Eject – Your Daygame Superpower

Superman's cape on the beach.

For many guys all daygamers are superheroes doing unbelievable things and coming out unscathed. Our most obvious superpower is the ability to approach any girl, anywhere. But there’s more…

Your New Daygame Superpower

Anyone that looks for daygame advice or coaching is perfectly aware of one thing that changed his life: he can approach any girl he wants. It’s mind-blowing idea but not the only one on their daygame journey. The second secret usually blows their mind. It’s the notion that they can eject from any set at any time.

You just have to say “I’d love to talk with you more but I have to go. Enjoy your day!” and walk away. No explanation needed.

She has braces and you hate that? Bam, you’re gone. She’s too fat for you? Bye, bye. You thought she’s young but she could be your mother? Gone. Just like that.

Why is this such a big thing? Both beginners and intermediates can disguise their anxiety in being picky or having bad eyesight. How many times I’ve heard “I didn’t see her face”, “she’s probably too young”, “she looks busy”, “she could be fat”. I used to say “go and find out” but now I’m giving an exit strategy: “go, tell her the compliment and eject if she’s not good enough”.

Whenever you think a girl is hot “but…” – approach her and find out. In most cases, those doubts will be unfounded. It was your brain trying to save you from doing a very dangerous thing – approaching a mediocre girl. From now on, you’ll realize it is no longer dangerous. Yes, any girl can reject you but you too can reject her and be gone in an instant. You risk nothing.

It’s always better to find out and be disappointed than to wonder endlessly.


No Obligations

I always say that the girl doesn’t owe you anything. Good reaction doesn’t mean she has to give you her number. Number doesn’t guarantee you a date or even a reply. And going on a date with her doesn’t mean she will have to sleep with you. No one owes anyone anything.

You can use that to your advantage. You don’t owe her anything as well. The mere fact of telling her a compliment doesn’t mean that you have to stay in set for 10 minutes. The same thing can happen on your dates – if you’re not feeling it then you should bail. If at any point it’s no longer fun – don’t do it.

Superman's cape on the beach.

“Wanna see my other superpower?” *zzzzip*

You’re both equal participants in the process to learn more about each other and maybe – if you decide to – have sex. But either of you can decide that it isn’t working out. Though of course all this pick up stuff is to make sure that it will be you who’s going to decide.


Lie… To Yourself

Lying to yourself is a common strategy that can result in doing more things. When learning how to daygame you say “I’ll just go to her, say hello and eject” but you very well know that you’ll stick in that conversation for few minutes.

If you’re having approach anxiety then your lie will be “I’ll just start running towards her, I don’t have to approach”. Once you make that first step you’ve already decided that you will do this.

Practice that way of thinking and you’ll be able to achieve most of the things you want. Pretend like there is a way for you to eject at any point of an activity. Because there is always some way out unless you’re strapped to a car on a rollercoaster.

“I don’t have to finish that task I really, really don’t want to do. I’ll just start doing it, just for five minutes.” It works whether it’s getting out of bed, unloading the dishwasher or writing a book. Just write a chapter. Or a paragraph. Or start with one word.

Starting something is always the toughest phase. In daygame the stop is that moment. Convince yourself into thinking that you can eject from any given set and combine that with “let’s find out” attitude to conquer all your doubts. “She’s probably too young… let’s find out! I can always eject!”

Because you really can eject from any daygame set. At the same time, once you tell yourself that, you’ll rarely will.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Rivelino - 2017-04-21

“I’d love to talk with you more but I have to go. Enjoy your day!”

such a great line. i am going to remember it!

great post b/c yeah, sometimes i don’t want to get wrapped up in a conversation and have to “hurt her feelings” if i want to leave.

Daygame_In_Shitsville - 2017-04-22

Right on, I always say that a very important part of growth as a man is recognizing when you are not feeling it with a woman and act in consequence. Even if we were attracted enough in the beginning to go for the notch, that may simply change. Another “superpower” – skill, really – that every man should proactively practice is the counterpart of pickup: properly breaking up with girls. It can be as challenging, if not more, than cold approach because one must unavoidably deal with the negative feelings associated with it. Also, it is a good way of exercising one’s ruthlessness and determination.
As to finding out that she’s not really that hot at the moment of approaching – I can’t see shit from far – one that has saved me time in many occasions is: “Excuse, me… Oh, I have mistaken you for someone else.” Polite smile and off you go.


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