Hungarian Girls Revisited

Budapest Parliament - Hungarian Parliament Building

In my early daygame days back in 2014 I’ve been in Budapest with a nightgame-oriented friend. We left the city with an impression that Hungarian girls do not like foreigners. Three years later I came to a totally different conclusion.


Daygaming Hungarian Girls In Budapest

Let’s be honest. Budapest is not a daygame city. I’ve managed to do 7 measly sets out of which I’ve got 3 numbers (in Kiev I’d have done 40-50 approaches). I went on 1 proper date out of those numbers and it went nowhere (girl confessed that it was her 5th date in her life). There was other girl who I’ve briefly met on a night’s out but she was with her less-than-pretty friend and with no logistic to ditch her. All this is not enough to draw any conclusions.

It was a surprise that one of the girls that I’ve got a number to turned out to be Miss Universe Hungary. That’s the beauty of daygame as you never know what you can expect. Sadly, I didn’t manage to set up a date with her.

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Maybe we didn’t find the perfect spots or hours but from what I’ve been told the we were in the recommended areas. Budapest is just not a daygame city, though it’s perfectly possible to approach and date Hungarian out of daygame. Just not a lot of them.


Distractions In Budapest

I’ve written many times that you have to decide what you’re going to do on an eurojaunt. If it’s going to be a daygame trip or a nightgame trip? Or maybe you just want to have a weekend somewhere nice and approach girls whenever you feel like it? If you decide on the latter don’t hold your breath. To seduce a girl on a nomadic venture you need a lot of volume and a bit of luck.

Budapest Parliament - Hungarian Parliament Building

An icon of Budapest. Well, one of many. There are lot of things to ogle there besides Hungarian girls.

There are far too many distractions to properly daygame in Budapest but if you’re dedicated you can approach few Hungarian girls every day. They are friendly and most of them speak English. Communication or even getting their numbers shouldn’t be a problem. The question remains – are you fond of those girls?

There is yet another use for your Tinder app: change the city to Budapest and find out whether you like Hungarian girls or not before you decide on a trip. For me it wasn’t that great and I only got a few matches. Just for the sake of experiment I “moved” to Kiev and the number of matches skyrocketed. I guess the girls in Budapest aren’t fond of me either.

Two biggest distractions in Budapest are their most known baths: Gellert and Széchenyi. We’ve spent few hours in each of those and I don’t consider that time wasted. Tens of saunas, baths and pools with thermal water isn’t something you should miss while being there.


Clubs In Budapest

Back in 2014 we’ve visited many clubs. Those I remember and can recommend are Ötkert, Morisson’s 2 and Hello Baby. And by “recommend” I mean “if you’re an exceptional nightgamer”. I’m not and my friend back then was good-not-great. We’ve both opened tens of sets only to get 100% rejection ratio. It just seemed like whenever the girls heard English language it made them not interested. That was then.

This time we visited only one club – 4BRO Downtown in the Gozsdu Udvar. It’s a restaurant/drink bar that turns into a club at night. I stumbled there on a player I’ve met in Warsaw (cheers, Stuart!) who explained that it’s rather posh place but there will be a lot of Hungarian girls later.

That did sound like a very possible repeat of our 2014 “successes” so we went with the suggestion and visited the famous ruin pubs for some bar game. We decided to play to our strengths.


Not Only Hungarian Girls – Ruin Pubs

There are two popular ruin pubs in Budapest – Szimpla Kert and Instant. The latter was closed at the time of our trip so almost everyone was trying to get into Szimpla Kert. At first we were discouraged by a very long line but it turned out to be just the security check, not the selection.

Inside Szimpla Kert there are a dozen of bars, lot of tables, a dancefloor and even a big semi-open courtyard all located in few old buildings – hence the ruin pub name. It’s massive and very heavily packed. There is no problem in finding many sets every night that isn’t a Sunday night.

Inside Szimpla Kert where you won't find any Hungarian girls.

Szimpla Kert, Sunday night. Lot of people but no real sets.

The biggest difference between daygame, nightgame and ruin-pub-game in Budapest is that it’s almost impossible to meet Hungarian girls doing the latter. Ruin pubs are for tourists. Our sets included girls from Mexico, Denmark, Israel, Spain and USA just to name a few. Diversity is immense.

Bar game is very similar to doing two-sets daygame-wise. If you’re familiar with daygame then you can run the model, attract and chat up the girls without a problem. Closing is much different as there are many things that can prevent you from leaving with the girl or even with her number. Approach like during the day but close like in a club.

We’ve done few embarrassing rookie mistakes like letting the girls go for a smoke knowing that one of them wants to leave or not taking the numbers from girls that were going to visit another venue. However, it was very easy to open, chat and get along with girls.


Where To Meet Hungarian Girls

A very popular place, especially for gutter game or just hanging out on early evening is Gozsdu Udvar which is an alley in between buildings that has countless bars and clubs all along the way on both sides. Everything and everyone seems to be there.

As for the daygame areas in Budapest we’ve been mostly around Deák Ferenc tér and the shopping streets – Váci út. and Andrássy út. There are also some squares close to those places where you can find decent number of people but not enough hot girls to recommend Budapest as an daygame city.

Apparently there are two malls that are worth visiting for daygame purposes. Also the busiest areas are supposed to be near the train station after 5 pm. I cannot speak from experience as I haven’t done either.

There are a lot of Hungarian girls in all the clubs in the city but given the experience of 2014 we avoided them this time given that we had an absolute blast in Szimpla Kert. That place is just exactly where I’d like to spend my evenings if there was something similar in Warsaw. Sadly, there is not.

This trip was a scouting mission and that objective was accomplished. Budapest is a beautiful city to spend a weekend in and there are a lot of things to do and see there. I wouldn’t go there just for the sake of daygame. But if you focus on just spending quality time during the day and hit the ruin pubs at night you won’t regret it.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Viking Flaneur - 2017-03-12

I spent recently a year living in Budapest. Originally I am from Finland. I did find it more difficult for me than back home. However, I didn’t feel that finding good looking girls was difficult although genetic pool is quite diverse it seems. There was a big percentage of girls I didn’t find attractive at all because their facial features.
I think there are lots of high volume places as well, here is my thoughts: https://vikingflaneur.wordpress.com/2016/02/10/6-reasons-i-like-to-do-daygame-in-budapest/

Thanks for the article, it was interesting read as often Budapest is discarded and even left without a mention as a potential daygame destination.

    tddaygame - 2017-03-12

    I really like that the caption below the image on your post is “Go beyond Deak Ferenc ter, Fashion street and Vaci street.” Spot on.

    You confirmed my suspicions that we were either out of place or out of sync (wrong time of the day). I was at the University in 2014 but then again probably at a wrong hour.

    If – sorry – when I end up back there I’ll definitely check out the malls.

Game0ver - 2017-03-16

Look forward to find out by myself the next week end 😀

    tddaygame - 2017-03-17

    Looking forward to hearing your stories. Good luck!

Jaycob - 2017-05-05

Very interesting article I must say.


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