How To Make A Girl Love Sex

Girl loving sex... alone.

This is a short story of how I made a young girl love sex and the importance of being good in bed if you want the girls to stick around.


The Girl

It starts as a typical daygame story. That’s not a field report so I’ll just say that it was last year when I approached this 23 years old girl in a mall. The interaction was short but sparkling with sexual interest. Later I’ve learned that she dumped her boyfriend a mere month before that. And she was getting hornier every day.

Long story short – on the second date back at my place she gave me one of the best blowjobs in my life “because she really wanted to do this” and left. The third date was just releasing her confined sexuality.

Apparently I was her second guy ever and she never actually liked sex before (apart from BJs). I think her previous boyfriend never really focused on giving her pleasure before getting what he wanted.

It’s surprising because for that particular girl oral sex was half of the job and the other half was just lasting long enough so she’d come shaking and spasming. You rarely see orgasms so overwhelming.

Girl loving sex... alone.

“Already? How about another one?”

After few months she inevitably started to want something more out of relationship and I when she realized it’s not possible we stopped seeing each other. Two months later she came back saying she gave it a thought and she’s actually happy being single and sleeping with me casually. Now she just doesn’t stay for the night because she’s afraid she might catch feelings.

Girls’ will rationalize sleeping with you in a number of different ways. We all know it’s silly to think that having more sex with someone is the way to avoid getting attached.

During those two months she had no interest in pursuing anyone else sexually “even though she had opportunities”. I kind of believe both statements – she’d experienced with me something that was new to her. Real, addicting pleasure.


The Sex

It’s not even that the sex was kinky or in any way uncanny. Apart from her really liking blowjobs (you’ve got to love these girls) there was nothing outstanding in particular. It was just great, raw, and passionate.

Most girls like it rough and prolonged but it’s not just about that. If there is one word that separates good sex from great it’s “passionate”. Clothes laying everywhere, sex in the kitchen because you just don’t want to waste time going to the bedroom. Let’s say – lovemaking.

That was something she’s never experienced before and that was the reason she didn’t want to have sex with anyone else. Trying was just not worth the risk when she could have that with me.


Girls Love Sex

Girls love sex as much as guys. They really do. It’s exciting, pleasurable, relaxing and whatever you want it to be. The thing is – not always, not for every pair. Girls love sex but right sex with a right guy.

Due to social conditioning girls can’t openly admit to liking sex as they will be labeled as sluts. Hence a big part of what you’re doing to lay a girl in a lover mode is maintaining secrecy.

“Right sex” is highly dependent on “right guy”. If you’re her lover then the sex will be more primal and raw. If you’re “in a serious relationship” the sex she enjoys doesn’t’ necessarily has to be that wild (although it can).

The reason why many guys that are picking up a lot of girls are saying that all girls love sex is because of pure confirmation bias. They’re after the high sex drive, adventurous girls who of course are more open about their desires. That doesn’t mean other girls don’t have them but they’re more covert about it. It’s a “right guy, right time” type of thing.


Give Her Night Of Her Life

I’m not into one night stands as I prefer casual relationships. It’s more complicated than that. I enjoy non-monogamous relationships based on great sex (but where it’s not the only reason for seeing a girl). Yes, I’m picky.

That means the sex has to be outstanding for both of us. I know what I want – real, raw passion. To get that from a girl she has to really be into you but also she needs to get pleasure from these encounters. That’s why you want her to love sex… with you. Do that by giving her night of her life.

There are many schools of sex. Find the one that suits you. I like to take care of the girl first and then I usually can have whatever I want. If you give her orgasms – she will come back. Even more so if you last long and are able to fuck her more than once per night.

If I were to sum them up in two words all the “how to last longer in bed” guides I would say: breathing, experience. In that order – learn to calm your breathing and recognize when you’re near the climax (and then pause, change position, switch to other ways of giving pleasure) and sleep with a lot of girls which will give you a lot of experience.


Learn Sex To Have More Sex

I’m lucky enough that my first serious relationship lasted years and I learned a lot of different things. You don’t always have those opportunities with casual encounters because for a lot of girls it takes time to open up. But then again – some are ready right away.

You’re learning daygame to be able to pick up girls. You’re reading about seduction techniques and dating ideas to get the girls to bed faster. Don’t stop there – learn how to keep them around (or at least in your bed).


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Erik - 2017-04-09

Great post and completely agree with everything you wrote. Girls won’t come back unless the sex is great. One book that really helped me take things to the next level is, “The Sex God Method” by Daniel Rose, he really breaks things down and I highly recommend it: https://tinyurl.com/l27lc6a

I agree it takes passion, and it’s there with some girls but not with others. Have you ever thought about how to screen for girls who might be a fit for passion?

jackish - 2017-05-03

truthfully I don’t even try to convince a girl to have sex/have more sex. If she’s not into it. whatever. I’ll hang out with you until I fuck all of your friends. Then I’ll do the same with them.

Especialyl dude, when you can last so long. Chicks are amazed and you’re barely trying. I’m gonna
drop a link [no, you are not] to a course to help some people last a bit longer since we’re on the topic.

keep hustling man

Aleksandr - 2017-06-23

You must be a masochist who hates female sexuality

I pick girls who already love sex and don’t have to be made to “love” it


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