Best Daygame Openers And Pick Up Lines

Nervous guy looking like he's delivering the most used pick up line ever.

The quest for the best pick up lines is as old as pickup itself. Guys have always been obsessing over words, daygame openers and conversation topics. No matter the medium you have to somehow start the interaction. But does it really matter what you’ll say?

Of course it does! If you start with the good old “nice shoes, wanna fuck?” then you’ll probably get mostly negative reactions. When you say “you look gorgeous, I’ve never seen such a beautiful girl my whole life” you’ll probably be labeled as a creep.

That being said the “nice shoes” is not the worst of all the canned pick up lines. I can imagine a very confident guy saying it in a cheeky way that makes a girl giggle and become interested. I won’t work for every girl and definitely not for every guy. So is it all in how you say things?

Far from that. It’s both. Even if you’ve studied all the pick up lines and daygame openers and even memorized and practiced the intonation there are at least three factors in play: what you say, how you say it and how consistent is your message.

Best daygame openers and pick up lines are those created by yourself.

You shouldn’t say any line that was created for someone completely different. You’ll appear fake right away. If you’re not confident then don’t use cocky lines that border on being insulting. If you’re energetic and funny don’t use serious, harsh openers.

Nervous guy looking like he's delivering the most used pick up line ever.

“Ummm… ExcuseMeCanISayToYouSomethingReallyQuickly?”

It’s always better to create (and test) your own pick up lines and daygame openers. You’ll definitely feel more comfortable with them. Even if they’re not the best, they will work better just by being more real.

Every single pick up line or opener you read anywhere on the Internet should be nothing more than an example for you. Adapt. Create your own. Rephrase if you don’t have other ideas but somehow make it “yours”.

Relying on canned pick up lines won’t get you far as the further you are in the interaction the number of possible topics and situations grows exponentially. They will be a lot of recurring themes but you still have to be able to handle a conversation with a stranger.

But let’s start with the daygame opener itself.


Best Daygame Openers

Some say the only opener you ever going to need is “hi”. That’s true to an extent. As I’ve said many times when discussing the London Daygame Model and its stop phase you somehow need to grab the girl’s attention for which the “hi” is good enough. But what happens next?

You need to explain the situation and – as LDM dictates – compliment her. That’s where you need at least some creativity to start the conversation. Otherwise she’ll walk away puzzled. That’s why having a default daygame opener is a good idea.

My experience in coaching guys who are new to daygame suggests you’ll do great if you prepare two or three generic openers that cover most of the girls. Some women are smiling, some are walking fast, some look angry, some very feminine and the others are dreamy. Pick a few, prepare yourself, write down the lines, learn them and then fine tune them infield.

There are two ways to appear natural while delivering the opener: you can use your acting skills (if you have them) or you can practice saying it many times on different girls until it becomes natural for you.

Experience is another name for confidence. You cannot possibly be nervous delivering pick up lines you’ve created yourself and already used tens or hundreds of times. Repeating them over and over again lets you A/B test them and choose those very best.

If you have only one opener – that’s enough. Try it few dozen times and if it doesn’t work at all – change it to a different one.

If you’re comfortable and get good results using “hi” as an opener then it’s all well and good but most unexperienced guys going that route will immediately face the next problem: the don’t know what to say after the opener.


Canned Pick Up Lines Within Conversation

Last year I’ve written a lot on the topics of how to talk to strangers and how to transfer from the stacking phase (which requires you to be very creative) into vibing (which is just flirting and fun). I still do believe you cannot trump experience with any trick.

However, when you’re just starting out with your daygame adventures you’ll be stressed and anxious and you won’t even notice most of the topics that appear during the conversation. That’s where having few canned stacks (observational statements) helps. Make them diverse so that whatever set you’re in you can use at least one assumption or routine. In time you’ll build a whole library of those.

tddaygame in a conversation with a cute girl

Daygame on autopilot. Warsaw, February 2017.

You can use the same pick up lines over and over again – every girl will (hopefully) hear those words for the very first time. If you listen to me doing sets you’ll realize that I’m reusing whole segments of conversations with the same lines, stories and jokes. They’ve worked well in the past so why not?

I’ve done nearly three thousand daygame sets. I’ve talked about all of the most obvious topics and many of the unusual. There is limited number of ways you can start a conversation with a stranger. Every girl is different but a lot of them are the same – you will find yourself in the same conversations over and over again.

Some of your “pick up lines” will be more than just lines. Some will be assumption stories and others – DHV tales. They’re even better than one-liners because – once again – you’ll appear more real and consistent. It’s easy to say remember and use a single sentence, not so much for longer pieces.

Easy way to find the best stories is, as usual, to fine-tune those which work and ditch those that doesn’t. To know which is which you need a large sample so once again reusing your own stuff pays off. Of course you can prepare yourself by writing them down and memorizing but ultimately you’ll need to test them on the girls.


Openers And Pick Up Lines For Your Type Of Girls

When you’re starting doing pickup one of those two things discussed above can paralyze you – “how do I open” or “what to say next”. Don’t worry (too much). As long as you know what you want in a girl and are able to talk about her you’ll be fine.

What do you like about her physically? Legs, ass or boobs? For most guys it’s really easy to pick between those three. Then you can go further – do you like posh chicks with heavy makeup and a hint of cosmetic surgery or girls next doors? Long hair, heels and skirts or leather jackets and boots? The more details the better. Imagine the girl you’d like to end up with doing all the nasty stuff. Got it? Write that down.

Then think about how the girl would behave, what she could be doing in the area you’re daygaming and what you would like her to do in life. You’re not trying to cold read or be right, you just need something to start! Of course you want to exaggerate, ridicule, accuse, make fun of and be anything but boring and logical. For all this there should be a common theme – her.

Search for the topic in what you find attractive in girls – that way it will be “real” (those are things that made you approach her) and about her (obviously). You’ll also stand out from the crowd of guys complimenting her because you’ll be able to say precisely why you like her. That makes a lot of difference and is a good start.

After that it’s very easy to transition into what you’re looking for in a girl in terms of her qualities, personality, interests and lifestyle. Write all of those down along with the physical features if it’ll help you. Then focus on those that are easiest to create stacks, pick up lines, stories and even whole conversations.

When you start – reuse the same pick up lines and openers. It helps with anxiety. When you’re no longer afraid – get creative, try new stuff, become less robotic.

With time, you’ll have a huge database of not only openers and canned material but also reference experiences, possible reactions and you’ll be able to calibrate better. And you’ll no longer feel the need to search for that stuff on the Internet.


Male-female relationships commentator. Also a traveler, adrenaline junkie and, believe it or not, introvert. Still obsessed with working out, coaching daygame and living life to the full.

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