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A girl sleeping in a bed.

Today it’s time for something fun, easy and practical. I’m collecting all the big moves for disarming the last minute resistance (LMR) and I’m surprised how many guys have no idea what they could pull off. Let’s start with by far the easiest one.

But first – few words about LMR.


Last Minute Resistance (LMR)

What we call LMR is the obvious battle between girl’s hindbrain and forebrain. She wants to sleep with you, she knows that if you continue to escalate she’ll cave in but at the same time for some reason she feels this is too soon.

As a players we’re aiming at having sex fast. It can be just for the sake of a new notch or to start something more (“Sex first and then (maybe) a relationship”). Of course, you can keep dating her without escalating but it makes no sense whatsoever.

LMR is a byproduct of fast escalation and smooth moves. She feels this is too good to be true, she suspects something or just maybe she never thought she’s “that girl” who sleeps with a guy on a first date. Whatever the reason last minute resistance is expected and it happens a lot, especially if you end up in bed on first or second date.


Token LMR vs. Hard “No”

This is a big topic in the community and I really have to stress it out. “No” means “no”. Stop, you’ve done something wrong or she’s just not that into you. However, “come on, stop it” said while blushing and smiling usually means “not now”. Proceed with caution but do proceed. Push, let her calm down and then pull again.

How to differentiate between token LMR and a serious “no”? If you have doubts and you are inexperienced the best and safe way to do it is to push her away. Not literally but calm down and make yourself a drink, change the music, go to the bathroom – give her some space to decide. Act uninterested but do not take offense nor react emotionally. Pretend that you understand her doubts and back off.

The fastest way to learn how to recognize the true nature of last minute resistance is to act upon whatever you think. You’ll of course fail a lot and experience a lot of embarrassing situations but at least you’ll free yourself from all the what-if scenarios playing in your mind.

Backing off is the key strategy for going through any LMR. You have to show her that you don’t mind and that you really understand her reservations. Then you can either go with reassuring her it’s okay (implicitly!) or increasing the sexual atmosphere to the point of pure lust. Push and pull, back off and advance, one step back and two steps forward. That’s how you play this game.


“You Can Sleep Here”

One of the easiest “tricks” to go through the faint last minute resistance is something I discovered in my first months of daygame. It is as old as it gets but I haven’t read about it before it happened to me. Still, it didn’t got me laid first two times but those were the very first bouncebacks that ever happened for me so I was excited nevertheless.

When you escalate as usual and get the early LMR (when you’re still in your clothes) do the usual push/pull and wait until it’s reasonably late. Then suggest that it’s already late, she lives far away, it’s dark and cold so she can stay here for the night “if she promises to behave”.

You have to know that she can actually do this – no pets at home, no work early morning, and no husband waiting at home. Logistic is often a bitch.

If she refuses to stay don’t react emotionally. Finish your drink, do not escalate any further and in few minutes ask her again – does she want to stay or should you get her a cab? If she wants to leave – let her go.

The key is not to make a big deal out of this proposition and suggest it matter-of-factly. If the sexual vibe is obvious then you can disarm that by joking that “you can stay only if you promise to keep your hand to yourself”. If she’s afraid that you’re too pushy go with the “I’m a big boy, I’ll take a cold shower and I’ll be ready to sleep” route.

A girl sleeping in a bed.

“Hey, wake up! I was joking with that sleeping thing!”

Do not lie. Don’t say you won’t have sex. Use something in line of “nothing that you don’t want to happen will happen; we’re both adults”.

Oh, and keep a spare toothbrush. Buy them in two- or four-packs to have a good excuse why you’re having extras. Also offer her an oversized t-shirt as a pajama – if she takes off her underwear for sleeping with you then you know it’s on.

If she stays then most of the time you’ll start kissing each other as soon as the light is turned off. It should be smooth sailing from that point. If it’s not and she still refuses to have sex – be a good boy, lie next to her, let the tension build up and wait till the morning to try again.

Nothing is 100% effective and last minute resistance is a real deal but this approach is worth a try especially if the logistic are in your favor. After all, she came to your place for a reason!


Remember that none of the tricks will allow you to sleep with a girl that doesn’t fancy you. You’re not trying to convince or manipulate her, you’re merely giving her a plausible excuse so she can rationalize the whole situation to herself. Very often that’s all that is needed.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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