Field Report – 19 Years Old After A Year (Part 1)

Another cute thin blonde.

This field report isn’t describing any great feat. Whenever you lay a girl after very long time you have to know that you weren’t on top of her list. But learning potential from that experience is so extensive that I feel obliged to share.

It’s going to be a long story because the whole stunt was very long. In this post I’ll only describe what happened. The next one will cover why. Buckle up.


Approach, Number, Date

I had to go back to my ancient notes to get to the very beginning. I’ve approached that extremely cute girl in the end of November 2015. Reasonably tall (170-ish centimeters), great thin legs, blonde hair and innocent face. Cute as a button. She just moved to Warsaw for her studies and was new to the city. Perfect.

Two days from the number close to the date usually means it is on. It was typical statement-question-invite texting and as such – very promising. Almost a yes girl.

On the date I’ve learned couple things – she likes older guys, recently broke up with her boyfriend and doesn’t have many friends. All that sounds really good but she was also a very traditional girl from a big family (many siblings), religious (Christian) and also… 19 years old. I was just few days before my 29th birthday but she didn’t mind the age difference.

Faith is usually not a problem. But I could feel that it’s going to be a factor here. The girl wasn’t just religious, she was devout.

It was a mix of good and bad signals. She was obviously very naive but also it seemed she had her shit together. Not a party girl, rather shy. Talks way too much as if she’s nervous but at the same time after a beer and a single drink we were kissing without any issues. No logistic for bounceback so that was it for date number one.

She was a little bit silly and inexperienced in life. A lot of things were new to her and she was easily impressed. After all I was 10 years senior. That also meant that she liked texting a little bit too much. Back then I was still guilty of few texting sins and we texted our way through December.


Second Date, LJBF

We’ve managed to set up another date mid-January. It was a hummus date at a restaurant near my place but for her it was yet another thing that she’s never done. You don’t need much to stand out with such young girl.

Most things happen for a reason. 40 days between date number one and two? There’s probably someone else. Or it could just be Christmas.

Date was fun: we had a glass of wine and then bounced back to my apartment which was in the building next to the restaurant. Super easy and I thought – super on. Nothing unexpected happened in the apartment. Good old “wine, drums, move to the bedroom, put on music, lie on the bed, escalate”.

Blonde thin girl.

I’m not hugely into blonde girls but this one… This one was cute.

Unfortunately she gave off that inexperienced vibe and my bedroom game wasn’t as good as it should be. Besides heavy makeout nothing more happened. My note after the date was “tough one – might need time”.

The girl was a really good signer. Amateur but great skill. It seems I have all kind of problems with music girls.

We’ve moved our conversation to Facebook on a futile attempt to show that I’m not just about sex. Some girls feel more “safe” having guy on Facebook and I think safety was the main issue here.

Our texting wasn’t frequent or elaborate and a month later after yet another date request she refused to come to my place wanting to meet somewhere outside. It was clear attempt at “let just be friends” so I’ve said I’m not interested.


The Long Silence

This is where the story gets interesting but it’s still nothing compared to what happened next. For many months she occasionally texted me asking whether I know someone that have a room to rent or do I want to join her and her friend at a party.

That girl was clearly looking for attention. Those short chats we had during that time included her sending a selfie on many occasions. Of course I didn’t comment on a single one and declined all her attempts to “get me out to a club”.

Sometimes it’s very clear that the girl is looking for attention, not a male company. Hold your horses.


Reignition, Going Nuclear

After another apartment hunt and a longer than usual chat with a ton of her selfies I decided to verify whether she’s only looking for attention and admiration or maybe something else (and that something else is my dick; I’m not great at metaphors).

I’ve asked her out and the February scenario played once again. She was very eager to meet but not in my place. This time I was much more sexual to the point of joking about wild, sweaty nights we’re not going to have. I just pushed the boundaries to find out what was going on. At this point this number was a year old and we’ve met 11 months earlier. Far from a good lead.

My strategy worked to a point. She said she has a boyfriend and just wanted to keep in touch. Was it attempt at branch swinging or another LJBF? I don’t know, I don’t care. Instead I explained to her that I she’s an attractive girl and it’s impossible for me not to think of her “that way”. I can’t turn it off so it’s better for us to not stay in touch.

Of course that didn’t help. Not with that girl. Weeks passed and she once again started to text me at night trying to get me out. After yet another selfie I simply replied “send those kind of pics to your boyfriend” after which they’ve finally stopped.


Another Intermission

Not for long. Soon she switched to querying me about my travels. She was also switching apartment (again!) and started to record music which she was keen to share. I’ve said that I might have use for her voice but I’ve explicitly stated that it’s all I want for her and she shouldn’t think too much about it. That’s when everything started to change.

She started to look for more contact. Asked me a lot of music related questions and then about my workouts. It was something different but I still knew that she wasn’t just hop into my bed. I’d lie if I’d say I wouldn’t want to bang her. But at this point she was just a silly, annoying girl.

I remember that at one point she was trying to convince me that Iron Maiden is satanic band and she’d never sign a song they’ve made. That doesn’t sound like a girl who is open to being a fuck buddy.

I ignored all her attempts to talk about something more serious, catch up or even make me reply to her selfie.


“Is It Weird That I Often Think About You Before Sleep?”

Getting a text saying “Is it weird that I often think about you before I fall asleep?” followed by “Sometimes!” is kind of a game changer. All this ignoring was working and I was inside her head. Inception.

At this point I was certain only of one thing: any sign of me actually having interest in her would ruin everything in an instant. She was one of those girls that crave attention just for the sake of validation. I wasn’t giving it to her for a very long time and I hoped that she might have invested a bit too much by accident.

I was super careful now. One false move and it would all fall like a house of cards. Now she was obviously thinking about me “that way” but I wanted to make sure that when we meet it’s going to be the way I want. And that still wasn’t the case.

Another cute thin blonde.

What I can say… I just like cute thin girls. No matter the hair color.


Going Nuclear For A Second Time

She was talking a lot about us having to catch up but she was being vague about “when” as it was winter break and she wasn’t in Warsaw. That being said she once again started to hint on the meeting and – unfortunately – send me more selfies.

After one particularly stupid picture she’s sent me I went nuclear once again. It was one of those flat belly shots she was very proud of. I started with the classic – commenting on her mess in the background and when she got defensive about her selfies in general I’ve texted her something in line of “I thought you have much more to offer as a girl than just a young body”. To say she was outraged it was an understatement. Very good.

Nothing is worse than indifference. If you can get a girl angry that means she cares and you can work on her emotions.

Surprisingly few days later she texted me out of the blue and asked whether I have the next day off. She carefully explained that she wanted to see me in the evening and catch up. She said she has the day after that completely off and she doesn’t want to wake up early. Say what?

I couldn’t believe my own eyes when she added “It’s a bit silly, don’t imagine too much!” I’ve pushed on what precisely I shouldn’t imagine and got “Nothing would happen between us but I want to sit with you and talk for the whole night”.

That girl just invited herself over to spend the night, what a surprise. I couldn’t meet with her on that exact day but we rescheduled it to the following week. Those 7 days were spent mostly on talking logistic and when we’re going to wake up and what we’re going to do the following day. She even agreed to make the breakfast.

Still, of course, “nothing was about to happen”.


Third Date – A Year Later

Going from 19 to 20 years old made a slight difference. She learned how to do a subtle makeup and walk in high heels. She was still super hot and young.

I knew that one false move, one sign of neediness and I’m done. I was super careful to be super cool about everything. She didn’t want to eat so I made a supper for myself. We’ve talked a lot, focusing on her singing and my travels.

She never was abroad. I’m visiting few countries every year. It was unnecessary to brag but it was also so fun to impress her.

I was holding myself back. She was the one asking me to sit next to her, grabbing my hand, longing for physical contact. We’ve opened a bottle of Prosecco (which of course she’s never heard of) and kissed for the first time (this year) after a 2 hours or so.

When we finally moved to bed with a second bottle of wine to “watch movies” she said that she wants to change to her bed clothes. But she didn’t bring any so asked for a t-shirt. I still was “off” when it comes to being sexual. I wouldn’t forgive myself blowing this up.

When she came from bathroom dressed in t-shirt and cheeky thongs, started to cuddle and ask about the position we’re going to sleep I decided it’s time. I went to take a shower, came back and when we started to kiss there was no resistance whatsoever.

We’ve had all kinds of sex, including anal and I could easily tell that she just likes having sex and she knows there’s nothing wrong with that. Because I’ve had the next day off we’ve switched between taking naps and fucking again until noon.

Her behavior afterwards was stunning. Not only she was one of those cuddly girls that really like to feel your body and hugs you hard. She also had no problem with being naked. Whether it was making the breakfast or helping me pack for my trip to Budapest. It was super comfortable and natural despite the 10 years age gap.

So many lessons came from our long talks. While we were lying in the bed and fucking countless times through the night and following day we’ve had many honest conversations. Poor girl couldn’t talk with her friends about male-female topics and was really glad that she could open up to someone who understands.

All the things that I’ve heard were direct confirmation of everything I learned and shared last years. If I haven’t been “red pilled” I would be shocked. But that’s coming in the second post.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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Lorenzo - 2017-03-05

This is like writings of KrauserPUA. He very good

anon - 2017-03-05

@Lorenzo yeah but he’s got more of a relatable/human touch to his field reports where Krauser is too matter-of-factly about it.

    tddaygame - 2017-03-05

    Thanks for the “more human touch” comment. I guess it’s a good thing.

rahul - 2017-04-28

Cant wait for part 2! When is it up!? This is a great post.


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