Congratulations, You’ve Gamed A Bitch

Silhouette of a smoking hot bitch.

Recently on my Twitter feed I’ve seen someone enumerating “top tier girls” – “models, strippers, actresses”. I’d say they might be the on the top when it comes to sexual value but they’re hardly the best girls to be around with. Strippers… really?


“So What’cha Want”

I have a friend who is dead serious when he says one of his life goals is “banging hottest bitches”. That’s how he phrases it. Not “dating”, not even “having sex”. It’s all about the bang for him. So naturally he picks “hottest bitches” who usually are the most aggressive and bitchy party chicks around (often with hints of plastic surgeries here and there). He wants them, he gets them.

Everything goes with a price. Party lifestyle, bitchiness, frequent shit-testing, lack of focus, single-minded lifestyle and lack of affection are hallmarks of such girls. On the other hand, if you are into them then you’ll have to learn how to deal with all that and forget about having a stable relationship. That’s the way of said friend.

I experienced only a handful of such girls first-handedly. I also heard countless stories that make me not wanting to have anything to do with them. I’m not about “hottest bitches”. I’m more about girls that I find attractive.

Silhouette of a smoking hot bitch.

Is she a model, a stripper or a girl next door?


Always Hot, Always Bitchy

There are countless types of girls but many men are drawn to what they can’t get. A hot, bitchy girl who thinks she’s on the top of the world. And for some that can be true, at least for a while. She will hit the wall sooner or later but for now that concept is completely abstract to her. So she acts accordingly.

If a girl was attractive her whole life and she was treated as superior by everyone then why on Earth would she not believe that? Every single person from her childhood until now either said or acted as if she’s better than everyone else. There is no way that she could reject that powerful social pressure so she started to believe all that.

Many really attractive girls never developed any personality at all. It would serve them no purpose anyway.

Not every hot chick is like that but those that are extraordinarily attractive, sexually aggressive and externally validated all end up the same – bitter. It can’t be otherwise. Everyone wants to be with someone better and in her mind she’s an eleven out of ten. And for a women there are no men hotter than eight. She’ll never be satisfied.


Top Tier Body vs. Top Tier Girl

For me it was always been about maintaining multiple casual relationships with cool girls where I can have a lot of sex and also a lot of fun and go on many adventures with them. I’m sure as hell that none of the “hottest bitches” would want to go sailing on a quite inconvenient yacht on the Baltic Sea.

Know “what’cha want” so that you won’t spend time pursuing something that you can’t even enjoy. Make a list of all the girls that you’ve slept with and circle those names that you had genuine fun outside the bedroom. Can you notice a pattern?

It’s not like every single hot chick is a basic bitch. It’s also not like some of the non-party, non-posh girls don’t have smoking hot bodies (even though they usually won’t be wrapped in expensive labels and covered with tons of make-up). However, you might notice some regularity.

Wouldn’t I be proud of scoring “a stripper” or “a model”? I don’t think that profession is a sign of quality of the girl though I’m sure a lot of them are above average in the looks department. But what should I do after I sleep with her once? Congratulate myself of gaming an insufferable bitch or hope that she’s an exception?

If you’re after one night stands – go bananas. Pump and dump. Score. Get a notch. And if your lifestyle is in line with that of the extremely externally validated girls… then why you’re reading that words? Enjoy both the smoke and the mirrors.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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