction to the topic of shit tests. Because there are many strategies for passing one but the underlying reasoning is always the same – don’t make a fuss about it.

There are many great articles about passing a shit test. You can find one or two on Illimitable Men site and some written by Rollo Tomassi as well. I’ll focus more on the mindset behind it.


Shit Test Primer

Shit test is any statement or question that is designed to produce an emotional reaction from you. When you act emotionally or logically then you fail that test. When you stay indifferent and nonchalant you pass it. That’s a gross oversimplification but it’ll serve well for the purpose of this post.

Why would anyone try to make you fail such thing? We always test how far we can go, what we can get away with. We need to know the boundaries, so we know within what realm we can act. Most of us do it subconsciously as it’s really just in our nature. Think about kids pushing the limits as far as they can until they get yelled upon.

There are some basic bitches out there that became self-aware enough that they employ shit-tests consciously as an actual filtering device. Neither sex nor any relationship is worth subjecting yourself to such treatment.

Girls make you pass those test to see if you’re worthy of their time/attention/pussy. I really think that most of those are employed subconsciously as they are manifestations of their fear of ending up with a subpar male. She just wants to be sure that you are all the things you’re claiming to be.

“Fake it till you make it” is a valid strategy. But beware – you’ll be tested.


Don’t Make A Fuss About It

That’s where one of my mantras fits perfectly. Don’t make a fuss about anything. Really, anything. Don’t react emotionally, be like a rock. It’s a very attractive quality and at the same time it will help you pass any shit tests that will be thrown your way.

When you allow yourself to be stoic then every shit test you’ll encounter will become passed just because you didn’t act emotionally nor explained what you think it’s normal. Moreover, when you’re a naturally funny guy then you’ll employ (dis)agree and amplify or some other shit test strategy without even thinking about it.

Girl with steam coming out of her ears - common result of a failed shit test.

If she’s that way then obviously it’s your fault. Sucker.

Even if you’re fed up with what she does do not get angry. Calmly tell her that it’s not what you expect of her. There is no advantage to yelling, fighting and cutting your furniture in half. When you realize that whatever happens will soon be a distant memory then you can’t possibly be angry.

Of course your blood will be boiling at times but there is no upside to acting emotionally. So don’t do it. Ever.


Whatever You Do, She Will Act The Same

The biggest advantage of acting calm all the time is that any fights or quarrels will be finished before they even start. Girls follow and they like to be led. This in turn means that however you act, she will pick up on it and behave the same way.

If you start to explain yourself then you’re dead – she will investigate further, making you guilty in mere seconds. If you have an emotional reaction then it usually be interpreted as if you’re hiding something. Even if it’s not true then it will be assumed as such until proven otherwise. And you can’t prove anything so you’re as good as dead.

One of the most common shit tests in your daygame adventures will be “I bet you approach girls all the time”. If you start to explain yourself, you’ll fail. If you act emotionally – you’ll fail. Agree & amplify – “yes, every single day, I’m addicted”. Disagree & amplify – “no, that was first time in my life”. There is no way to continue that subject after that.

Both emotional reaction and explaining yourself are in the category of “making a fuss about it”. Many shit test strategies are about ignoring her accusations and moving on. If she angrily asks you a question expecting you to subject yourself to a thorough examination and you just calmly answer with “yes, I did that thing” then the whole situation will get ridiculous if she tries to get angry.

Because if you’re not making a big deal out of something, why would she?


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