How To Approach Two-Sets

A two-set walking down the road.

Going back to the topic of self-sabotage and fear of success let’s discuss one the second most scary daygame situations – approaching two girls.

The greatest anxiety of course comes from approaching a girl when you’re not used to it. But setting that aside guys are scared of high-pressure situations like approaching girls at the bus stop or inside a shop. They will desensitize to that pretty fast with repeated exposure. Approachable two-sets are not as common as single girls hence it takes longer to get used to them.

The reason why guys are still uneasy about approaching those really hot girls is that they’re uncommon. It’s hard to desensitize yourself to beauty if you’re not dealing with them regularly.

Beginners have a lot of things to worry. Dealing with approach anxiety, stopping the girl properly, saying the opener and staying in the conversation with a girl they know nothing about. That sounds complicated.

But so is driving a car and most of you are able to do that, chat, change music, eat something and even text (why would you text and drive, stupid?!). With practice, most things become automatic and instinctive.

When your daygame becomes automatic it’s not the time to settle. It’s time to grow.

Daygame and picking up girls in general should improve your social skills. These are transferrable which means you should do better in other social situations. But many men just get stuck at approaching single walking girls.

If you’re not there yet to approach two-sets (and if you’re getting dates out of your daygame then I think you are) you can first expand into stationary and seated girls as well as those inside shops and cafes and all other social situations. Approach everywhere.


Approaching A Two-Set

Stopping a two set is done very much like approaching a single girl. I’d say it’s exactly the same way. If you can stop one girl then you can stop two (or three). The beauty of English language means that you can use the same opener addressing both of the girls without changing a word.

Be sure to address and maintain eye contact with both of them. Don’t go cross-eyed but change whom you look at every now and then. Make sure both of them are engaged and responsive. You have to win both of them with the stop and stacking phases.

As with stopping a single girl if you stand to the side and not directly in front of them they will bypass you. The risk of something going wrong is doubled when there are two of them. However, if your approach is tight then it’s as easy as with a single walking girl.

What follows the stop and the open is a stacking phase in which both of the girls are involved. Accuse them of various things, set them against each other, say something about one of the girls to her friend. Alternate to whom you talk. You want to win both of them as whatever happens next they’re definitely going to talk about it.

Biggest mistake when approaching two-sets is ignoring the other girl. Even if you had a great time with the target, her friend can demean you later.

Now that you’re in set you should pick a strategy and decide who is your target and how you’re going to pull it off. One or two minutes of chat are long enough to catch the vibe between the girls.

A two-set walking down the road.

Don’t let those backpacks fool you. Approach.



Strategy #1: Isolating A Girl

There are situations when one girl is much hotter than the other and there is no way you’d be interested in the friend of your target. Since you always approach both of them and try to win them with your open you’ll pretty soon realize the dynamics between them. Are they sisters, close friends? Will the other girl try to cockblock you?

I’ve noticed that sometimes the other girl is politely trying to excuse herself from the conversation. Maybe she’s shy or she knows exactly what’s going to happen – never mind. If you notice that you can use one of the abused canned lines in pickup and ask her “would it be okay if I borrow your friend for just two minutes?”

Of course, it’s not going to be two minutes but usually the girls will look at each other and decide with nods whether your target is interested. If she is then the other girl will say “okay, no problem” and you can walk away few meters and continue as normal. Keep the set somewhat short unless the soon-to-be cockblock finds her some activity (which is easier in the mall than on the street).

I have a friend that totally ignores the other girl and focuses solely on the target even with the opener. I wouldn’t say it’s socially wise but it seems to work for him. I don’t know of anyone else who does that.

High social skills are required to isolate a girl in a successful manner. Thankfully, we already know you can learn and train those.


Strategy #2: Talking To Two Girls At Once

I have a friend whom I never saw isolating a girl. It doesn’t matter how unappealing the other girl is. He is a big extrovert and a party guy and as such he is very good at talking to groups of girls. He can keep all of them interested even when everyone knows whom he is interested in. That would be the go-to strategy for those outgoing guys.

I’d also suggest that approach when both of the girls are attractive enough. Sometimes the one you noticed turns out to be a sad joykiller while the other one is particularly receptive. You’d blow your chances by trying to isolate her.

I’m an introvert but it’s easier for me to talk to both of the girls and then close one than isolate. Especially during the day, it seems more socially wise thing to do.

If it’s fairly obvious that one girl is much hotter or much more into you then just focus on her for the close. Make some vague plans and then thank both of them for the chat. Even though you’re not interested in the other girl you don’t want to her to feel left out as she could cockblock you.

If both of them are hot and/or if you’re making casual plans for the evening and want to hang out with both of them you can take two phone numbers. The girls will probably decide between themselves who likes you more and who will come out. Or – if you have a wing – you can get both of them out and set up a double date. It all depends on the vibe and what you’ve suggested during the close.


Approaching two-sets is not for beginners but it’s far from difficult and it’s demonized largely by people who have never done it. Go out and try it yourself next week.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Cobra - 2017-03-20

Hey just found your blog from the reddit red pill. I hear so many people say don’t bother with two sets, it’s cool to see a different point of view. Can’t wait to read the rest of your posts. I like your style of writing. Take care.

    tddaygame - 2017-03-21

    Thank you. English is not my native language and I welcome all comments about my writing.

    Enjoy the archives!


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