One Hour Date Idea

A girl taking picture of the river and a stadium.

The standard dating model calls for one date, two venues, about 2 hours and a bounceback that doesn’t always lead to sex. Is there a better, faster way to date?

I’m all about efficiency. Hence, I’m constantly looking for ways to get more girls and be more successful (I’m still in that damned r/K wilderness) but also how to do it faster. That doesn’t necessarily mean I want to sleep with them on the first date (though I do) but also I don’t want to go to many dates that ultimately lead nowhere.


Spike The Emotions

We already know the best dating tips backed by science – that memory of a date will be defined by both maximum and final level of her emotions. That calls for a spike somewhere in the middle of the date and a high note ending. All that is definitely easier when the date is short.

I’ve been too mechanical with my dates – always the same venues and same old tricks. I was trying to perfect them where I should try something completely different instead.

Warm weather, hundreds of people at the river’s banks and recent adventures with a crazy girl gave me an idea that I’m testing right now. It combines a lot of my good traits, in-your-face DHV, emotions and it naturally limits the time spent together. Ready?


Rev The Engine

I take girls on a motorbike ride to the river’s banks to sit, watch all the people around and have a beer. Of course I’m drinking a non-alcoholic one! Sheesh…

It is so much better to give the girl a ride (“Phrasing!“) than to merely talk about the motorbikes. It brings the atmosphere of adventure right away and since riding is a big part of my life – I invite her to my world. If she has never ridden a motorbike then it’s going to be one of the memorable “firsts”.

Moreover, I could see that girls are getting excited while I was describing how she should behave and how to put her helmet on. It settles the hierarchy – you know stuff and explain it to the girl. She’s the female, you’re the male.

Back in the days I used to take girls to a shooting range for the exact same reasons. Find something that is normal for you but unusual for the girl.

A girl taking picture of the river and a stadium.

One of said dates. The crazy one that gave me the idea.

Additionally, after just one beer I can cut the date short suggesting that I’d love to have a drink with her but I can’t today because I’m riding. So far two girls out of three suggested leaving the bike at my place. Even if she says “no” to a bounceback then you can propose meeting for actual drinks on another occasion. You know, on a day when you don’t have to* ride.

Whatever you come up with try to make it exciting, adventurous and time constrained. It also shouldn’t be something that you prepare for. Never prepare for your dates.


Always Leave Her Wanting More – Revisited

Even when I don’t ride the bike to the river and just merely meet her there I still try to limit time spent together to just one beer. It is counter-intuitive but I’ve finally seen it working with my very own eyes.

In case you’re wondering – I usually don’t give her any reason, just say “let’s get going” and walk her to the tram home. That way she’s left wondering why I’ve cut the date short. And I’m pretty sure her mind can come up with better excuses than I would.

Making her jealous is a strong move. Even stronger is when she does that to herself.

What I’m trying to do achieve with this approach is to make a strong impression on the first date but end it unexpectedly and without any good reason or bounceback really fast if I get the feeling she’s interested in sex.

I’m still figuring out what to do for the second date in both cases. I could either run the old two-venue model or set up a date next to my place and bounceback (or try to get her directly to my place). Three choices and many upcoming dates to find out which approach works the best.

I’m ready.


* No excuse is as good as a bullshit excuse.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Erik - 2017-04-06

This is absolutely the way to go. I’ve found the same thing. Blackdragon has long advocated the same thing in his blog and it works.

For the 2nd date I invite them to dinner. On the day of I suggest I show off my culinary skills and invite them to dinner to my place. They never say no. From there it’s a light meal that I have them help me prepare, and easy escalation from my couch as I’ve made sure I don’t have a table and we have to eat there.

It’s the perfect two date model

    tddaygame - 2017-04-07

    Thanks for reminding me about Blackdragon! I wish I had discovered him earlier. It would be a perfect fit to my 2015-2016 game where I was staying in Warsaw for months. Now I’m traveling a lot and I try to do things even faster (and that approach doesn’t work on every girl).

    Erik - 2017-04-08

    Traveling definitely makes it tougher. I visited Tokyo two weeks ago and leveraged the same “short first date model” to bang 4 girls in the 7 days I was there.

    What I did was to pipeline via online game and got all 4 girls lined up for a first date each of my first nights there. I choose a bar right in my hotel. For two of them I could feel after the hour that it was on so I suggested bouncing to another venue for a drink, and then led them by the hand to my hotel room. For the other two I ended the date after an hour and scheduled a follow up date for dinner next to my hotel, and after each of those dinners led them by the hand to my hotel for a 2nd drink.

    As you point out the short first date model works well, even when traveling. It gives you the option to try and pull on the first date, or to set up a second date with very high odds for the close. Even when traveling I think a quick dinner date next to your hotel does the job, after dinner you simply lead her for a drink to the next venue (your room).

    I find the biggest challenge is just getting them to come out for that date. After that you’re in the driver seat.

Game0ver - 2017-04-08

The concept itself is interesting however, in my opinion is a bit of a step back.
By meaning, if we are talking about process optimization and do things more efficiency I still tent to think that the 2 venues date can work better.
If I’m setting up a date cause I want to fuck (so recently let’s say 100% of times), I want to go for OTK (One Turn Kill – like to call them that way), as it’s too much of a pain in the ass to follow up and plan again having to do plenty of stuff myself.
Just my opinion tho – as mentioned at the beginning the concept is interesting.

Robert - 2017-04-10

Tom Torrero called this the ‘Adventure Bubble’ in his original dating model but then ditched it with faster lay model that he now uses when he travels. I agree with Game0ver that it’s not good for new guys to slow dating down. Tom is right you should go for it as Plan A on the first date. Everything else is a backup.

    tddaygame - 2017-04-11

    The problem with always going for the kill is that you might scare off a lot of “maybe” girls. That’s ok for someone traveling but stupid if you live in the same city as the girl.

    Game0ver - 2017-04-11

    Then I’d say we have a bottleneck between efficiency and risk management 😀

NIck - 2017-04-11

Hey Tom,
In this article and in the one called Dating Tips Backed by Science you say about making the dates shorter, finish on a high note and leaving her wanting more.
I’ve seen on my dates that there are some girls that refuse to kiss you (although you see it’s on…they giggle and say something like “There are people watching”, or they give you the cheek, but you see that she wants to be kissed) for the first or second time but further along the date, like 1.5 – 2 hours in, they go for it.
With this kinds of girls would you cut the date short only with the “going for it”?


    tddaygame - 2017-04-15

    Oh those coquettes… I don’t have enough data yet as to the cutting date short idea to know how it exactly works with each type of girl.

    For now my plan is – “I think she’s down to fuck” – two venues + bounceback; “It’s warm, not hot” – one-two venues, 60-90 minutes and cut short without bounceback; “It’s going great but logistic is a bitch” – cut it short at the high point.


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